Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

Detectives Benson and Stabler are called in when a pair of prostitutes are found murdered, both with similar evidence surrounding them. Stabler thinks that Abby (the second victim) wasn't really a prostitute because she lived in an upscale neighborhood and could afford manicures. Abby was putting herself out on the streets to take money in for her drug habit. Her "john", Michael, claims that he didn't know either victim. However, Abby's body had evidence of his DNA on it. Michael's wife explains how religion helped him with his life.

Michael says that he couldn't get his wife to indulge in his own sexual fantasies, so he started seeing Abby on the side. They were into role-playing, with Abby as a hooker, even going so far as to waiting on the sidewalk for him to stop by. He's vehement that he didn't kill either victim, and then a third prostitute is found with the same prayer card found on the bodies of the victims.

Before Benson gets a chance to interview Gladys (the prostitute), she flees. She's found in her aunt's apartment, but doesn't want to say a word about what happened to her or who gave her the prayer card. Benson eventually gets Gladys to tell her story.

The suspect, Billy Skaggs, is a religious fanatic who thinks he's saving the women that he murders. Billy is brought in a line-up, with Gladys ready to identify him, but when she spots him, she panics and runs, falling down a flight of stairs. Benson finds her unconscious on the floor, and finds out that she's pregnant. At the hospital, the doctor informs the detectives that Gladys had a concussion but the fetus is going to be fine as long as Gladys has medical supervision.

Later, the judge agrees that Billy will be held without bail until his trial. Stabler and Benson tell Gladys this, and she tells them that she's going to keep her baby and change her life for the better. However, Gladys needs to officially identify Billy in a line-up of suspects, so the detectives revisit her aunt's apartment. The aunt confesses that she barred Gladys from staying there because of her risky life Benson finds out that Gladys used the computer just before she left, so the detectives trace where she went thanks to the adult ad she posted.

At the address, the detectives find two men who deny seeing Gladys. In the bedroom, Gladys is found unconscious. Later at the hospital, Stabler and Benson find out that Gladys went through a seizure and the doctors had to deliver her baby 4 months premature. There's a good chance that the baby, if she survives, would have severe birth defects. The doctor suggests that they just withhold treatment and allow the baby to die.

Gladys wonders whether it was a good idea to keep the baby, but Stabler argues that once the baby is born, the decision is out of Gladys' hands. Cabot tells the detectives that they have to get Gladys to testify, or else they wouldn't have a case against Billy. If Gladys doesn't testify, then she has to be charged with prostitution and arrested. Gladys, now attached to her baby daughter, doesn't want to leave the hospital for any reason, which forces Benson to arrest her.

Gladys IDs Billy as the man who attacked her, but Billy's lawyer points out that Gladys never officially identified Billy in the police line up. During the trial, Billy tries to attack Gladys and he's taken back to jail. Afterward, Gladys realizes that the defense's picture of her life as a prostitute was completely true, and that she needs to turn her life around. Cragen gives a note to Benson, written by Gladys, where she says she's leaving to get her life in order and giving Olivia power of attorney over her daughter.

Benson rushes to the hospital, where she finds the NICU team performing CPR. The doctor says they need permission to take her to surgery immediately to treat a brain hemorrhage. If they don't, the baby will die, but there's still a risk of brain damage even with the surgery. The screen fades to black as the doctor presses Olivia for her decision.