Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • One of the better episodes this season...

    Definitely an episode worth catching, even if you've been a bit wearied by the past couple of seasons of SVU. The beginning isn't much to write home about, but things start to speed up once Detective Ash Ramsey is introduced. Naveen Andrews plays the role with aplomb, bringing a breath of fresh air into the SVU cast and characters. The story is fairly simple and isn't so much about finding out who did it as trying to find evidence to convict the killer. Throw in a couple of appearances by the Chief of D's, who, as always, is trying to keep things from being a political catastrophe, a bit of intrigue that involves Benson playing the dominant, and a fast-paced ending that will have you alternately upset and cheering, and the greater part of the episode is a good example of what works.

    Downsides were Benson's nasty attack on people who like BDSM play after trapping the head of a foundation with her dominant act, the complete lack of Munch and the totally unnecessary moment of Benson-Stabler tension (because boohoo, my partner wants to do something without me).
  • A woman with connections and a Special Frauds agent provide an interesting case and episode.

    A rich couple is murdered in bed and suspcions fall on their daughter after a Special Frauds agent tells about her previous crimes. From there, the episode gets interesting by making the case more difficult with pressure from the Cheif of Police telling them not to arrest her (Her parnets donated tons of money to the police) and hit taken out on the officers in charge of the case. The ending and final outcome of this episode is excellent and I will not spoil anything since you need to see it for yourself.

    The special guest stars were great, with Naveen Andrews providing a good preformance and providing great characterzation to his role. Sarah Paulson is the suspect and while she is good, some her acting comes off as hammy or weak for some scenes.

    The small bits of humor were great and the case, like previously mention, was also impressive. Though I question a couple of moments during the show, like providing that outragous theory to a grieving family member at the beginining, but I still enjoyed the episode. We are midway through the season and if this episode has any foresight, we are in for a strong second half.
  • Predictable, but interesting

    The usual round of twists and turns made this easy to predict outcome a little more fun to watch as Stabler and Benson (working a non-sex crimes case for once) try to catch the daughter of the murdered wealthy couple with her guard down, despite her "long reach." No Munch in this episode (he must be taking time off to come up with more consipracy theories)! No ADA Cabot either but the ten episodes she is in this season are not necessarily consecutive. Good touch at the end with Finn getting inside this sociopath. The writers did ok with this one.
  • Excellent.

    This was one of the best episodes of the season by far. It was smooth, connected, and no unwanted and unneeded suprises. The guest star Naveen Andrews was great in his performance, and the episode did not seem this time to focus soley on the guest star. The perp a rich socalite was very complex, believable, and fascinating character, who has many secrets to hide. The episode was excellent from start to finish and was much better than many other pervious episodes. I hope see more like this. A plot that is very well thought and without several unecessary twists.
  • Episode was fine ... I've been not really liking this season as it continues. I'm not sure exactly what it is, the new way of filming, or the d. or photography or something ... I don't know.

    Episode was fine ... I've been not really liking this season as it continues. I'm not sure exactly what it is, the new way of filming, or the d. or photography or something ... I don't know. They're really switching up the characters, Benson and Stabler seem very Out of Character compared to every other season, and I really don't like it. Elliot is coming across as kind of possesive, and I don't really know why. and Olivia is coming across as "getting old, fast", which I hate to say, because I love mariska ...

    Naveen was good, I don't know anything about him, or what he's from, but he was one of the few guest stars who didn't suck.

    It was okay ... I hope the new episodes go back to how they were in Season 7.
  • Predictable and lackluster.

    Ok, here's a show that seldom uses 3/4 of it's cast. Richard Belzer, Ice-T, Dann Floreck, Stephanie March, B.D. Wong, Tamara Tunie...why are all of these actors so underused? Not to mention the leads, Mariska Hargitay & Chris Meloni.... about the two most underused leads in the business, it's almost criminal. On top of not using established characters that fans can hope to see, they keep bringing in new characters, who usually are there to take most of the camera time and make Stabler & Benson look like a couple of retards who've no clue how to do their jobs. The latest being one of the most vile looking creatures on the planet, who wants to look at that thing for 44 minutes? Thankfully my dinner had digested so I didn't have chunks coming up to haunt the back of my throat looking at it. I'd have been able to see past it had there been a single iota of talent or acting ability, it was just some ugly guy hissing words in a jumbly accent. This show needs either to buck up or bow much as I'd hate to see it go, I'd much more dislike seeing it suffer in it's current state.
    I gave it a 5 simply because Mariska Hargitay is just so yummy to watch!
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