Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2011 on NBC

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  • Guns in the precinct

    How she got the gun in the building is beyond me. She got off a lot of shots before she got told to put the gun down which is unrealistic even for a tv show. Was a decent episode and I saw it as a rerun so didn't even realize it was Stabler's last episode.
  • A key witness to a rape case is shot, and killed. The detectives suspect the rapist. But they soon uncover something greater than that.

    This episode had me on my toes from the start. Only I wonder why Sister Peg had to die. Only yesterday did I begin to notice what a great character she was, showing up on a lot of episodes, helping the detectives here and now, just to see her get killed by a crazed girl? Here is what I do not understand: How does a emotional girl bypass the metal detectors and the needed pat downs? Do the detectives not have those kind of things? I mean it is supposed to be a police place, right? Anyways, besides that confusion, the episode was actually really great.
  • She got off 21 shots with a handgun INSIDE of a police station before being taken down?!

    Ignoring the fact that she was able to enter the police station armed, and had a gun with at least 21 bullets inside; in a room full of cops she was able to get off 21 shots before being taken down.
  • sooo... that's the last episode with chris meloni?

    kind of confused because apparently he's leaving the show... so that's how were going to last see him or one of the last ways?
    and how do you end a finale like that? i honestly was expecting a very different type of finale- every other finale goes out with a bang and this one did not, i wouldn't have known it was the finale if I didn't just look it up five minutes ago. that was really odd and diferent than usual. very sad to hear that chris meloni is leaving and i think so is mariska hargitay at some point. Honestly, cancel the show now, then. it's not worth the watch at all if it's not them
  • Considering how bad season 12 was, Smoked places in the top half pretty much by default.

    This is the first SVU I can recall in a long time (probably since Shattered) that actually had a little bit of suspense and excitement to it. The writers absolutely butchered the legal portions, and as usual Benson and Stabler don't have a clue what they're doing, but I'm sort of willing to look the other way since this episode somehow found a way to keep me willingly involved and watching, and that's an accomplishment compared to the rest of this dreadful season. We did get robbed in the end though, by having a character that hasn't appeared since like 2007 randomly recycled and killed off (yeah, I know there never should have been a gun in the squadroom to begin with, but it seems to happen multiple times a year on SVU, and I barely even notice it anymore).

    Good riddance Neal Baer. I'm confident Warren Leight can get SVU back on track, and hopefully the current writers are either fired or made to stop smoking crack while writing for the show.
  • I

    I like TOTALLY loveeeeee dis show i watch it EVERY time it comes no matter wat im doing!!!! great show # 1 fan1. but this stupied computer wont let me confirm this review so i will keep typing this stuff that im typing this should be long enough now. lets see if its is then i wont type nothin else. if i do then it wont kk
  • Does any television police station check visitors for guns?

    How many times do we have to watch a police episode where the victim or family member of the victim comes into the police station or the courthouse with guns blazing to mete out their own personal justice? SVU is certainly not the only guilty party of this. It's become a television cliché, and I wonder how often it happens in real life?

    How convenient was it that all three of the guilty parties just happened to be in the same shooting gallery, um, holding cell? They actually pay people to write this dreck? Dick Wolf should fire the writers and then himself for letting this episode on the air.

    L&O:SVU has declined precipitously in quality the last year or two. The detectives don't detect, the writers don't write. I doubt I'll be watching next year.
  • Everybody did their job and did it well.

    This was one of the better episodes I've seen this year,at least it was until I found out the next day that Meloni won't be back. Seems NBC cannot help but to shoot themselves in the foot and then re-load. Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien etal....they must have a death wish - Benson is going because (I understand) she wants more time with her family and newly adopted daughter so she opted for 'part-time' which is exactly the time to kick Meloni to the curb? Stupid, stupid, stupid. That said, this was a good show (not finale-like, but good). Now it's time to go back to the table, give Meloni what he wants and get on with season 13.
  • um...that was a finale?

    at the end of this episode i can honestly say i was a little depressed. the season ends with them killing a teenager who just watched her mother die? seriously? no drama with the detectives or anything, just killing lots of people. from the beginning of this episode i was waiting for some drama or something exciting to happen and it never came!
    all of the finales of the shows i watch have been overall unimpressive and it's really depressing.
    this episode didn't really stand out, they trailed a bad guy (um...duh), there was a secret plot between pervs (isn't there always one?), they killed a kid (depressing!!). there was no drama with the characters, and isn't that why we watch in the first place? because we enjoy the interaction of the main characters, if we didn't like at least one of the main detectives, why would we keep watching, for the amazing guest cast of perverts that come through sex crimes? i love these characters and cop shows rock but feeling a little gypped when it comes to "finales" this season
  • Very strong episode that proofs you can have a stellar cast with guest stars.

    Starting off with a bang, you're immediately investigated in the episode's case. That is immediately payed off with the introduction of several well written characters. It's refreshing that the story leans so much on these characters and that, instead of interviewing so many different witnesses, these few characters stay integral to the story. The episode continues it's parade with several amazing twists, one being the trace back to higher authority that suddenly lands the team in a drug bust. There's not a second to bored as the story pulls you in further. The cherry on top is the wonderful chemistry the two leads have with the suspects. They banter, they accuse and are even flat out mean. But it creates a sense that these characters are important and as bad as they are, you like to see more of them.
    Then comes the ending which was very predictable if not ridiculous. How a girl manages to get a weapon into the NYPD office is a miracle but the writer's stand on gun control is made clear. As the suspects are caught like rats in a cage they are shot until they drop. The sister how gets shot was just an extra blow in the face. A phenomenal ending to a extremely strong episode.
  • Better than recent episodes

    For a start, I should point out that I don't live in the US, and therefore neither saw any ad giving away anything (like the death of a character), nor did I actually know that this was the season finale until I read it on here (which was after watching the episode).

    Therefore, I watched it expecting nothing more than I did of recent SVU episodes.

    From that perspective, the episode was pretty good - or even excellent, if compared to some of the surprisingly boring and poorly written episodes of this (and the previous) season. Sure, the end was predictable from the moment the girl showed up at the police station, and as others have pointed out it would have been easy to make it more believable, but apart from that the episode was still exciting as it had some interesting twists and surprises (other shows have a lot more unrealistic stuff going on, but nobody complains - on the other hand, realism is of course one of the things that made this show so great).

    I'm huge fan of SVU, but in my opinion the show has lost a lot of it's quality in recent years, especially since season 11. The guest appearances of Jeremy Irons in recent episodes for example was a total waste of talent, given the excellently written stories this show used to have.

    I hope the show will get better again.
  • Actually it was pretty good until the laughable finale

    SPOILERS ahead!

    Actually it was pretty good till the finale, then it became a bloody mess.

    I thought I was watching the remake of the Terminator, a teen girl with no previous shooting experience shot all 3 imprisoned criminals, a citizen standing by and if saw well 2 cops that were standing opposite of her target.
    And none of all this armed police officers fired to the shooter.

    Not to mention how on earth she managed to pass the gun to a recently state of the art renovated police station.

    Also..and forgive me plz cause I dont know the US laws, but is it customary to show the criminals at the victim's family while in custody? Or tell them details about their crimes before go to the court?
    Isnt anyone supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?

    In our case how idiot to say the least, is Benson for giving all this info to the victim's daughter while pointing the caged suspects to her?

    I mean is it even allowed for visitors to go near arrested criminals??

    Not to mention the gun in drawer Stabler shoot with.
    Nice security, an unlocked drawer with a loaded gun inside :D

    And all this because the writers wanted a finale with a bang. lazy, lazy writing.
  • Whether you liked this episode or not, might depend on how much you built up the anticipation in your head, over who ends up dying.

    On one hand the person who dies, wasn't as big as what everyone might have anticipated. It was just Sister Peg. Granted Sister Peg still fit the description of who TPTB described as "a beloved character", though some people might still feel ripped off, just because they might of hyped it up as something bigger for themselves.

    Personally I didn't go in with high expectations considering how inconsistent the second half of the season was (just compare the quality of the LAST TWO episodes to the 1st 2 episodes of this season). But I enjoyed the episode, with one notable exception. Okay make that two, I hope with Warren Leight taking over that he fixes the cast problem in them getting the larger cast some screen time. I don't think its because of any bias towards Meloni & Hargitay; Ice-T was in every episode this season, and he doesn't get paid anywhere NEAR as much the other 2 do. So whatever problem it is, I hope Leight fixes it.

    Anyways the problem I had was the ending, not so much the shootout, but the fact that the girl got the gun from someone on the street and was able to get it in to the building. It might of been fine if she had stolen it from 1 of the generic cops in the building, but they supposedly should have metal detectors in that building. Shouldn't they?

    Anyways, I look forward to the show returning with a fresh perspective, as I think Neal Baer in later seasons let previous success of past seasons go to his head with the emmy wins & what not. That's not to say it was ALL bad later in his run, just nowhere NEAR the level that the 1st half of his run was. So him starting with a new show might be better for everyone in the long run.

    To end this review on a positive note, Mother F'N Jack McCoy is STILL The Manhatten District Attorney.
  • A key witness is murdered while shopping with her daughter, Stabler and Bensen are called in to investigate and look to the defendant in the rape case as a suspect, but they soon uncover alot more than murder...

    This was one of the best season finales SVU has had for a long time. It gave not only a great shock moment in the end, but did it in a way of making a real and serious statement (which is what the crew at SVU like to do quite a bit, NBC itself also does this often.) The writers show how ridiculously easy it is to get a gun in this country and they are completely right. It is far to easy, all you need is money. I walked away from this episode satisfied because of the message the writers/creators of SVU gave. Guns are a very real and very serious problem that I wish weren't. Now the episode itself had very good dialog and the acting was as always... superb. The story flowed well and kept you guessing throughout almost the entire episode (I myself pretty much saw how the ending was going to play out, cause I'm just that good j/k ) Anyways, I hope in the next season opener they atleast mourn sister Peg's death, I liked her character and it would be kinda lame not to do so, as she has been a guest star off and on for years now. As for a rating, this episode gets a solid Ten for the reasons I stated above. Aside from a couple not so good episodes, I hope season 13 is as good as this season was, and also that all the cast and crew are actually up for makeing another season.

  • A HUGE disappointment.

    SVU's been going down this season, but they hit a new low point with this finale. The case was nothing out of the ordinary, in my opinion, but it would have been decent for a normal episode. But for a finale? I was definitely let down, but was looking forward to the end from what I'd seen of the promo; and this is a perfect example of them over-exaggerating way too much. I knew exactly what was going to happen the second she walked into the precinct, and the whole final scene was short, predictable, and anticlimactic. Sister Peg was a good character, but the way they hyped it up, I was let down, and the show's not really going to be any different without her. I definitely won't miss her next season, so I don't know why they played it up so much in the promo. But that wasn't what bothered me the most about this episode. On top of this, a woman was somehow able to get into the precinct with a gun, miraculously, and I literally laughed out loud at her dying words. Yes, I get it, NBC. You want to send the message that guns are bad and gun control is good. But we're not five years old. We don't need you to lay it out THAT much; honestly, whose last words would be about how they got the gun and how easy it was? It was a REALLY obvious and tacky way to stick yet ANOTHER reference to the not-so-underlying message.

    so overall, I found this episode just... laughable.
  • Pathetic!

    I agree with EVERYONE that said the episode failed because of the preachy,ridiculous ending!! OMG...girl comes in and KEEPS shooting and NO ONE shoots her. I said to my husband as it was happening...geesss why isn't anyone shooting her??!! It went on and on. LOSV is one of my favorite longer! The entire show was good til the end...then it was ruined! It was beyond stupid...I'm still typing because of teh 100 word count. All the other reviewers covered what I would be typing. PISSED that Law and Order LA is cancelled!! Just when that show was finally getting very interesting! OK... I hit the 100 word count........
  • I thought it was a very good episode, but not a great finale.

    If you remember the finale to season 11, which was a disaster, then this was a great season finale. But if you decide to have a memory that goes back more than a year, it's not such a great finale. It WAS, however, a great and solid episode. The writing was good and there was actually lawyer-police conflict and procedure: and that is what has helped make this series so good. Another pro was that Finn made such a contribution. It is usually a sign of a boring episode if we see little of the characters except for Benson and Stabler.

    The solid interjection of another branch of law enforcement was welcome, especially how the condemnation of the ATF agent by his own superior was handled.

    Every thing was great up to the ending. The ending was improbable (actually impossible, really). It being over hyped didn't help it any, but it just was bad. It could have been downplayed and still obvious that it was bad. Olivia Benson is an experienced and smart detective: the show should never have made her just give the victim's daughter a tour of where the suspects were held. And, once in, that girl would have been shot down so fast that no one would likely have been killed, shot yes, but not killed.

    Also, the message of the episode was so preachy that it was ineffective. Why would the girl even say that as her dying words anyway?

    Also, Sister Peg's death was nothing but a stunt. That girl had no reason to shoot her. She certainly didn't shoot her on accident. She had to turn and shoot her. And excusing it as a frenzied "moment" thing doesn't work, because she would have kept shooting if that was the case.

    I would have given this episode an 8, because it WAS good, but the ending is unforgivable.
  • Just finished watching and I'm still laughing as a write this. What kind of IDIOTS do writers and producers think we are..........

    Great episode after a mediocre season of watchable if dull stories. I'd be hard pressed to remember the plot of any of this seasons episodes.
    But, as alluded to in the summary a COMPLETELY OBVIOUS final act done many, many times before. I guessed what she'd do from the the pre-credits scene. Anyway that's not what annoyed me.............

    So someone (quite small) can smuggle a (big) gun past the metal detectors, get frisked and still keep it hidden. Yeh right. Unbelievable nonsense. All this to make the point that there are too many (easily available) handguns in the US. Who in the world doesn't know that? Guns are bad. Really.

    That's sarcasm BTW not irony.