Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 13 Episode 23

Rhodium Nights

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 23, 2012 on NBC

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  • An Old Collegue Returns

    Police were investigating the death of an underage Canadian escort by a batchelor,who the commisioner's son.Then there was the return of ex-squad member Det.Brian Cassidy played by Dean Winters.You know the 'Allstate's Mr.Mayhem guy.He went undercover to work with a Jewish pimp who is rivals with the Madam. Well, Det. Cassidy sounded like schemeing Irish inmate Ryan from the old HBO prison drama "OZ". Has he gone dirty? He only appeared for a couple of scenes. But I expected to reunite with Det.Munch. But,Munch wasn't in that episode. What shocked me to see that the hooker talking to Det. Amaro ends up dead on Cap.Cragen's bed in the next scene. A cliffhanger is brewing.
  • Great season finale

    I think this was the 2nd best season finale. Season finale 2007 was #1. The suspense is going to kill me all summer. I can't wait tile September to find out what happens.
  • Rhodium Nights

    Another very over the top premise for SVU. Do they really have all these lavish parties, have murders and prostitutes in the thick of things every day in New York? I doubt it. Another overly complex, and yet generic at the same time, case.

    The ending, is that really what longtime fans of the show want? No, we want good, one-off episodes, not this nonsense.
  • Finale

    I'm not sure, but I think this was one of the first finales on SVU to end so inconclusively. I get that we needed a plot hooker though. One things for sure- I will be watching the next season to see how the conflict resolves itself. I really loved the theme for this season- power and corruption.

    I'm not quite sure, however, where this show is going with Amaro and Rollins both looking at potential affairs (Amaro with the escort and Rollins with her married captain). Twelve years and they never threw fans a bone when it came to Benson and Stabler. So I'm wondering: is this a way to engage audience, or is it a way to implicitly remind fans of how immoral it would have been for Benson and Stabler to get involved?
  • What a cliffhanger!!

    Didn't love the episode but love the cliffhanger for next season; as always current events get worked into an intriguing plot.


    I think your an obnoxious character that only seems to like rich white men. So far you've bashed women,gays, blacks and muslims. So if you didn't know it yet; You sir are a TROLL.
  • Disgusting

    While this show treats certain minorities with kid gloves, the way it has depicted Jews has always been despicable. This episode was a prime example. They found the most Jewish looking actor in Hollywood with a gigantic hooked nose - always filmed in profile to make sure we "got it" - to play a pimp complete with bare hairy chest with gold chains, mirroring the age-old stereotype of Jews as running prostitution rings trafficking white women. This is straight out of Der Sturmer. Julius Streicher must be smiling in his grave.
  • Excellent Finale

    A perfect way to end the 13th season, and an amazing cliffhanger to give S14 a good starting point.
  • this is the one that should have been cancelled... it is now a terrible show.

    One of their worse episodes yet... this is the Law and Order series that should have ended.