Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 8 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2007 on NBC

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  • Boring

    The stock character of the intolerant evangelical has become this age's version of the greedy Jew and the drunk Irishman. This episode was very boring. It was obvious from very early on that the minister was covering for someone. The wife was wooden and uninteresting. The only scene that remotely approached interesting was when the minister "accepted" his son, but even that was trite. Heaven forbid the writers should put some time into exploring the mentality of evangelical Christian views on homosexuality, instead of labeling the characters (the minister, his wife, his son) as "intolerant" or "tolerant". Let's try and move beyond tropes and stock characters.
  • I really thought it was going to be a boring episode. God was I wrong.

    Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. And they didn't make the Reverend to be the horrible, gay murderer, Catholic stereotype in the end so that was good. Not a lot of EOness, but it was still a good episode. What else? Kind of disapointed they didn't play on the EOness from Philly. What was with Elliot suddenly being all holier then thou crap? I mean I know he has a strong faith, but he's never been that religious, even in Silence (the first priest child molester ep in season 3) And as always, glad to know that Elliot has once again screwed up his marriage because of work, pushing him more towards Olivia Also, loved the line said by Elliot's priest. I mean when have you ever heard a priest say 'stop being a smart ass?' I thought that was wicked funny. I honestly didn't know that it was he creepy smiling receptionist guy. At first I thought it was the priest, then his wife, then the sister who he brother told, then I thought the father again, then the mother, and it really threw me for a loop after I found out it was creepy smiling guy
    Really the only thing that bugged me was that the son that died in Iraq, he couldn't of been more then 20 and have 3 years Military experience. Yet he had more metals and badges then my own 46 yr old Sgt has.
  • Fine example!

    This show was a great show as sometimes SVU can be so dark that I count it the least favorite in the L&O franchise despite being the highest of the three. As the team investigates a charismatic preacher a'la Benny Hinn. May not go well with preachers of the calibur. This season, they didn't or haven't showed much of E/O but hopefully they will down the road.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When the body of a male prostitute is found in a church yard, it is up to the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit to find out what happened. They are able to identify the victim and find that he was spending a lot of time on the phone with someone form New Souls Church. Detectives Benson and Stabler have to go through several people, but they are able to find out who was resonsible for the murder.

    This was a good episode. I didn't really know much about what was going to happen before I saw it, and it was a good storyline. I was a little worried to see how they would play out the reverend's involvement in the murder, but I think that they handled it well. I did have a hard time guessing who was behind it all, which was what the previewe promised.
  • Catch some crows? This episode was definitely for the birds...

    Prediticable for the most part. Who out there did not see the wife-shooting-husband part coming? My blind Aunt Fanny could have seen that. And how many times have we seen Eliot and Olivia get confessions out of a sibling? Seems to me it was not long ago. And if I had been the guy there in the church office when the dectectives cane in with the warrant fot the financial records, I would have skipped town immediately it was so obvious they were on to something (and he is the one who committed the murder). Pretty dumb all around if you ask me. Only one scene in the courtroom (the arraignment) so at least they did not drag us in there for any long, drawn-out time. One good thing in this episode: Stabler talking about moving back in with Kathy. Hope that storyline keeps going.
  • zzzzzzzzzz......

    This episode was boring. they pulled out the homosexuality card. Even the wife shooting her husband didnt bring up this episode. i found myself yawning and losing focus. The ending was great though! i didnt see that coming at all. The episode deserves 6.0, but I gave it 7.3 because benson and stabler where nurses:) i loved it when they started to talk about stabler getting back wth his wife. i wish they dwelled on it more, it might have saved this episode.
  • A Completely BORING, FIllER episode in which NOTHING happened!

    Ok, so I am not going to write a lot about this episode, because in my opinion, nothing happened. So if you missed this episode, don't freak out. There is only one key scene that you need to know...Elliot told Olivia that he is going to move back in with Kathy, more than likely anyways. They need to meet to discuss/talk about it. That was pretty much the highlight of the episode.
    Every other part of it was pretty much predictable. The case itself was boring and I was disappointed that they didn't even mention anything about what happened in the episode "Philadelphia." I mean they made a big deal about it at the end of "Philadelphia" and how Cragen was thinking of breaking them up, well obviously they didn't, but it was just weird, like there is an episode missing somewhere.
    Now I wasn't really looking for EO moments...just something...anything to happen. Once again I was disappointed =( I can't take much more of this! I may be a little too harsh, but I guess I just expect a lot!
  • Benson & Stabler investigate the murder of a gay prostitute. The case leads them to a priest who is determined to take responsibility for a sin that it turns out he didn't commit. Stabler reluctantly admits to Benson that he is moving back home.

    As a shipper, obviously, I'm very disappointed that the spoilers about "someone or something holding him back" from moving home and Father Denis coming to see Elliot at the precinct at Kathy's request because he hasn't moved back home yet totally ended up on the cutting room floor. I was looking forward to the PRO-gression of EO, not the RE-gression.

    But EO moments aside, the case was so borrrrring. How many times can you say the word "sin" in 60 minutes? I agree that this season totally lacks continuity. First SCHEHERAZADE w/ them being buddy-buddy and Olivia's season 7 hairdo, then BURNED where they're @ each other's throats & the straight out of fanfic Kathy/Liv chat with Kathy practically begging Liv to get El to sign the papers, then El FINALLY signs the papers after a 2-year separation, then he freaking changes his mind and asks to come home, but then he's still chasing Liv across state lines even though she never asked him to, and he's willing to risk his own job to stick up for her but it was supposedly his job that drove him and Kathy apart, then finding out that despite wanting a reconciliation, he actually hasn't moved back yet. Why not, El? If you love your family and your wife so much, why haven't you moved back yet?

    I mean, come on, there's more flip-flopping here than in... well, you know. What's worse is that even though Elliot is going back to Kathy, they still persist w/ these EO teasers that "repressed sexual desires have a tendency to explode" and using "lusting after another woman" as an example of a sin, it's just too much. This is one shipper who is seriously coming down with a case of seasickness.
  • Catch the crows? Are you KIDDING ME?

    Well, I generally love SVU, but this ep was sadly lacking in a lot of ways.

    First off, catching the crows? Really? REALLY? That is so not going to happen, not if you want live crows, anyway. And even if they did get caught, what are they doing in the medical examiner's office? And didn't CSI already do something like this?

    The DNA. Yes, only six alleles matched the preacher, but why didn't anyone think that it was one of his kids' DNA? I thought that as soon as they said that, and I'm an idiot. Out of the detectives, the ME, the criminalists...why didn't anyone else think of this possibility?

    I did like the moment near the end when the father thinks the son did it, and the son thinks the father did it. But it all cleaned up way too quickly after that.

    Elliot's moving back home? WHAT? No me gusta! I don't approve. I do look forward to what that twist is going to bring to the table in the future, but in the big picture, I wish it wouldn't happen. I'm all about the E/O. They're made for each other, but part of me thinks that they should wait until the almost very end for that development. They know we're all waiting for it, and the anticipation is (almost) the best part.

  • a gay prostitue was murderd and they dont know who it is...

    ok this episode was ok, i guess this storyline is used wayyyyyy to much and there wasnt that great of E/O moments all though i did like the undercover doctor scene they were cute but i thought it was pretty mean how elliot just told her he got back together with his wife whats up with that? anywaz i like the elliot moments they were probably the only reason i watched the episode...
  • Homosexuality is definately a crime and a sin. But it does not stop me from liking this episode.

    I really like this episode. I don't know why this episode is getting so much bad reviews. I love the part where Stabler and Benson become doctors and investigate the murder of the male prostitute, and alos love the part where Stabler talks to another priest about confession and sin. This episode is a Big High Score because it really does have something to do with God and religion. And I do wanna see more positive ratings on this episode. Everything about this episode is VERY interesting.
  • I enjoyed the episode overall. This episode showed a great deal of humanity on behalf of the father who was supporting his son despite a choice that he considers sinful, which in reality isn't.

    First of all, unlike what the first person stated about homosexuality, its not sinful or against the law. This series could do without the parallels b/w religion, god and their relationships. I would prefer that honestly. However, I loved the episode b/c it shows how a bible thumping father can accept his son for choosing an unpopular lifestyle. I appreciated that very much, with today’s world being filled with immoral hypocritical and bigoted conservatives, its good that this episode shows how a conservative bible thumper can have compassion for his son's decision. I appreciated this episode for what it was. I didn't like however, how this episode tied homosexuality with religion to degrade it and make it an immoral act, which of course homosexuality is not. I would rather have religion be removed from entertainment as a whole. I give this episode like any other svu episode a perfect ten for its marvelous acting, great plot line, and excellent dramatic finish.
  • Honestly, watching this episode, I was bored.

    I was just bored with this episode. I think that the low ratings of this episode are the producer's fault, just because Philadelphia was the preceding episode. After waiting for over a month for closure on the Philadelphia case, they air this episode. Nothing much happened, and I feel like they've done this case before. It might not have been exactly the same, but there are many episodes similar to it. Another disappointing factor in this episode was that we learned that Elliot was moving back in with his ex-wife. Some people like this and are happy, but EO shippers are not happy with this. It feels like they're playing us with Elliot's marriage. In the first few seasons, his marriage had been fine. Then Kathy leaves him. Then in Burned they finally get divorced, and now this? Overall, I found this episode boring and disappointing.
  • Stabler and Benson investigate the murder of a gay prostitute and are led to an Evangelical preacher and his family.

    I actually liked this one. I was worried when it was first obvious what the plot was, but after watching it, I thought it was handled with compassion. I was pretty sure it was going to be a thoughtless attack on all Christians, whether by portraying us as unloving and hate-filled, or showing us ALL as a bunch of hypocrites like the preachers in real life who have been caught with prostitutes - gay and straight. But, it didn't do that. It was a fair look at a difficult issue. And this episode had a good twist at the end with the father choosing to love his gay son anyway.
  • It really was

    As I sat there watching this episode it just seemed to be really boring. It could have something to do with the fact that it followed from "Philadelphia" but there just seemed to be something else about the episode that seemed so unoriginal. It felt like I had seen it before despite the fact that I hadn't. The only great parts in this episode were Mike Doyle and maybe at a pinch when Stabler tells Olivia that he is moving back in with Kathy and their kids. I think this episode may have scored higher if the episode was placed somewhere else in season 8 and not in the position it aired.
  • Not the greatest epsiode.

    When it comes to SVU sometimes it is nice to excpect something out of the ordinary, but this was so...blah. A gay prostitute slepping with a very religious man, but not who you think. I figured out who did this one after only a short amount of time. Though it was a sort of original plot line it seemed like they were trying too hard to fill the empty space until they could come up with something a little more original. There was minimal chracter development, and they are still beating around the bush with the whole Elliot and Kathy, and maybe Olivia is in there somehow. I hope that they get back on track and think us up something clever. An okay episode, defenetly worth watching, but not as gripping or breath taking as some episode.