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  • Racial scorecard

    Please stop the racial pandering. Going back to last season, only 4 out of 45 episodes involved black suspects and in 3 of those, the accusers were shown to be lying. In the meantime, all of the white perps were guilty as hell.
  • Started out Great, now in a state of Limbo...

    I used to really love this show. It was so interesting watching some of these cases and even better as we had a cast of awesome, memorable characters. But then the show started dwindling as they started losing some of their best actors/characters. First Alex Cabot (Stephanie March), then Casey Novak (Diane Neal), then Stabler (Christopher Meloni), then Munch (Richard Belzer), and it just went on and on.

    The current cast is just... Not so good. I love Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) but with the show revolving around mostly her, it's gotten old very fast and I'm still not sure I like her being the squad captain mainly because I never got into Amanda Rollins & Dominic. And I missed not seeing Dr. Huang & Melinda.

    The show is just in a state of limbo at this point. I still watch the show just to see what will happen next but I'm just not as interested in it as much as I used to be. With everyone leaving, it's only a matter of time before Olivia is also written out and when that happens, you may as well throw in the towel at that point.
  • Show is on the way down.

    Since Stabler,the Captain,Fin not on s much,Amaro,Olivia now in charge and not in the field as much,iIt will not last long.

    One change then wait a while for another change isn't bad,But 5 Changes all at once ruined the show ,I think the show didn't want to pay up,So in the near future they will pay with no what changes did to some shows America Idol,America's got talent,America's next top I said one ok 3 or more fast they go down.
  • Special victim

    Please stop making Fin look lazy unambitious and insignificant to the show. He has been one of the reason for the success of law and order stop writing him out less and less like you did with the previous special victim. I have really had my fill of Dick Wolf who has become less and less creative and getting rich off of advertisements with boring shows. Olivia is not the show anymore give it a rest
  • 10/21/2015 should be titled "BS"

    kelli and fin cover up a crime committed by kelli's sister and they are not fired... BS The new sgt agrees to keep his mouth shut and not tell his father about the BS..... BS he would not let his father look bad.
  • Getting rid of benson?!

    The show sunk deep when they lost stabler!! And now you want to get rid of the one person keeping the show afloat since because of her age?! You cannot save this show once she's gone!! I was afraid it completely went in the tubes once stabler left but now you're really destroying anything you had going for it!!! I have it a 10 for rating until you take benson away
  • Real cop giving it straight

    Episode 17-3 I must comment on. I am a police detective in miami, fl. This episode is right on the money. DCS is always overworked and is because is underpaid. My wife did that years ago and now she s Teacher. Not all departments falsely reports but administrators always find ways to cut corners. This is for real and it affects us all. I have to deal with the shit afterwards. It never ends, so my appreciation for the light On this problem and hopefully things change for the better.
  • The Gang in Blue

    just another cop show so sick of the cops and the crap shows produced to glorify them
  • season 7 ep 11 Alien

    I used to think that olivia Benson was a great woman but ever since I watch episode 11 of season 7 I have lost much if not all faith in her and how she deprived sean hamill of justice.
  • sexist show

    The show is too sexist. Always about men who rape or molest. Women are just as capable of doing these things as men are. I have watched at least 30 episodes with my wife (she loves the show), and I have only seen two where a woman was charged with a would watch the show more if they made it more realistic.
  • Amens

    Amen to lowering the damn music. Is this a jukebox or a crime drama. The music is way too loud. The new detective portrayed by Peter Scanavino, hey casting really, this guy. He looks (and acts) more like a perp than a cop. AND pray tell whatever happened to Cassidy? He disappeared without a trace just like the oldest child of the Cunninghams on Happy Days! Poof... Also bring back one of the lady DAs, this guy Rual STINKS.
  • Junk Junk Junk

    Stabler leaves, the show goes to crap. Then, last night, they take a cheap shot at him. The show has turned into a boring melodrama. I'm glad Amaro is gone. He was a whiny little brat.
  • Is amaro leaving the show?

    I saw the last episode and I got the fealing that the actor Danny Pino who plays Amaro is going to California?

    Can someone confirm or inform to me. thanks
  • Benson is a law bending bizotch

    I cant stand benson self rightous over zealous, pre judgemental , smug looking, smurk face self. I love it when she ends up wrong. I love everything else about the show. But she violates every right given by the constitution and bends the law. I hate it when she starts wispering all concerned especially to ge perps. Mind ur business u fake hussy!!! Oh, i gave a girl a wet willie. Stuck my finger in her ear. Bet shed call that rape!!!!! Everything is rape to her.
  • Tired of the Benson Drama

    I've always liked Benson, but not so much lately. All of her personal drama is really taking away from the focus of the show. It's been getting worse each season and I'm really losing patience with it. It got under my skin in previous seasons when she found a way to work her father and/or childhood into every other conversation, but I overlooked it. Now, however, the viewers are practically being beat over the head with her issues: the multiple kidnappings, the IAB investigations, the PTSD, the therapy sessions, could go on all day. I say get back to making the detectives' personal lives a backstory and put the spotlight back on the cases.
  • Please Lower the Music Volume

    I love this show! It is just about my favorite show of this type. Wonderful acting, great plots and Olivia. Nothing missing !

    The only problem I find with this and several other shows is that the background music is deafening. I know it is supposed to enhance the program, but too often is is so loud while a conversation is taking place, that I can't hear what is said. Please stop the music when the actors are speaking!
  • Best SVU member

    Bring back Elliot
  • This show and cast are great! a long time favorite.

    This show is great! Has bn a long time favorite. The cast is great. (only One common concern: do not ruin this show by bringing in any phoney, crappy, washed up 'has beens' actors for any parts in this show!).
  • Love detective stabler and benson

    OMG DETECTIVE STABLER IS AN AMAZING PERSON WITH A GRWAT LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY AND HIS JOB AND DETECTIVE BENSON IS AN AMAZING DETECTIVE the other detectives are awesome but don't think I like the new episodes without detective stabler I love the way detective Benson and stabler work soi well together and he nsees to be put back in the show if not for them I wouldnt watch
  • Tired Olivla

    I am just tired of seeing the same two cops on svu. On criminal intent they do at least have more cops. If i here Olivla say "i am a product of a rape" one more time i am going to puek.
  • Story Line

    It doesn't make sense that the SVU team fights the bad guys plus their own chief. How come the chief never mentioned nor showed support nor appreciated their results? They are supposed to be working together, aren't they?
  • Please fire those writers and hire people who don't just copy actual events

    I am so disappointed by this season. Really, the writes just re-write actual events? Holden's manifesto, the pedophile producer, 'Glasgowman' - ridiculous. How boring to know from the beginning how the story will end.
  • Allways great

    Best cop show on TV. The mentalist is no. 2
  • Great Show!

    Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the best . series out there. This show keeps you wanting more. Every episode is new, intense, and exciting. I could watch Law and Order: SVU all day and not get bored of it. The actors and actresses are really good at their job. They make every episode so real it can be scary sometimes. It gives you a sense of what actually happens in the real world. Also the story line of the show is a good one. If you have not seen any of the episodes, I would recommend you start watching now. You will not be disappointed.
  • Love Olivia

    If it weren't for Olivia and Eliot not sure I would watch. She and he are both amazing. I am a huge fan of Olivia. Love this show. SVU fan forever!!
  • Benson's got a Brand New Attitude

  • Just keeps getting better and better

    I have been a fan of SVU from day one. I always record the show so I never miss an episode!

    Mariska is a terrific actor! When Christopher Meloni left the show I thought that was it. As these two actors worked so well together. However, I am loving the new cast more and more with every episode! Ice-T has always been the bomb. Danny and Kelli bring their own unique experience and have seamlessly fit right it. Raul as the new ADA is the icing on the cake. I love his character! I also love the way he interacts with the other cast members especially Mariska. Keep up the good work. I love SVU!
  • Perfect for the nostalgic era

    I can honestly admit, this is one of the most compelling crime-dramas that have ever aired on television. What separates this crime-show from many others is the depiction of realism. As a reviewer mentioned below me " So many crime dramas try and paint the world black and white: the "good cops" versus the "bad In SVU, sometimes the cops use disgraceful methods to achieve their goals; sometimes there are consequences, sometimes not. We also see suspect who appear abhorrent, yet technically not guilty, or released because of some problem with the trial or investigation. " Dealing with any sexual assault, murder-case, or child abuse case is not an open and shut matter. No two cases are alike, and furthermore, more than a handful of times, the person who is usually the suspect, may have been a victim themselves, at one point or another.

    Benson, and Stabler happen to be the best detective pairing so far. They play off of each other, and it's as though you're not even watching a show! Benson is sympathetic, considerate, and pro-choice, whilst Stabler is pro-life, easily-angered, and will resort to violence if necessary. These two play off of each other very well, because they have endured some type of domestic abuse at one point in its life. Benson, who was the child of a rapist has always lived with the fact that she was never wanted by her alcoholic mother, and questions what her life purpose would be, had she not chosen to be a detective. Stabler, on the other hand, is quite elusive. As viewers, we do not get a strong insight into his private life. From what we know, he has 5 children, separated/divorced on several occasions, his children have been in trouble with the law, and later on, it is to be discovered that his mother has mental issues, and his father was never proud of him, which brings him to tears once he recollects those memories ( as far as I'm concerned, he's only cried twice, during his run on the
  • Not afraid of "gray"

    Besides have generally good and original writing, the thing I find most compelling about this series is that they aren't afraid to address the grey areas of the law. So many crime dramas try and paint the world black and white: the "good cops" versus the "bad In SVU, sometimes the cops use disgraceful methods to achieve their goals; sometimes there are consequences, sometimes not. We also see suspect who appear abhorrent, yet technically not guilty, or released because of some problem with the trial or investigation. There are episodes where it's not really clear who's the victim and who's the culprit. Finally, sometimes it turns out there is no crime at all!

    This ability to show the "grey zone" in fighting sexual crimes is a much more interesting reflection of reality than what you might expect of a rape crime drama.

    In earlier seasons the show often ended inconclusively, whereas in the last few seasons they almost always follow through to show the result of the trial. I enjoy both approaches, though I suspect the former takes more guts to write.
  • Too much

    SVU used to be my favorite tv drama. In the past few weeks, I have deleted two different recorded programs after only about 15 minutes. The writers have gotten very sadistic and graphic which has no connection to the word Please get back to the tried and true format before you start to lose viewers.