Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2003 on NBC

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  • Hello A.D.A. Casey Novak..

    Before I became addicted to L&O SVU I had no idea that Casey Novak was...1) a brunette in the beginning, 2) wasn't the only A.D.A. to work with the detectives. I didn't know that their relationship was so sandpaper quality in the beginning either. I like how they squabble together. I'm glad I finally got to see this episode. Plus...its Mariska's husband and Chris Meloni in the same episode (for the obsessive who pit them against each other even though one is real life and the other is SVU-fantasy life). I see why she married him. Great episode for character development.
  • An ultimate example of how cop shows should be made.



    An seemingly convential investigation opens with the apparent double killing of a mother for hire and her defenceless unborn baby. An unwanted pregnancy for a woman with a wrecked life. A couple desperate for children, with a friend who acts as an unregistered intermediary, offering a solution to both parties. Altogether spells tragedy when the prospective father learns that the mother has changed her mind. Was it a tragic suicide, by a mother who couldn't code. Or could it have been a murder by a man who wanted a child for himself and his wife.

    The screenplay is driven by this excellent fast-paced plot that twists and turns from a mystery, into a quest to find the father of the dead child. Can he be the killer given he was facing a paternity suit. Is he the father or isn't he? Then episode them morphs into a dramatic chase for a paedophile rapist who is about to commit his next horrific crime. Will Elliot and Olivia save the young victim in time?

    Overall, the levels of tension and stakes build up superbly gradually over the course of episode. You won't even know it, so engrossed will you be in what is being played out. Add to this the introduction of the new ADA to replace Alex March, which add a new dynmaic of conflict between her and the team and you wont want to turn away for a second. Whats more, we get to see a personal edge to Novak and what it must be like to have to face this kind of horror each day.

    A superb episode, with one of the most heart-wrenching, intensity rising stories across the L&O franchise that kept my attention from start to finish. A classic in every way and one to watch.
  • One of the best SVU episodes I have ever seen. Still makes me cry.

    This was a big tear-jerker for me. Of course, the highlight is the debut of Diane Neal as ADA Casey Novak, but the rest of the script is very well-written. It is so sad to see Brianna Morris and her baby killed, especially when the Wolcotts were trying to provide a better life for her. Dr. Newlands proved to be a conniving, two-timing evil man who cheated on his wife, then went out of his way to lie about it. And then how sick is Peter Nessler, the sicko who puts honey on his Johnson and tells little girls to lick it. The ending when Casey finds Courtney Jones in the cooler is sad, but it shows that Ms. Novak is the right fit as the SVU's ADA.
  • That Novak looks very familiar..

    The episode itself is very well written. SVU is always full of twists and turns and things you just never see coming. This episode is no exception. The discovery of a fake vein with another man's blood put into a perps arm to cheat a faternity test is absoloute genious. It is very incredible the legnths that some people will go to to retain their innocence.
    To be honest I like Novak more than I did Cabot. After watching her throughout the seaons I have just really grown to like her personality. However, when she first came on the screen I couldn't help but feel that I had seen her before. Then I realized she was in another episode of Law In Order. Only in that episode she was charged with raping a man along with her friends. I'm not sure if they just didn't think devotee's would notice, or if they were so amazed at her performance in the earlier episode they decided to keep her on full time. Either way she's a wonderful addition to the cast.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    A baby is found dead when two members of the Center of Disease Control are testing sewers for mosquitos. The Detectives of the Special Victims Unit immediately suspect the mother. They then find the mother, named Brianna Morris, they realizes that she was unable to have committed the murder, because she was a victim herself. Someone forced her into labor and took the baby from her. Throughout the investigation, they find that a man named, is paying for Brianna's OBGYN. First they suspect that he was a victim of identity theft, but quickly realize that Brianna was going to be giving her baby to him and his wife once it was born. But what the Detectives can't understand is how a couple so desperate to have a child would endanger their soon to be offspring. They find that Brianna was in the process of finding the baby's biological father. When Benson and Stabler find him, and he offers a DNA sample, they open up a cold case that they thought they would have never solved.

    This was a great episode. This is the first episode with the new ADA, Casey Novak. She begins her career in Special Victims by pushing the buttons of both Benson and Stabler, and then thinks that she might not be cut out to deal with the nature of the cases in the unit.
  • Casey Novak, the ADA newly assigned to prosecute SVU cases, butts heads with Benson and Stabler over their handling of the case.casey is unsure whether she is the right person to take cabots place and benson and stabler are reluctant to accept her.

    this was a totally amazin episode it really highlghted the importance of all the people that work in svu not just the detectives. the new ada was bought into the programme really well although i think there could have been a little more emotion from novak. i love the way olivia went into the ada's office ready to give her a piece of her mind but became empathetic when she saw the state novak was in. it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it! one of my favourite bits was when benson and stabler ignore the cooling box which the perp was carrying which had the victim in it..novak is the one to rescue the little girl..

    so great start for the new ada ahe has really proved that she is up to the job.
  • Good case, with a brand new face.

    This epsiode marks the begining of a new mark in the SVU history by introducing Casey Novack, the replacement for Alex Cabot.

    A baby is found murdered in a sewer, and Benson and Stabler finds out that it belonged to a women who was consider giving it up for ado[tion. They find the parents who were ready to adopt it, and they seemed devistated at the fact that there soon to be bay is dead. They investagte some more, and who inturrupts the dynamic duo other then the new (and not very much liked by them) ADA Casey Novack. She tries to lend a hand but niether one of the detectives seem to want to take it. They investage some more, and begin to suspect the would be father. They interragte him and he esily gives up a paternity test. Usureally it seems like all would be lost in the world of SVU when someone gives it up like that, but then that would leave us with a half hour of, well nothing. It turns out that the blood the would be daddy gives up isn't his blood, and belongs to a man who raped and molested a little girl, five years and three months ago (five years is the cut off to prosicute rape.) He denys it, but DNA is hard to fight. And then they find another girl they think he raped three months ago, and she can't ID him (Casey made her almost cry and Olivia gets mad at Casey but they make up.) And he's allowed to go home. Then they find out hat the kiddie rapist was killed in his office, and when Warner does the autopsy, she finds a tube with blood in it. Turns out that he stole blood from one of his patcents and inserted it in himself to beat a paternity test. He was guilty of the murder, but innocent of the rape, and the real rapist is out there, and he just killed him and kidnapped another girl. They find out who it is and Benson and Stabler go to his house and Casey follows, wanting to know if she could actureally do the job because she's having doubts. Casey finds out that the perp fishes salt water, then the three go there. They basically tell Casey to stay out of the way whale they get the guy. Elliot almost drowns the guy trying to get information (good ol Stabler) and Olivia looks in the boat but can't find the girl. Thn Casey, having a hunch, opens the cooler the guy was carrying and rescues her, and that gets her in with the populer table. Then she has a chat with Aurther Branch, and she tells him she wants to quit but Branch basically tells her tough, and that she has to stick it out. Then it ends.

    Good episode, but didn't really like the way they brought in Casey, but luckily, she turns out to be the hero in the end.