Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on NBC

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  • Amazing

    While it does not seem like this episode is really a favorite of all Law and Order SVU fans, I personally loved it. I loved the plot itself, and all of the actors, guests and everyone were amazing. I loved how they really looked into something new in this episode. I have never heard of William's Syndrome, and to add it into one of the episodes was a brilliant idea. The ending was incredibly sad, but the episode itself is probably one of my favorite episodes. I'm not sure where these low reviews are coming from, but I absolutely loved it.
  • Williams Syndrome featured

    It was especially nice to see Williams Syndrome featured in this episode. This show is a family favorite and, since Williams Syndrome is fairly rare, it was interesting that the writer(s) saw fit to use this genetic anomoly for their plot driver.
    For those unfamiliar with Williams Syndrome, the show at one point or another talked about every symptom and diagnostic device for Williams Syndrome. My wife and I wondered who is associated with the show and knows someone with Williams Syndrome.
    Almost universally with Williams Syndrome patients, their hearing is acute. My daughter can not tolerate weed eaters, power drills, dentist drills, blenders without prior warning. The whispering scene in the court room brought smiles around here because we experience that all the time. Even whispering in another room is not necessarily successful in keeping secrets, e.g., Christmas presents, birthday plans, romantic rendezvous requests.
    After this episode aired, we called many friends and family to alert them to watch when the show is repeated in this market. We look forward to watching it again.
  • Poor child!

    I think that the way the adults treated that mentally challenged girl was unexcusable. And that they treated her like she was a thing, not a human being. Munch, who usually is good with kids, really kind of was a jerk. I mean, the girl just lost her mom in cold blood. As her dad was being protected by the FBI. Who else but cute but jerky agent Dean Porter shows up. Loved it when Fin told him to stick the warrant up his you know where. Porter I thought had no right to tell Stabler that he was a b**tard. Olivia is only around by twenty minutes. You will tell it will be Porter vs Staber til the end.
  • I was very happy with this episode!

    This is the best episode of the season so far. I am so relieved about that, after my disappointment with the previous two episodes. :)

    The little girl, Katie, was so cute. I loved all of her scenes. It was funny when she asked everyone for a hug. She played with Fin's hair and called Casey pretty (or beautifu?). She even asked the judge for a hug. That part was extremely funny.

    The funniest part of the episode, though, was when Fin and Lake were sitting in the waiting room and that woman thought they were a gay couple. Lake put his hand on Fin's knee!! I was laughing for several minutes from that part. I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

    I was happy to see Munch (and his conspiracy theories) in this episode. It was funny when he told Katie not to talk to strangers. I want to know what is going on with Kathy. Elliott did not look happy when Liv mentioned Kathy. "Over 40 & pregnant" is a very unenthusiastic way to discuss their upcoming child. I felt so bad for Katie's mother. Yes, she's a cheater who was pregnant by another man, which is just wrong. But it was sad at the end when she had no idea why she couldn't go home. Katie was so sad too. This episode was good. I was happy to see everyone in the episode (though Warner was missing). This episode was good, the best yet of the season.
  • Very good.

    In this episode we get to know a mentally retarded little girl that was the only witness to her mothers assault.

    We dont get to see Olivia much, what is always sad for me cause i really love her, but i do love Elliot too.

    Very funny scene when Tutuola and the new guy are waiting at the clinic and some girl thinks they are a gay couple hehehe very good.

    So, the little girl ends up identifing her mothers assault because she has very good hearing, actually excellent hearing.

    Was a very good episode overall, but im hoping that the next one is better.
  • For awhile the show lost something, I think it has finally found that.

    The first few episodes of this season of SVU seemed not to go over too well, but this one was pretty good. A mentally disabled girl is the only witness to the rape/murder of her mother. She is more than willing to give the information up, but she does not just give it up. They begin to build their case using the girl as their main witness, and they find that the lives of these people were so twisted with lies and anger that it was hard to decide who had actually done the final deed. The episode is good, and actually has Munch in it. I don't see why it is that now he is a Sargent him and Fin are no longer partners. It makes no sense and really sucks because he is rarely ever seen. Anyway, it was a good episode, of course there were a few plot twists that made it so much more interesting.
  • Another great episode

    This was another memorable episode of SVU. It starts out with a man riding around in a taxi, when a girl runs into the street almost getting hit. It turns out it is the man's daughter and his wife/her mother has been attacked. The episode gets interesting because the daughter has Williams Syndrome which is a form of mental retardation, and also the man is working for the FBI, which always leads to interesting confrontations with the NYPD! But I have to admit, it's kind of getting old how there's always some suspect in a SVU case that's protected by the FBI for some weird reason. There's one memorable moment in the episode, that has nothing to do with the main storyline. There's a scene where Adam Beach's character (name escapes me) and Finn go to interview the obstetrician who delivered the man's daughter, about a lawsuit the main suspect was involved in with the doctor. A pregnant woman in the waiting room assumes the two detectives are a gay couple and Beach's character plays along, while Finn gives him the "Why are you acting like that?!" Anyway, although most of the episode focused on the man as the main suspect, I thought it was interesting how his daughter could remember almost everything she hears (as a result of her illness). The ending, which I won't reveal, is quite sad though.
  • A women is murdered, possibly raped. The only witness is her disabled daughter.

    This is the episode that I have been waiting for! This episode was exciting, somewhat comedic and believable all at the same time. Sometimes the producers stretch it with the story lines, but this one hit it right on the mark. Paulina Gerzon was incredible (not to mention adorable), so was Aidan Quinn! There were many moments in this episode that I must say... I am very excited to add to my book of SVU quotes. Best scenes in my opinion:

    1. When Katie (Paulina Gerzon) hugged Elliot. His face expression was pricesless.
    2. When Katie asked Munch for a hug and played with Fin's ponytail. Those two crack me up.
    3. When Olivia asked how Kathy was...
    4. The gay moment between Lake and Fin. I think I'm finally warming up to Lake.... dare I say it... I think I like him!
    5. When the little girl asked the judge for a hug.
    6. Elliot in every scene... he's so hawt!!
  • A mentally-challenged girl is the only witness to a crime.

    When I saw the trailer last week, I had a feeling this was going to be a good episode. I am happy to report that it didn't disappoint.

    As serious as this show is, having a witness that is extremely emphatic and is not capable of lying is bound to tickle a funny bone or two. The embarrassed looks on Casey and Judge Lena Petrovsky when Katie moaned and asked for a hug (respectively) had me laughing my ass off.

    And who can forget Chester and Fin's moment in that clinic?

    To be honest, as much as I love this show, it's been a while since it managed to entertain me. Just by going over the first four episodes of this season, I get the feeling I will be entertained a whole lot more.
  • A young mentally handicapped child hears the attack on her mother.

    Welcome back SVU! I was beginning to wonder if SVU would ever come off of the life support system it has been on since the beginning of this season! This episode was packed with whodunnits? and constantly made the viewer say, "it was him!" It was refreshing to see this show back on its grind. I must say that little actress was fantastic in her role as a mentally challenged child.

    My only problem is that I would have loved to see the FBI agent interact once again with Liv, as they had great chemistry in Florida and Infiltrated.
  • Above average and they did this one before, but they handled the mentally challenged issue well

    Very well-constructed episode about a mentally challenged eyewitness (or in this case earwitness) to the attack on her mother. Her father works for the Feds (seen that before too) so not a whole lot of information comes out about him, at least to begin with. Katie is able to identify the attacker by his voice pitch (what do you know, piano lessons do pay off:) ). The father of the attacker was having an affair with the mother who now can not recall the incident with her memory trapped back at 6 months ago. Turns out the father was selling a prototype (that he says does not work) for big bucks. Something tells me someone is now going to be looking for him. I hope the writers do not make a habit of involving the FBI with their deep dark secrets too often, as appears to be the case in the next episode based on the previews.