Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2001 on NBC

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  • Munch and Fin On The Case

    A Police Sargent is taking hostages in an office of an internet magazine. Capt. Cragen negotiates his colleague telling him his daughter has ran away. An employee named Tito (Sean Nelson) shows them the girl ran away because she was afraid of her father. A man who was talking to her in the video was a sex offender/pimp who's organizes raves for teens which includes sex, and drugs. Cragen recruits former detective, Jeffries from vice to assist with the unit to investigate. Benson and Stabler use Tito as their informant. One girl is found dead, but it wasn't the cop's daughter. Their investigation leads them to some sleazy lawyer, Ted Bolger (Darrel Hammond). Fin pretends to be a drug dealer with Munch as his Jew to do some business with him. A guy from Saturday Night playing a coked-up lawyer? Is it supposed to be funny? The duo meet this artist, who later happens to be a ex-hooker and porn star. Fin discovers that a group of teens in her apartment and arrest all of them. Bolger later comes in to free them all. This concerns Tito that he's a dead man because the pimp and lawyer are connected if they found out. During an undercover operation at the rave, Benson finds the daughter, but she runs away again before arrests were made. Then, their informant, Tito was found dead despite being told to lay low. The tape discovers it was that evil pimp murdered him after getting word about the bust. Then, tragedy strikes again that pimp kills the girl. All of this made Fin pissed.

    I like this episode. I don't care if others hated it. It goes to show you how Munch and Fin work together. Ice T's character has came from narcotics and has street knowledge so he knows what he's doing.

    Seeing Darrel Hammond from SNL trying to be serious
  • Great episode using all the detectives.

    This was an excellent well written episode that used all of the detectives. While Benson and Stabler are my two favorites, quite often I feel like the rest of the cast is severly underused. This was not the case in this episode, and one of the reasons I liked it so much. You couldn't help but feel sorry for Frank Foster, distraught over his runaway daughter, who can blame him for losing it. I liked the way Cragen made and kept the promise to his friend. I also liked the Jeffries was brought back in. I'm glad that the character of Fin came in but I did like Jeffries and was sorry to see her leave the show. Again this was a great episode showing each of the detectives taking a major role in the investigation.
  • Out of all the episodes This is my favorite.I just love the ones that center a around John and Odafin

    I has my favorite scene between the two,so far.
    'Fin pretends to be a drug dealer while they're in a dirtbag attorney's office. When the attorney looks at Munch and asks who he is, Fin says, "That's my Jew." Munch makes a face.Once outside he says to Fin:"Your Jew? Your Jew? What if I called you 'my boy'?" Fin: "I'll be your boy, John."'
  • When the teenage daughter of a police officer runs away, SVU sets out to find her, no matter what the cost.

    The first time I watched this episode, I found it tough to get into. But when I watched it again, I realized what a great episode it really was. First of all, I love how it showcases each cast member. The plot was also well done and unpredictable - it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There are so many great moments and quotes from this episode. I love the part where Munch and Fin are undercover and the lawyer asks who Munch is and Fin says, "That's my Jew." I also love when Tido asks where the "black chick" is and calls Olivia a "mall queen." I love the look on her face when Elliot says, "I can keep a secret if the mall queen can." I also love it when Alex is being interviewed - the GENUIS ice queen! "What would you say was Captain Cragen's state of mind at that point?"

    "I would never speculate about another person's state of mind. Ask him yourself."

    Along with "Legacy," "Closure," and "Coundown," I think this is one of the best episodes of season two.
  • If you need to see at least one episode to convince you to watch this show, then this one would be perfect for that job.

    In the endless sea of episodes of this series, this one rises above almost all others. With an amazing storyline and some the series best acting in it, this episode should be able to convince others that this series can match its hype.

    It starts off like any other episode, the team ends up with a case for them to solve. The case is to track down a runaway daughter of a police officer that leds our heroes into the dark regions of New York City's rave life. But what sets this episode apart from others is the fact that this episode is being told to Internal Affairs by the detectives on the case. Meaning, this episode is mostly a flashback being told to us, but that's what makes it so interesting and amazing. It also provides some great drama and sad, emotional scenes as well.

    The episode stands out above the rest for being so different and yet so incredible. It is the episode that you have to see above all others. The only episode out that can top this one is Authority. Either way, see this one and be pulled into the show.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When a member of Brooklyn Narcotics is arrested for holding hostages, Captain Donald Cragen finds out that he did it out of concern for his daughter. She was using drugs and ran away from home in order to get away from her father. When Tito, a young man who video tapes kids on the streets comes across her one night, he offers his help to the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit. They uncover a world of raves, where young kids do anything and everything you could think of in order to get high.

    This is a good episodes. It was nice to see Detective Monique Jefferies back in the Special Victims Unit. I really liked her character and it was a shame that she was take out of the show. She comes back to help out in the case. Yet again you get another episode where everyone in the unit is working together to solve the case.
  • WOW. This episode was told from the view of the detectives who were being investigated by Internal Affairs, and it was great.

    After a decorated cop's daughter runs away, he holds a hostage situation and Cragen, a friend of the cop, has to talk him out of it. One little slip-up from Cragen launches an investigation by Internal Affairs, who brutally questions each detective. The detectives are on a chase to find the girl, who has been sighted in the presence of the owner of a rave. Soon a young man who films teens on the street, Tito, volunteers himself to help find the girl. Munch and Fin have a large role in this episode, and they are willing to do anything to save a life, even if it isn't very ethical. I loved this episode, all the actors did a fantastic job and you could really see the passion that Cragen has for his job through Dann Florek's great acting.
  • This episode had the detectives and Alex reflecting back on what happened while being heavily questioned.

    It was great to see SVU done in a completely different format. The episode started with Cragen being questioned about a case he and his detectives had just worked, then a flashback to part of the case. The entire episode continued in this manner. A snippet of Elliot or Olivia or Fin being questioned, and then back to the case of a runaway girl, underground raves, drugs, and pornography all covered up by a corrupt lawyer. The episode really incorporated the entire squad nicely, even bringing back Jeffries as a guest star. At times the story was a little hard to follow, but it was easy to pick up again. I highly recommend this episode.