Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2010 on NBC

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  • Emotional Rollercoaster

    Isabelle Huppert portrays the most emotionally devastated mother who has lost her son and it WASN'T even her fault! She does with amazing clarity! I think I cried most of this show and loved it! I was so happy at the end when it was not her! Through it all, she only loved her son, which she gets across to her audience with skills I have not seen in a long time! She made this episode worth the watch without blinking. Truly great acting on her part!!! I look forward to seeing her in other things!
  • Wow !!! A French actress in SVU !!!!

    I haven't seen the whole episode yet but I must admit that I found it awsome to see in one of my favourite TV series both Sharon Stone and Isabelle Huppert : one of our French famous actress ... it's so rare for us, French people who watch American series to see one of their own that I thought it was worth this review !!!!

  • A great episode, an ok finale

    I don't get why so many people hate this episode. I thought it was amazing. I admit it started it off slowly,very slowly BUT in the end it was tied up nicely. I loved the twists, I always think it's great when the stars of the show are targeted/get shot,kidnapped etc. It makes it more interesting. I loved the big revelation. I think Sharon Stone is a good A.D.A.,I also don't know why people are threatening to stop watching the show if she stays on it. Ok,Stephenie March as A.D.A. Alex Cabot and A.D.A Novak are still my favourites but she isn't the worst. The middle to the end of the episode was better,more dynamic than the beginning. Actually,I absolutely loved the ending.The ending is what you see last so that's what stays with you.Overall a good episode.
  • not bad

    As jarring and intense as the first half of Shattered was, that's how corny and ridiculous the second half was. The chase to find the kid was actually very entertaining, and his death scene (and the parent's reactions) was really powerful. But that damned morgue scene just ruined everything. Crazy person taking hostages with a police firearm, corny lines from the ADA, bad judgement by the detectives ... the SVU trifecta.

    It was pretty hilarious how Jo's big secret turned out to be some garbage about her having cancer, and how she told this story in attempt to keep what's-her-name from blowing everyone's head off. Thank god Sharon Stone is off the show.

    This one was all over the place, but overall a watchable episode.
  • Gag me. Blindfold me. Stop me before I watch SVU again, if there are any more episodes like "Shattered". Godawfully bad soaper... if the writers weren't co-exec producers, they might not have gotten this drek on the show.

    Daniel Truly and Amanda Green... co-exec producers and "writers", are responsible for this "Shattered" soap opera fiasco... excruciating-to-watch-ending finale, bad soap, un-police procedural, UN-Law & Order over-dramatized, soaper episode. Did I mention so soapy it can't wash? Indicative of series desperation. Meloni knows it, he can't take but one more season. Maybe a cast change will help the writing. They need to keep the producers from writing or keep the writers from producing... this kind of hand-wringing implausible junk.

    I hope L&O:LA is molded on the original, not SVU... but being LA includes the circus that is Hollywood... it doesn't bode well.
  • Sharon Stone is the worst thing that happened to this show.

    What a terrible episode, what an utter disappointment. Everything is incoherent, everything is so pointless and empty and forced. Sharon Stone is as pathetic as an actress as "Jo" is as a character. I cringed every time she appeared on screen, and I found myself praying she'd get shot in the face by the Frenchwoman (another terrible actress, by the way).

    If it was only the acting that was abysmal, I could live with it; many times I've enjoyed episodes of this series, as well as the original Law and Order, in which guest stars had terrible performances. But the story itself is so, so weak.

    The plot twists are ridiculous: the scene with the criminal escaping as the cleaning lady, PAST THE COPS, with a screaming, conscious child in a clothes cart? A husband hiring a common criminal to stage the kidnapping of his son to frame his deranged wife, while said wife simultaneously hired a professional child "retriever" (an ex-spec ops who Stabler is able to take down with a single punch.. RIGHT...

    Melinda getting shot was entirely superfluous, nothing but a plot filler. And as for Jo's sob story... give me a break. Unlikely and as melodramatic as it gets. Belongs in an episode of "Desperate Housewives".

    This finale has permanently put me off SVU, and confirmed my feelings that this series should be cancelled, not the original Law and Order. Fin and Munch remain the best characters in the series, who don't receive nearly as much screen time as they deserve. If the producers want a chance of taking SVU back to its glory days, they need to destroy every trace of Jo Marlowe.
  • Good Fianle

    First of all the french accent wasn't fake. Isabelle Huppert is a french actress. This episode was great. It had kept me on my set the whole time i was watching it. The twist was unexpected yet not as great as other twists I have seen. The revealing secret Jo had was kinda of stupid. Cancer, it seems so contribed. Sharon Stone is out of place in this season. But this season finale despite sharon stone as a tough DA was great. The sadness that the mother who was already a nervous wreck was belivable. I can wait for the next season.
  • Just shocking and full of twists!

    IN this episode of SVU, the following happens. When an 8 year old boy is kidnapped in broad daylight the SVU team are called in. They manage to find the van used, and inside is the little boy's backpack and through books inside of it, they find out his name. They talk to his father who believes that it is his mother who has taken him. The evidence also supports this. And so she is brought in. Soon they get a lead, but during the chase, the car crashes and both the boy and the kidnapper are called. As the mother doesn't believe that her son is dead, she is taken down to the morgue to see him. Then the father turns up and all hell breaks loose. Melinda gets shot, and Olivia has to save her life. Elliott puts his own life in danger in order to save the other hostages. We also learn that the ADA for SVU had cancer and because of the surgery her boyfriend left her. As Elliott gets into the morgue, we learn that it was the father who set up the kidnapping and not the mother. Luckily Elliott manages to talk her down before she kills him. As the episode ends we see the mother holding her lifeless son in her arms and singing to him. This was yet another brilliant episode. It had me hooked from the start and the twist at the end was brilliant. I just can't believe that they shot Melinda. But at least Olivia was there to save the day.
  • By far the worst SVU ever!

    From the phony french accent to the questionable plot holes this episode calls into question the decision not cancel this show this season. The kidnap plot makes no sense, why would the father bother trying a risky kidnap when he already knew about the original kidnap plot? Such evidence would be enough to convict the mother. And what parent hires a known criminal to kidnap their child? And why did the kidnapper keep the child with him? Why not just leave him in the hotel room?

    And then the over the top drama... mental breakdown of the weird french feminist anthropologist, the taking of a gun from a cop in the morgue (seriously, hasn't this happened so often that the police don't make smarter, safer holsters?) And liv doesn't shoot her in the head when she has the chance? Then she shoots the coroner and liv does an emergency chest drain to relieve a tension heamothorax? Oh the drama! channeling ER now are we?

    All this while stabler gets the blueprints for the building and marine style crawls through neon lit airduct wide enough to allow a man to crawl through from the inside but from the outside barely looks big enough to let a cat in. Never mind that, while in there, he witnesses his ex-partner, the now ada, blubbing about her mastectomy and loss of a lover as some sort of comparison to losing a child? And then, the coup de grace, when mad french woman learns of her husbands weird nonsensical plot there is the touching scene where the ada, holding the body of the dead child, makes a weeping Madonna and child plea to the grieving mother?

    Enough. Cancel my subscription to SVU. Im done.
  • A decent way to end the season.

    I thought this episode was a good way to end the season. There has been some questionable writing this season, and I think that this episode made up for some of that. The plot was simple, but interesting, with the usual twists of an SVU episode. This episode really tugged at the heart strings. When the little boy drowned, I wanted to cry. I thought the acting was great by everyone, especially by Chris and Mariska, but definitely not by Sharon Stone. I will not be the least sad to see her go. I do admit that the shocking past of ADA Marlow was played up in the previews a little too much. It was an important secret to her past, granted, but I was expecting something that would cause her to resign or that actually was somewhat relevant. I mean having a child die and having cancer are two completely different things, so it didn't seem to fit that well. By what she said, being the ADA of SVU is really good for her. I was just a little confused by that because I haven't heard of her return for next season, and one can only hope that she doesn't. Other than that minor thing, I thought this episode was pretty good. I really loved the scene in the morgue with Melinda and Liv, but the rest of the morgue scene, especially the end with Jo, was dragged out a little too much. This episode was a good wrap-up to the season. I have seen better, but one can only hope that this puts SVU back on track to produce the same quality of episodes that it used to. I look forward to next season.
  • They canceled the original LO and continue to show this???

    Two weeks ago I praised it. It was the exception that makes the rule of course.

    This must be the WORST SVU ever. EVER. (till the next one I guess).

    It was so anticlimatic and so boring that when the frenchie woman took hostages I wanted SO bad to shoot them all especially the writers and the director. And I thought last year's finale was bad. SVU has become an uninspired melodrama that one could call the "Hargitay & Meloni's cliches" show. Overdramatic, overacting, overtrying to gather Emmy nominations. It is so obvious it is painful. At least if the writing was any good..or the acting was any better.. When Stone revealed her drama I was laughing. It was ridiculous. And this AWFUL show got renewed in the place of LO.
    horrible! Where TV is going too? All intelligence has been replaced by cheap melodramas and reality shows with stupid ppl?
  • A very mediocre finale

    I really didn't like this episode of SVU. For one thing, I was kind of hoping that Olivia would be the one who got shot, because nothing serious has actually happened to her ever. In eleven seasons. I mean, every other central character has been shot (and in Elliot's case, thrown off a building and pushed out a window), except for her! I also didn't like the whole thing with Jo... maybe it's just me, but I don't really care about her. She's been around for all of three episodes or something, and they're trying to make the season finale good by putting in "shocking" details about her past? I also thought that it was way too dramatic for the actual situation. All in all, the finale was disappointing... I'm still waiting for a finale/episode that centers on Liv or has her actually getting injured for once.
  • Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please don't have Sharon Stone back next season!!!!

    Really, do we have to put up with her crappy acting? She delivers her lines like she just crapped her bloomers!

    The shot of her holding the boy at the end of the show just made me laugh so hard I fell off the couch and broke my arm. Ok, so I didn't break anything but actually felt like poking my eyes out so I could never see that in re-runs again.

    Someone need to tell her that she is not a real actress. They should have shot her instead. Don't bring her back next season! I would rather see SVU cancelled than the original L&O.
  • Shattered

    This episode was appropriately titled as I lost a bit of respect for this show with the finale. While not that bad a storyline or an episode in general, this was exactly the same as the season 10 finale (a crazy individual holds up people in the autopsy room.) After a pretty good season to give fans a slap in the face like this was really off-putting.

    SVU always feels the need to go all out with their season finales and I think that's why people are either going to love them or hate them (like many did here.) Just give us a regular episode, something SVU has done well for the other 200 or so, non-season finales.

    Disgusting completly and totally disgusting waste of an hour! I LOVED LOSVU for has really hit the trash last night!
    My husband and I couldn't believe how bad this episode was. When Liv had to "operate" we were Laughing at how pathetic the whole "drama" scene was. Then there is the robot "reading off cue cards" Sharon Stone talking about her mastectomy ....while Elliot had crawled through the vent. We actually Laughed so hard, belly laughs, that I had tears in my eyes when Elliot was in the vent. Stone talking about her cancer, wow....first time I could give a sh## hearing someone talk about their cancer. I guess it's because she's so unbelievable. Listening to the chase scene of the kidnapper insead of seeing it was obviously done because of budget cuts. I didn't mind that, but it just seemed ODD to hear it. They should have just had someone come in and say the car crashed and both are dead. Once again, we found it to be another "laughable" scene, watching the actors listening to the police scanner. A few posters mentioned L&O being cancelled. I, too, am outraged at Wolf for cancelling the show!! This season of LOSVU has by far been WORSE then L&0. I think Wolf must have a mental problem in just trying to screw with the fans of his show. He'll probably even keep the skank, non actress, Stone on next year just to spite us! Shame on him and the writers for putting on such a pathetic finale last night. So very disappointing!
  • I wish I could give this episode a zero.

    What happened SVU? You used to be so engaging. I watch you every week, and this is how you repay me? By giving me the worst episode in L&O history? Get rid of Sharon Stone. As a loyal fan, I BEG you to get rid of that over-rated, scenery-chewing, not-as-good-as-she-thinks-she-is HAM. She sucks. Sucks worse than Basic Instinct 2. Let me tell you, that's quite a feat. At least Munch wasn't in this episode. His hand's are clean in this crapheap. To Dick Wolf: Fire your writers. Now. Their use of dialogue and plot flow is remminicent of Uwe Boll. Next season better damn well cure cancer, or this show just lost itself a viewer.
  • What is wrong with you people!!!!!!

    I'm sorry for those who liked this episode and what I'm about to write doesn't concern you. What is it gonna take for you to enjoy an episode of SVU. This was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes yet. Sharon Stone is doing a very good job. It kept me interested until the very end. Of course, this is my opinion, and I actually respect yours!! I really do. I just don't think your being fair. No offense but if you were a real fan, you would appreciate the show and the episodes for what they are. Just stop blackmailing the producers by saying that you won't watch the show if they don't remove Sharon Stone from the cast. I'm just saying that if you are a real fan, you'll continue to watch the show despite what the producers are deciding. Just think about it.
  • words can't describe how bad that sucked

    Long time member (2003) first review. Yes it sucked that bad. I just had to rate this awful episode. It sucked so bad it makes the worlds best prostitute look amateur. From the really bad accent, to the horrible acting from Sharon stone, the entire episode was a train wreck.

    What's worse is that I have to keep rambling in this review just to come up with 100 words.

    So let's do this

    The story was bad
    The Acting was bad
    The Drama was bad
    The fake surgery was bad
    The Fake Accent was bad
    The Twist at the end was so predictable.

    The only thing this craptastic episode had going for it was the theme song
  • The episode was okay, honestly not what I expected.

    To be the season finale episode it wasn't that great. I expected maybe a cliffhanger or more interaction of the plot but no. It was just a normal case that ended the season unlike Zebras where the plot had to do with the main characters El and Liv. The episode starts with a boy being kidnapped and it revolves around that. The boy is later found dead after and accident. They think the mother did it but it turns out at the end the father "kidnapped" his kid even though he had full custody. The women ends up shooting Melinda and Liv saves her. Pretty much thats it. Nothing really out of the extraordinary happened and no cliffhanger. There was nothing that makes me think I need season 12 to be here ASAP like previous seasons. At the end the episode was a bit of a let down. But hopefully season 12 will be much better and please some EO :)
  • Worst Episode in 11 years!!

    Honestly I saw all the reviews on this before I actually watched it via missed episodes in in hotel. I thought maybe the reviews were a little to harsh for any SVU. In my opinion Sharon Stone does nothing but hurt the series. in the last 3 it seems the acting has gone down hill and it seems that the rest of the actors have followed her lead. It feels as though your watching a B rated film with how bad the acting has gotten since the addition of Sharon Stone. I for one won't be watching it next year if Sharon Stone is still in it. I watched the episode last night and half way through it I felt like turning it off due to the acting of Sharon Stone and then the end happened and I was screaming at the top of lungs as to how bad the acting and plot got and I have to rate this as the worst episode EVER!!!
  • Reviews are way too harsh.

    The reviews of this episode are either bad to mixed. But come on, if we forgot about that Sharon Stone person for a minute, we'd all think that the case, and the plot was great. No? Why not? A kid gets kidnapped. A race to find the kid, and also why and how he was kidnapped in the first place. It brings us to two crazy parents. While a part of me wishes that the lady shot Stone at the end, you can't blame a 1/10 on one person, and one roll. At worst, it was a bit of an epic fail, but it wasn't a big fail. It was OK.