Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2009 on NBC

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  • big time pro vaccinating show

    This was such a ridiculous episode. In New York you only have to vaccinate if they are in school and even then there is medical and religious exemptions. You can't make it legal not to vaccinate, and then charge someone for not vaccinating. That's ridiculous and completely unconstitutional. And the fact that the ones I've always seen as the "good guys" were calling that mother who made an informed educated decision, (although not mainstream, heaven forbid), for her child a "murderer" was just horrible. Somebody on that show had their own agenda and took it WAY too far to be even close to believable. That's the last time I watch this show.
  • A minor correction to my previous review...

    I mistakenly said that baby Sierra died of the flu but she actually had measles - many people contract the measles & don't die. If Ashley had vaccinated her, she wouldn't have contracted them from the un-vaccinated little boy & therefore wouldn't have died & wouldn't have been buried in a shallow grave. If that obnoxious ADA wanted to be a harda$$ & file murder charges on the mother who didn't vaccinate her son who gave Sierra the measles, why wasn't Ashley put on trial for manslaughter charges for not vaccinating Sierra & essentially insuring she caught the measles, which then killed her? She went on & on about how that woman made such a horrible choice by not vaccinating her son but Ashley made way worse ones - not vaccinating her daughter, not taking care of her daughter & then burying her daughter in a shallow grave when she died due to neglect. This show was definitely one of SVU's worst!!!
  • A stunning example of why I watch (and recently got back into) SVU...

    There may be spoilers ahead...

    What starts out as a routine case of possible kidnapping and then infanticide rapidly heads in a different direction when Dr Warner learns something obscure about the child's cause of death. When ADA Cabot learns of other cases similar and a disturbing trend of mothers who choose not to vaccinate their children, she charges one of these mothers for causing the death of the child. I don't want to reveal too much about the episode, but it is definitely another ripped from the headlines plot with invaluable lessons to common society. It was the first ever episode of SVU that my father watched and now he has to watch it every week. I'm mainly writing this in response to another reviewer who labeled this episode as "the worst show on SVU ever." Well, 'nuff said, but I should warn you that Sierra wasn't vaccinated because she was only 11 months old, it was the measles, not the flu, and yes, people (especially infants) do die from diseases on occasion, more significantly the latter. Anyone who watched this episode and understood what was being said would've know that...
  • Two totally different cases

    A so-so episode. Hilary Duff was okay in the episode, which initially appeared to be based on the Caylee Anthony case. Initially it appeared that she had killed her child, when it turned out she was just highly irresponsible. Where it turned bad is whne they started the whole measles thing. The idea of prosecuting the otyher mother was totally absurd. She didn't know her child was sick when she took him t the park. There was no way of proving that Hillary Duff's kid got ther measles from the her child. Alex Cabot never should have prosecuted this case. When talking about the dangers of vaccination, I noticed that they didn't mention autism. There was a lot of talk in the media (mostly debunked by now) that the vaccine causes autism in a small number of cases
  • This episode was about a baby girl that went missing and was thought to have been murdered. As all eyes turn to the baby's young, party loving mother as the murderer the baby's body was discovered and a shocking twist in the cause of death was revealed.

    I just want to make a comment about BabyKitten199's review

    she was saying how it was dumb that Ashlee wasn't charged for not vaccinating her child like the other women, except she clearly didn't watch the episode and missed three very important facts

    they said Ashlee's daughter was 11 months old

    then they said the vaccination was for people 12 months of age and older

    and a little later they flat out said that Ashlee's baby was not old enough to receive the vaccination it just sort of bothered me reading that because i know law and order does a great job of keeping their facts straight and would never miss something a major as that in an episode
  • A baby dies becauses of measles.

    My review will echo the complaints of many others on here. This story started off fairly well, and weak acting aside, had my attention. Hilary Duff will not be getting an Emmy nomination for this role, but at least it was a well-needed step outside her comfort zone as a goodie little girl. The ending was completely preposterous and the courtroom scenes do not even come close to rivaling that of the series this was spun-off from the original Law and Order.

    I also have to wonder the legality of any of this. Ashlee gets community service for burying a body? I don't think anybody would sign off on that deal.
  • Brief glimmers of hope; still on the long slide down.

    Sigh Another "ripped from seven different headlines" episode that can't seem to figure out what it wants to be about. A nice guest star role by Hillary Duff is wasted as the show -- again -- can't just be about one case but has to bounce from topic to topic ending up with the characters spouting canned prose about vaccinations and freedom of choice. Memo to the SVU writers: If I want to watch a boring a political debate, I'll flip over to CSPAN.

    The only saving grace of this episode was the grandfather (even even that was handled clumsily). He was the only person in the entire episode who seemed to have real emotions and to give a rat's backside about what was going on.

    Why can't these guys stick to just one case? Just on headline? They're still capable of it.
  • almost there

    SPOILERS warning.

    I would give this episode a 9 before the finale ruined it a bit.
    Till then it was a great episode, in the good old fashion of the L&O SVU as we knew it.
    For once not focused on Liv and Elliot, not having a special guest star yelling for an Emmy nomination, was filled with interesting ethical dilemmas, nice police work, nice courtroom scenes, nice plot, not overacting, good editing.

    And then came the finale.

    It's such a cliche with the finales of SVU nowdays that you almost know what will happen: The phone will ring and our guys will hear some bad news and the episode will close with a bang (usually the death of someone). Sometimes it works. Or used to work. When you make it like this in so many episodes what is really your point??
    That people can't let go? Is it really necessary to kill someone to make your point obvious to your viewers? Or you do it cause that's the recipe of your series? I think I will vote for the latter. p.s. PLEASE keep Stephanie March. It is amazing how much her presence improves the show.
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