Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The only witness to a young woman's horrific beating is her mentally challenged daughter.
A taxi driver is talking to his fare, Ben Nicholson, who irritably asks him to be quiet because he's "really tired." The cabbie complains that he's tired too, tired of circling the block and asks why he doesn't just get out. Nicholson tosses two one hundred dollar bills on the front seat and says he'll tell the cabbie when he's ready to get out. The cabbie glances down at the money and then back up to the street where, just in time, he sees a young girl come running out into the street dressed in nothing but a blood-soaked nightgown and carrying a phone.
Nicholson screams out her name, "Katie!" and bolts from the cab to go to her. He takes the phone from her and hears a 911 operator asking if the call is a prank. He responds, "My daughter is covered in blood. Does that sound like a prank to you?" and goes into the building. Inside his apartment, Nicholson finds his wife on the bedroom floor bleeding profusely from a head wound.
At the hospital, a nurse tells Benson and Stabler that it will be a while before they can talk to the victim, Corinne Nicholson. Elliot asks her to bag Corrine's clothes and start a rape kit. From behind him, he hears a child's voice asking, "What's a rape kit, Dad?" Elliot turns to see Katie Nicholson come running toward him. She introduces herself and tells him, "You look upset and need a hug. Can I?" With Olivia looking over his shoulder, he accepts the hug and then looks up at Ben Nicholson who calls his daughter back over to him.
In the squad room, Katie goes from detective to detective chatting with them and asking for hugs. She tells Munch, "Some people think I'm an elf. I'm not, see?" She shows him her ears and says, "Only one pointy ear." Then she introduces herself and asks for a hug. Munch refuses and tells her, "I'm a stranger. You shouldn't even be talking to me." Katie responds cheerfully with, "Ok, bye," and a wave and a smile. She proceeds to Fin's desk where she plays with his pony tail. He asks gruffly, "Is there something I can do for you?" Katie looks a little hurt and asks if he is mad at her. Fin says sternly, "Didn't Sergeant Munch just tell you not to talk to strangers?" When she nods, he gives her a smile and she grins back, knowing that everything is ok.
In Cragen's office, Olivia explains to the captain the Katie "has a rare form of mental retardation called Williams Syndrome." Elliot explains that they don't know if she can tell them what happened because "she's "anxious one minute overly friendly the next. She seems to have a limited attention span." At Cragen's suggestion, they involve Katie's father in getting her statement.
The interview takes place in the children's interview room. After some encouragement from her dad and reassurance that she "did all the right things" from Olivia, she is able to give a detailed account of what happened.
Katie acts out the events as she describes them. First she says there was shouting that was so loud it made her cover her ears and hide under the bed. Next she softly tells them it got quiet. She says she heard footsteps, then she went to find her mom. When she saw her mother was bleeding, she took the phone, "even though I'm not allowed to, because it was an emergency." Finally she tells them her dad came home. "He was gone a long time. The end."
When Elliot asks, Ben explains that his job requires him to travel. With a smile Katie says, "We always drive Dad to the airport." Ben chuckles, tells her it's his turn to talk, and sends he off to explore the room. When Olivia questions Ben about the large amount of money he gave the cabbie, Ben confesses that his relationship with Corinne was strained and he was circling the block putting off going home to face "the inevitable fight" with his wife. When Elliot asks if anyone would have a grudge against Corinne and want to hurt her, Ben says no at first and explains that Katie recently had major heart surgery so they mostly socialize with parents of children with medical and developmental problems like hers. Then he seems to suddenly recall that there had been some tension among the parents in their therapy group lately. When Elliot asks why, Ben explains that he and Corinne had filed a "wrongful birth" suit against Gerald Morgan, a high-risk obstetrician who was popular among other parents in the group. If they won, he would lose his insurance and have to quit practicing medicine and "they didn't like that."
Out in the hall, Cragen asks Benson and Stabler if they like Gerald Morgan as a suspect. When they summarize their interview with Nicholson, Elliot emphasizes the facts that seem to indicate he is guilty while Olivia points out that "couples fight, and he was out of town." Cragen says he will have Munch check to see when Ben's plane landed and Elliot suggests that they talk with the other couples from the therapy group. Cragen asks why he thinks any of them will talk, and he explains that "if they were unpopular someone's going to want to vent."
At the Busken Group Counseling Center, the scene opens with a mother instructing her teenage son to pick up his brother from music camp and to come straight back to the center and not pick up his friends. The teen answers that he heard her "the first 1,000 times and Andrew likes my friends." Turning from her son, she spots Elliot and Olivia and greets them with, "Hi. I'm Tina Parven. You must be new to our group." Seeming a little uncomfortable, Elliot tells her, "Not exactly."
Elliot interviews Paul and Ursula Wei, parents of a child with Down's syndrome. When Elliot asks about the suit, Paul says "They're litigious and I told them so." Ursula explains that Paul is a surgeon and he took the lawsuit personally.
Elliot asks if the Weis can tell him about their relationship and the scene cuts to Tina and Joel Parven who are talking with Olivia. Tina says they were having troubles, and Joel tells Olivia there is more to their son Andrew than just Williams Syndrome but that it takes its toll on their marriage and his brother. Tina then admits that she and Joel had separated twice and informs Olivia that Ben and Corinne had just gotten back together. When Tina asks if Corinne can have visitors, Olivia tells her she'll have to talk to Ben about that.
Olivia asks how long the Nicholson's were separated, and the scene cuts to Elliot interviewing Jordana Weitz who says they had been separated for a couple of months. Then she tells him that her husband couldn't take the stress and left her. She tells Elliot that her daughter has Canavan Disease, and when he says he's not familiar with it, she goes on to explain that it causes progressive brain damage. Her daughter wasn't supposed to survive long, but she's ten now. Elliot asks if she was upset by the Nicholsons' wrongful birth suit. She tells him she loves her daughter, but she lost her own lawsuit because Canavan's wasn't a standard test in the Ashkenazi Panel when she was pregnant, but it is now.
As they leave the counseling center, Olivia complains that the facts don't make sense. She doesn't understand why, if the Nicholsons have just reconciled, Ben won't go into the house because he wants to avoid a fight. When Elliot doesn't respond, she turns to him and asks awkwardly, "How's Kathy?" He responds, "Over forty and having a baby." He admits to worrying about all the bad things that can happen, but when Olivia suggests they talk to a doctor, he tells her, "We're Catholic. Maybe it's better not to know."
As Fin and Lake are seated in the waiting room of Dr. Gerald Morgan waiting to speak to him about the Nicholson's lawsuit, an expectant mother asks then if the doctor has told them whether "it's a boy or a girl." Puzzled, Fin says politely, "Excuse me?' and the woman begins talking about how she thinks it is wrong that they make it so hard for gay couples that they have to hire a surrogate. She doesn't think it's right that they leave kids in the system rather than place them in a gay home and tells Lake and Fin, "You seem like a nice couple to me." With a grin, Lake places his hand on Fin's thigh and rubs it affectionately. Fin appears shocked and doesn't seem to know how to react until the receptionist calls, "Detectives, you can go in now." Then he lightly bats Lake's hand away as he gets out of his seat.
The doctor is irritable but mostly cooperative as the detectives explain the reason for their visit. He is offended that they think he might have raped and beaten Corrine Nicholson and explains that he was home alone because that it what he prefers after spending his day soothing terrified expectant parents. When asked why his insurance company settled so often, he says sometimes it is cheaper to settle than to fight. When Fin suggests it might be that he withheld details about unhealthy babies, he tells them the Nicholsons' lawsuit has no grounds because Corinne didn't have amniocentesis until it was too late for a legal abortion. Then Fin asks for a DNA sample, and he offers on the spot to have his nurse come in and collect a buccal (cheek) swab.
Back at the station, Elliot tells Fin that Olivia and Lake are busy with trial prep, so it's just the two of them. Fin finishes a call with the lab and Elliot guesses correctly that there were no hits on the doctor's DNA. Elliot says that he still likes Ben Nicholson for the crime and supports his opinion with the fact that the Nicholson's "insurance doesn't cover all of Katie's medical bills and they're drowning in debt." When Fin asks if the wife had life insurance, Munch enters the room saying she had a $500,000 policy and no record of Ben leaving on any flight. Elliot observes that they now have motive and opportunity. Munch pulls up video of Ben saying goodbye to Katie and his wife at the airport and then leaving the terminal to catch a cab.
Elliot and Fin bring Ben Nicholson in for interrogation. He keeps insisting he can't answer their questions. Elliot tells him their theory of the crime: that he "went on a bogus business trip," and came home and beat up his wife the day he was supposed to return. Ben insists that it did not happen that way, and tells them that since he's not under arrest he's going back to the hospital. Elliot asks why he won't cooperate if someone else really hurt his wife. Ben says he is cooperating as much as he can. Just as he is about to walk out, Cragen comes in with FBI Agent Dean Porter and tells them the interview is over. Porter tells Nicholson to wait outside and then he tells Fin and Elliot "this is a homeland security issue" and they are not to talk to Ben again without clearing it through his office. Elliot grumbles that Nicholson is "into something and now we can't touch him." Cragen reminds him that "The Patriot Act trumps rape and attempted murder every time."
In the meantime, Munch has done some research on Ben Nicholson's career as an aerosols engineer. When he mentions "anthrax and smallpox and aerosol cans with timers," Fin suspects that he's about to spin another conspiracy theory. Munch tells them that Nicholson has spent a lot of time at Fort Dietrich, Maryland where they do research on biological weapons and that he with think tanks run by CEOs who are making money off the war. Elliot says it still doesn't explain why the FBI needs him so badly. Fin suggests that he is either a whistleblower or "went rogue and they flipped him" to use as an informant.
In the hall, Casey approaches Elliot and Fin with a warrant for Nicholson's DNA. She tells them to "take it publicly; just don't ask him any questions." Elliot wants to know when they can interview him again, and all she can tell him is that she is working on it. In the meantime, the detectives can talk to everyone else in his life, friends, family, and neighbors in an effort to pressure him into coming to them.
At the hospital, Elliot and Fin find Tina and Joel Parven arguing about visiting Corinne Nicholson. Tina says they are being supportive, but Joel feels they are intruding and says he has to get to work. Elliot asks if Corinne is up for visitors and Tina tells him the nurse is checking and that Ben is with her now. Then she asks Joel if he can stay for a little while and talk to Ben, but he refuses and leaves.
Elliot and Fin go into Corinne's hospital room to collect Ben's DNA and Agent Porter warns them that they are going to force him to file a formal complaint. Fin tells him, "Where you shove that is up to you," and presents him with the warrant. Back out in the hallway, Porter insists that the police have the wrong guy and Elliot asks if Porter would "vouch for someone just to save your investigation." Tina Parven is there to witness the DNA collection and she asks why they are treating Ben the way they are. Fin tells her he might have been the one who attacked his wife because he wasn't out of town like he claimed to be. She doesn't believe them and asks if they can "just do this." Ben just shrugs.
Then the doctor shows up to tell Ben that his wife's condition is serious. She is in a coma. Elliot asks if she will come out of it and the doctor says they will just have to wait and see. She further explains that they weren't able to save the baby she was carrying and she needs his consent to do a D & C to remove the fetus. Ben is stunned to learn that she was pregnant as is Tina Parven. Ben signs the consent forms and walks away in shock. Fin and Elliot approach Tina to see if she has something to tell them. She says she doesn't and Elliot says that even if she suspects something she needs to speak up. She refuses and walks away. Then Agent Porter approaches to warn them that if they don't stay away from Ben, "next time the request will not be coming from me."
Back at the squad room, Elliot and Fin discuss their frustrations over trying to interview Ben with Casey and Cragen. Cragen asks if they have "boxed the guy in" and Elliot assures them that they had talked to every significant person in his life and they all know he's their prime suspect. Casey tells them that she has "filed an obstruction complaint and the hearing's tomorrow."
Munch suggests that they talk to Katie again, but Elliot tells him that the previous interview with Katie wasn't very productive. Munch says Elliot just didn't ask the right questions and tells them he has done some research and consulted with some experts. Cragen doesn't like "using an impaired minor to turn the screws on her father," but Casey points out that they have no other choice. Grudgingly, Cragen asks what Munch has found out.
Munch explains, "Children with Williams Syndrome are extremely empathetic, they study faces for signs of emotional stress . . . They're sensitive, eager to please, and affectionate, some have savant-like abilities, super hearing and perfect vision." As he is talking, Fin and Elliot recall behaviors they each witnessed that were indicative of the characteristics of kids like Katie. When Elliot mentions she had to cover her ears when she heard her mother and her attacker yelling, Munch tells him, "Which probably means she heard every word. They confuse time, but they can tell you what was said and identify who said it." Casey asks what she could expect if she used Katie as a witness, and Munch tells her, "Anxiety, ADD, and they have trouble taking criticism." Fin jokes, "That sounds like you, Munch," and then asks if he really thinks she won't lie to protect her dad. Munch informs them that she won't lie for her dad "Because with Williams Syndrome have no guile. They don't even know what deception is." Cragen gives the order to interview Katie again, and Casey says, "Let's go." Elliot is taken aback that she proposes to go with them, and she asks him, "Do you think he's going to let you talk to Katie without a fight?"
Nicholson is irate to find the police outside his door. Piano music can be heard in the background as he is talking to Elliot, Casey, and Fin. He refuses to let them talk to Katie, but as he is about to close the door in their faces, Casey steps forward and blocks the door. She explains how she will file a request for a hearing and get a court order allowing them to interview Katie because she is the only witness to the attack and he is their prime suspect. Reluctantly, he lets them in.
When they enter the room where Katie is playing the piano, she enthusiastically greets Elliot and Fin. Casey holds out her hand to shake and introduces her self in a friendly manner. Katie ignores her hand altogether and instead gives Casey a hug and says, "Pretty." Casey's just a little surprised by the hug, but when she looks at Elliot he just shrugs. Fin tells Katie they have some more questions for her, and Elliot explains that he doesn't want to upset her so she can tell them to stop any time she wants. Katie agrees and asks her dad to sit with her. Looking miserable, Ben refuses, but assures her he will be in his seat right across the room.
As before, Katie repeats what she heard verbatim. First someone yelled, "You're ripping our family apart." When Elliot asks if she recognized the voice, she says it was her dad and that her parents "were fighting. They always fight." Fin asks what happened next, and she says her mom yelled, "I hate you." Then she claps her hands together. Fin looks at Nicholson and asks, "You slapped her?" Ben hides his face in shame.
Fin asks, "Was that it?" and Katie says, "Come here baby, you smell good," in an approximation of seductive voice. Casey asks if that was her dad and she says her dad wasn't home or "the man" wouldn't have been there. Elliot asks if the man has been in the house before and she nods. He asks if she saw him and she says, "I heard him. I always do," and she repeats, "Come here baby, you smell good," exactly the way she said it before. When Elliot asks, she assures him she would recognize the man's voice because she has perfect pitch. She tells him she told her dad about the man and, imitating her dad's voice, she tells them that he said, "Everything is going to be all right. We're a family and we're going to stay together no matter what." Then in her own voice she finishes with, "The end." Nicholson is distraught and covers his face with his hands. Katie crosses the room to her dad, sits in his lap, and gives him a hug.
As they leave the building, the detectives seem more convinced than ever that Ben is guilty. Elliot is sure he was "using that shady terrorism threat to cover his ass." Fin says, "He almost got away with it," and Casey warns them, "He still may."
At the federal courthouse, Casey meets with Assistant U.S. Attorney Marion Springer. After stonewalling her briefly, Springer tells Casey, "He was with us." Casey asks, "The whole time," and Springer replies, "Need to know." When Casey presses for more information, Springer serves her with papers. Casey looks at them and says, "The Patriot Act. This convoluted piece of legislation isn't worth the paper it's written on." As she storms out of the courtroom, Springer tells her to "save it for the judge."
Back at the 16th precinct, Olivia and Lake meet Cragen in the hallway near the elevator. Olivia asks what's up and Lake informs Cragen that the DA wasn't happy because they weren't through with their trial preparations. Cragen informs that it will have to wait because the Nicholson case is not going well and he needs them back on it. He tells them that Tina Parven has come in to make a statement. She is waiting in the interview room, and he needs them to get something useful out of her. He gets in the elevator and Olivia asks where he is going. He tells them COMMSTAT.
Tina tells Lake and Olivia that she didn't think Ben would hurt Corinne but she isn't so sure now because Corinne was cheating. When Lake asks how she knew, she explains that Corinne was pregnant, but Ben didn't want more children. Olivia suggests that Tina would understand Ben's reluctance to have another child "given the circumstances," and Tina explains that Williams Syndrome is a mutation. It isn't inherited unless the parent has it. Then she explains that "Ben didn't want to take any attention away from Katie, they argued about it, and Corinne freaked when he had a vasectomy without telling her." Olivia asks who she was sleeping with, and Tina says she doesn't have a clue. Corinne is her closest friend but "I guess she thought I wouldn't approve." Then Munch walks in to tell them, "Corinne Nicholson is awake."
When Lake and Olivia arrive at the hospital, Corinne is agitated and confused. Olivia tries to explain to her that she is the hospital because she was attacked, but she continues resisting the doctors and insisting that she needs to go get Katie ready for surgery. "She has aortic stenosis . . . She gets so scared." The doctors sedate her, and as she succumbs to the medication, Lake assures her that her family is fine. When Olivia tells the doctor that Katie was scheduled for surgery six months ago, the doctor tells the Corinne probably has retrograde amnesia and that her memories from the surgery to the present, including the attack, may never return. Out in the hall, Casey has joined them and the doctor informs them that Corinne thinks it is April, 2007. When Olivia asks when she'll get her memory back, the doctor says there is cure for retrograde amnesia, and no way to know if or what she will eventually recall. The doctor tells them Ben hasn't returned her calls, and Corinne needs family and support to recover from her injury. The doctor apologizes that she doesn't have better news for them, and when Olivia asks, Casey says their next move is to go to court.
In Judge Trenton's chambers, Casey mentions that Nicholson was not out of town as he said he was and points out that unless the FBI can account for every minute of his time up to the attack, their assurances that he didn't assault his wife are worthless. Marion Springer says that in order to corroborate Nicholson's story, the police have to speak to "people of interest. That can't happen." Casey sarcastically asks, "So your work trumps putting rapists and murderers behind bars because there's a terrorist behind every corner?" Springer responds, "You have no physical evidence linking Mr. Nicholson with his wife's attack, or should we just wait while you fabricate some?" The judge reprimands Springer, but rules that Casey's appeal is premature without evidence. Out in the hall, Springer tells Casey that Nicholson is bait for buyers for rogue nations trying to buy trade secrets. Casey understands what the FBI is using him for, but "The problem is, he nearly killed his wife and you're protecting him for a sting operation."
Back in the squad room, the detectives, Cragen and Casey discuss their status on the case. Nicholson is off limits unless they find physical evidence. With no prints on the weapon, even if the DNA from the rape kit matches, Ben can just say she consented to sex. They can't prove rape anyway, because Corinne doesn't remember the last six months, not even the rape of her pregnancy. Lake says it's a good thing they didn't tell her why they let her husband go, and Cragen says "unless he tried it again." Munch comes in with the DNA results and tells them Ben did not rape Corinne. Fin says that doesn't matter because he still could have attacked her for cheating on him.
Benson and Stabler question Joel Parven, and he insists that nothing happened. He admits to being with Corinne and that she did tell him about the baby, but when Elliot suggests that he attacked her because he was angry that the baby was threatening his faltering marriage, he denies it. He admits that he was angry, but says he had been there to break it off only to end up in bed with her. He tells them, "I was stupid and reckless, but I didn't hit her. She was fine when I left her." When Olivia asks, he tells them he left around eleven and went home. Then he tells them that they're going to have to arrest him if they want to talk more, because they can't keep him without charging him.
Elliot and Olivia go into the observation room to speak with Casey and Cragen. Olivia says they'll never get a confession, and Elliot suggests they do a voice lineup and get Katie to identify him. Casey suggests that because of her disability the ID might be inadmissible and even if it is, if she is challenged on the stand, she might break down. Elliot says she's not stupid, but Cragen quotes him from earlier saying, "She's developmentally challenged and an emotional rollercoaster." Casey isn't even sure she could be sworn as a witness, but Olivia points out that unless Katie makes the ID, Parven will walk. Casey nods her head indicating that they should go ahead and try.
In the lineup, a series of men repeat the line, "Come here, baby, you smell good." Ben Nicholson is in the lineup, and when a nervous Katie looks at him over her shoulder, he reassures her that it's ok. Parven's defense attorney, Chauncey Zierko, comments that it sounds more like seduction than a rape. When Parven speaks, she identifies him immediately. Elliot asks if she is sure and she nods. Casey tells Zierko that Katie identified his client and Zierko questions her credibility and implies that a trial would be a waste of everyone's time. Then Katie begins to reenact the argument that she heard between her mother and Parven.
"Leave me alone! I want a baby that can grow up, be normal. That's what I want!" she shouts what her mother said. Her father tries to tell her not to say anything more, but Elliot tells him they need to hear what she has to say. "Too damn bad," she says in a deeper voice for a man. "You're breaking up my home you selfish bitch," she continues, and then in her mother's voice yells, "Ow! You're hurting me!" As herself, she says, "Then, bam! Mom was crying. Then bam, bam, bam! Then breathing." In the man's voice she says, "Bitch." Then she finishes with, "Then he went away, but he used the wrong word. That's not what it means, is it, Dad?" She looks at her father, he shakes his head, and she says, "The end."
Elliot asks if the man who fought with her mother is the voice in the other room, and she says no. He asks if she is sure and she explains that his voice is too low. Zierko looks relieved; the others look shocked and defeated. Ben kisses Katie on the forehead.
Out in the squad room, Alex Parven comes to pick up his dad. He asks why the cops took him and if he is all right. Joel assures his son that he is fine and tells him the police have released him. As she is leaving the squad room with Ben, Katie overhears their conversation and drags her dad over to Joel and Alex Parven. Alex says he knows his dad wouldn't hurt Corinne, and at that point Katie accuses Alex, "You used the wrong word! A bitch is a female dog." Now all eyes are on Alex. Elliot asks Katie again, "Are you sure?" and Katie yells, "My mother is not a bitch." Joel looks at his son and asks, "What the hell'd you do?" As Elliot takes Alex away, he calls to his father, and Joel tells him, "Don't say anything, not to anyone. I'll get you out as soon as I can."
Later that night, Ben Nicholson shows up at the precinct to find Elliot still at work. He asks if Alex confessed, and Elliot tells him he got a lawyer and hasn't said anything. Ben confides that he was hoping Alex would confess so that Katie wouldn't have to testify. Elliot tells him that the Parvens had separated twice before and the police think Alex was afraid the affair was going to kill their marriage so he followed his dad, waited for him to leave, and then went in and attacked Corinne. When Ben asks if he can prove that, he says they can't and that's why they need Katie to testify. Ben tells him he wants the case finished because he and Katie can't move on until it's over. He tells Elliot to let him know when, and he'll bring Katie to court. Elliot promises that he will shield Katie from as much as possible.
At the swearability hearing in Judge Petrovsky's courtroom, Zierko again suggests that the court proceedings are a waste of time because of Katie's disability. As Elliot slips quietly into the courtroom, Casey reminds the judge that Katie "clearly heard the attack on her mother and identified the defendant." Petrovsky asks if Katie is there to be examined and Casey has to ask for a continuance because Katie is not there. Zierko objects on the grounds that they were all made aware of the date and time for the hearing. Casey argues that "the minor has Williams Syndrome. Her mother is just out of a coma." Petrovsky is sympathetic but reminds Casey that it is the parent's responsibility to present her. She asks where Ben is and Casey looks back at Elliot who just shakes his head and shrugs. Casey says they are looking for Ben, and Petrovsky give the prosecution twenty-four hours to find her before she dismisses the case.
Elliot meets Agent Dean Porter in a restaurant and asks him where Ben is. Porter doesn't reply. Elliot asks, "Do you care at all, or is this guy just a pawn to you?" Porter calls him a bastard. Elliot says, "Well, I get that a lot." Porter admits he doesn't have Ben, that he's gone "off grid," and that Porter's case is in trouble without him. Porter says, "There are people he's supposed to be talking to, and instead he's protecting his kid from you." Elliot asks, "Do you think I enjoy making Katie relive that moment?" Porter replies, "I don't blame the guy. I mean, what would you do in his place?" "Hide her in the last place anybody would look," Elliot replies with a flash of insight and gets up to go, leaving some money on the table to pay his part of the bill. "You find him, you let me know," Porter demands. "You'll be my first call," Elliot responds insincerely.
Out on the street, Elliot finds Tina Parven. She asks how he found her and he explains that she uses the bank card a lot in the area and that he had just followed her from the store where she had used it to buy groceries. She asks what he wants and he tells her he needs to take Katie with him. She claims she doesn't know what he's talking about, but he doesn't believe her. He tells her she's the perfect caretaker because she knows all about Katie's condition. Keeping Katie for Ben lets him protect his daughter while Tina protects Alex. She tells Elliot he's crazy, and he tells her the charges she could be facing if she refuses to hand Katie over. She relents and tells him where Katie is.
Back in court, Casey asks if Katie knows what a lie is. Katie responds that it's when you say something that isn't true. When Casey asks if she has ever told a like, Katie describes an incident where someone made her a grilled cheese sandwich with "things in it" but she ate it so the person who made it would think she liked it. Then she asks Casey if that's a lie. Casey assures her it is not, and then submits to the judge that Katie can be sworn as a witness. Petrovsky agrees and then bangs her gavel. Katie jumps and shouts "Don't do that!" and Casey explains that she has very sensitive hearing. Petrovsky apologizes; Katie accepts the apology and asks for a hug. Surprised, Petrovsky says, "N-no." Katie looks a little hurt and Petrovsky relents, "Maybe later."
Casey asks Katie if the man who was in the bedroom with Corinne said anything other than, "Come here baby, you smell good." To the embarrassment of all the adults in the room, she begins moaning and grunting in a fair approximation of the sounds someone would make during sex. Alex Parven looks accusingly at his dad, and Petrovsky cuts Katie off. Then Casey asks Katie if she identified Alex Parven as the man who argued with and hurt her mother. Katie says he did, but "He used the wrong word. But my dad says it's really a bad word for girls." When Casey asks how she could tell the difference between the voices of Joel and Alex Parven, she explains that she studies music and their voices are different in tempo, pitch, and timber. "I know what I heard. The end."
Outside the courtroom, Elliot is waiting for Ben Nicholson. When he asks Ben where he's been, Ben replies, "Doing what I do best, looking out for my daughter's future." Elliot asks if that's what his meeting was really about or if he was just trying to keep Katie from testifying. Ben insisted that their priorities are different. Elliot is trying to put someone in jail and Ben is just "trying to make sure Katie is happy and safe." Elliot tells him, "She's not as fragile as you think she is." Ben scoffs and asks if Elliot is an expert. Elliot says, "No, I just know a liar when I see one." Ben gets defensive and asks Elliot what he means. Elliot says he's more worried about himself than he is about his daughter. Ben insists that Zierko attorney is going to "rip her to shreds" because Joel Parven has a child with Williams Syndrome and can tell Zierko about all of Katie's weaknesses. Elliot tells him he left Katie with Tina Parven so he could take a meeting, not to protect Katie. When Ben says Elliot knows nothing about it, Elliot elaborates, telling him he knows the FBI is looking for him, that he went "off grid," and that he took the meeting without the FBI knowing about it. Ben says that not everything he does is their business. Elliot implies that he is into some illegal activities and tells Ben he better think of a better excuse than protecting Katie for the FBI. Then Elliot Agent Porter arrives and thanks Elliot "for the heads up."
Back in the courtroom, Zierko asks Katie what she did today. She begins reciting a list of activities and makes a face when she mentions eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Zierko cuts her off and asks what she did yesterday. She can't answer and he asks impatiently, "What about the day before that?" Casey objects to his badgering, but is overruled when Zierko insists that he's asking simple questions. If she can't handle them, "what'll it be like at trial?" He asks Katie what time her mother was attacked. She recalls that she was in her nightgown and guesses it was bedtime. Zierko tells her she was wrong, that it was much later. He asks if she saw that attacker's face, and she said she was under the bed. He asks if she had met Alex Parven before and she says yes. Quickly he asks why she didn't tell anyone he had hurt her mother. Katie tells him, "You're upsetting me. Go away!" Talking faster, Zierko asks, "Didn't the police ask you over and over who did it?" Elliot has to take a deep breath as Zierko continues, insisting, "Katie, tell the truth, it wasn't Alex, was it? You just want to please Miss Novak, isn't that why you said he did it?"
Casey objects as Zierko likens the case to another incident where a witness with Williams Syndrome said what the police wanted to hear simply because that is one of the characteristics of the condition. Casey insists that Katie hasn't changed her story since the beginning, "Despite counsel's attempt to badger and confuse her." Zierko disbelievingly asks if Casey would "have us believe that she heard it under a bed, through walls and closed doors." Casey defiantly tells him, "I can prove that she heard every single word." She hands Petrovsky and Zierko each a sheet of paper and explains that she will ask Katie the three questions that appear on it. Turning away from her, covering her mouth, and whispering, she asks the three questions. Each of Katie's answers is consistent with her previous testimony and the evidence the police have: Alex hurt her mother, he did it because she was hurting her family by having a baby, and her dad told her not to tell anyone about getting money from someone named Mr. Kim so he could go away. Casey asks who Mr. Kim is. Elliot leans forward, very interested in her answer, and Katie says, "He brings my dad money in a briefcase. The end."
Elliot meets Ben Nicholson at the hospital and tells him that Alex Parven is making a plea agreement and Katie won't have to testify. He says Ben ought to be relieved "since Katie won't have to reveal anymore secrets in open court." Ben tells them the FBI owns him now so it doesn't matter anymore. Elliot says he cut a deal like any thief. Ben says he had already turned Mr. Kim in; he just kept the money without telling the FBI about it. Elliot comments that it must have been a lot of money for him to take such a risk and asks what he sold. Ben says it was a prototype for a dispersion system that doesn't work. Elliot asks how his wife is doing, and Ben corrects him, saying, "My soon-to-be ex." Ben tells him she is well enough to be discharged, but he doesn't know or care where she is going after she leaves the hospital. Elliot reminds him that she doesn't remember any of it, and Ben laughs sarcastically, saying, "Isn't that convenient?" Then he goes into Corinne's hospital room to tell Katie it is time to go. She begins happily pushing her mom's wheelchair out as if they are all going home together, but Ben insists that Corinne is not going home with them. The episode ends with Ben, tearing a hysterical Katie away from her distraught mother and forcing her into an elevator while Elliot looks on uncomfortably.
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