Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 11, 2001 on NBC

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  • A serial killing spree, and a full out manhunt. What's better for a season finale?

    The first victim is slit then roasted for being a prostitute. The second beaten worse than the first because the killer thought she was a prostitute. The pattern seems to be set until victims 3 and 4 come. A little boy and his father, killed because of the 'evils' of video games.

    The killer isn't in his right mind and the city is terrified. There's a task force, and thousands of tips when this manhunt begins. The detectives still have a hard time because of the last twist. They can't predict where he strikes next.

    When finally caught he and everyone else is caught in a legal tangle when they have to pick who to blame. The person with mental problems that did it, or the people that made him that way?
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    After a prostitute is found stabbed and set on fire, the Special Victims Unit are ont he lookout for any clues leading to the perp. The entire unit is unable to find this guy until the death toll reaches four. After a tip comes into the station, Benson and Stabler find suspect Daniel Varney. He claims that God has been telling him to kill his victims in an attempt to cleanse and purify their souls. Daniel is then given a psychiatric evaluation and it is determined that he is suffering from a severe case of syphilis which is contributing to his deteriorating mental condition. Daniel was unaware of his condition because the life insurance company to which he applied for coverage, failed to report the illness. This is a great episode and definitely one of the best I've seen. It is so sad that big companies are willing to over look small details in order to make sure that they can make money. You never know what could happen to someone like Daniel Varney.
  • Brilliantly acted!

    Law & Order Special Victims Unit often have very strong guest stars, but Richard Thomas who plays the perpetrator in this episode stands out as easily being one of the best. His performance was phenomenal. He had me in tears the way he played his very confused and very sick character. At the end, the completely blank and empty look on his face was absolutely gut wrenching. Olivia and Elliot also had some nice moments when they were just talking with each other. I love those brother/sister kind of scenes that they have every now and then. All in all this was an outstanding episode.
  • Great acting from Richard Thomas & other guest stars

    A very compelling and frightening episode features Richard Thomas in a very un-"Waltons" like performance. The team frantically races to find a spree killer who seems to have a religious fixation. Karen Allen as Thomas' wife is very good as well. The mom whose family is killed is heartbreaking and very moving. The reason behind the killer's illness is a shocking twist.
  • Excellent episode

    Even though this was a excellent episode it was extremely painful to watch. The acting was excellent the story line was great it drew you into it. I loved how it was written that you wanted to hate the perp.You hoped he would get caught and burn for what he did but then in the end you find out it was all due to some mistake some doctor made years ago. That it was an illness that made him do what he did and could have been avoided if only he had been given a shot of pennicillin. Great story line.