Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 6

Sophomore Jinx

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

While Adam is making passes at his girlfriend, he finds a girl's body in the bushes next to them.

As Stabler gets ready to leave his home for the crime scene, Maureen arrives home offering no explanation. After he checks her breath for alcohol, he grounds her indefinitely. She stomps up the stair to her room complaining about the unfairness of the punishment.

When Benson and Stabler arrive at the scene, a uniform officer tells them the girl was found dead at 1:50AM by a couple of students. He further informs them his Lieutenant said the case belongs to them since she was not wearing underwear. After Benson draws attention to the wound on her head, Stabler points out the cement fragments around the wound. Benson tells the officer to start searching and to call campus security to halt trash pick up so he can search that as well. After they notice the victim is wet, the officer informs them it may be due to the automatic sprinkler system. While Stabler talks to the couple that found her, Benson locates her identification. She calls him over to inform him the victim is Jeanne Gallagher who is a sophomore residing in Bowman Hall, which is not far from where she was found.

Benson tells the team she believes there were two attackers, but Jeffries disagrees. Stabler informs them the information they currently have is preliminary. Benson interjects to tell them the only conclusive evidence they have is the fact her alcohol level was .27 and the alcohol was consumed at a party for the St. Raymond's basketball team. Munch and Cassidy get sidetracked discussing how college athletes get paid with items instead of money. Bringing them back to reality, Cragen sends them to speak with the administration of the university while Jeffries bails to go to court.

Father McCourt informs Munch and Cassidy the university will be holding a mass in honor of Jeanne's life. When Munch tells them they need to speak with people who actually knew Jeanne, he tells them the university will investigate the incident and send them a full report. Cassidy explains they know Jeanne was drunk. Father McCourt tells them they need to speak with the Hostess Committee explaining they help support the basketball team.

The Hostess Committee provides tutoring, logistical support, and laundry services. They are also told the parties are to help the players relax, but prospective players, coaches, hostesses, and important alumni also attend. They learn that Jeanne arrived early to the party to help set up, but her roommate, Shelley Brown, may know what time she left. Riley Couger arrives making himself comfortable on the sofa. Munch informs him he knows about his drinking reputation. Couger tells them he left the party early to go to a party with the Mayor, but before he left he saw Chuck Mosley arguing with a crying Jeanne. He lets them know they can locate Mosley playing basketball off Fifth Avenue.

Munch and Cassidy locate Mosley exactly where Couger said he would be. Cassidy informs him they are there to talk about Jeanne's murder. After Mosley accuses them of being racially biased, Munch threatens for him to come willingly now or in cuffs in the back of a wagon later. As they put Mosley in their car, he tells them he and Jeanne went to the party together after basketball practice. He explains the argument was about him wanting her to leave when she had had too much to drink. He further tells them he went home and watched late night television with his mother, who is currently on a bus trip to Louisiana to visit his sick aunt.

On their way into the squad room, Munch updates Benson on the two suspects alibis. Stabler suspects the university is trying to stonewall the investigation because they would lose a lot of money if they put one or two of their star players in jail. Munch explains the business/merchandising side of college athletics. Cragen sends Benson and Stabler to speak with the administration and Shelley Brown.

While Benson and Stabler search Jeanne's room, Brown explains that in order to get tickets, cars, and trips, the hostesses are expected to provide hospitality to the players. She informs them that while she quit as a hostess, Jeanne needed the money and the scholarship from it. Brown also tells them Jeanne began drinking heavily after the game that got the team into the Sweet16 and she moved in with her parents for a few weeks.

When Mr. Gallagher claims Jeanne was under a lot of stress, Mrs. Gallagher informs Benson and Stabler that Jeanne had been raped.

Benson and Stabler return to the university and explain to Dr. Goodall the best thing she can do for Jeanne is to tell them what she confided in her. Dr. Goodall explains Jeanne only told her that her rapist was on the basketball team. She also told them with Jeanne facing an abortion, nightmares, and heaving drinking she did not have time to push her for the identity of her rapist.

When Munch inquires about Mosley's choice of studies, Mosley tells him in an intellectual way that the police are doing a great job.

When talking with Professor Rousseau, Benson and Stabler learn while Mosley expects to earn his GPA, Couger expects his handed to him.

When Benson and Stabler interrupt Couger's practice shots in the gym, he informs them he was sitting in the campus security office sleeping a drunken stupor when Jeanne was raped. They take this information back to Cragen telling him they believe it is a cover up. Cragen tells them of a car accident he was in while attending St. Raymond's where campus security decided to let the other driver off saying it was a youthful indiscretion. He tells them he would love to take a shot at campus security.

Cragen confronts campus security about the entry about Couger being there the night Jeanne was raped. The security officer informs him he was covering for Couger because Couger said he just broke up with her and he thought she might try to lie and say he raped her. Cragen tells him that since he helped Couger, now they are looking into her rape and murder.

While the rest of the Stabler family prepares dinner, Maureen comes downstairs surprised to see Stabler there. She tells him she has been in her room for days. He tells her that unless she is ready to talk to go back to her room. Kathy tells him she does not think he is handling it right asking what would have happened if her parents reacted that way with her. He tells her they would not have had Maureen.

Benson and Stabler interrupt Rodgers to inform her they have two suspects, but they need the DNA to compare them to. Rodgers informs them the doer has a low sperm count and as soon as they get her the samples she can have the results within an hour.

At the station, Cragen informs Father McCourt and Reverend Clayton that even though it is a venial sin in the eyes of the church, they need the samples to solve this crime. When they enter the squad room and give their approval, Cassidy gives Couger and Mosley the containers with complete instructions. Once in the hall, Mosley informs Munch that he and Jeanne had protected sex before the party.

In court, Jeffries informs the judge that the defendant was killed in custody in the same manner in which he killed his victim. When the judge dismisses the case, Jeffries discusses with the ADA what they need to get a conviction with a dead victim and no physical evidence. He tells her they need a reliable witness to get a hearsay exception. When he finds out it is a decorated ex-cop, he tells her to reserve the defendant a place at Rikers.

As Benson and Stabler arrive on campus, Stabler informs her he wanted to go to a four year school and live in the dorms, but he had a new wife and baby limiting his options as far as school was concerned. He tells her he wanted to go to Everglades University because Playboy ranked colleges according to their sexual temperature and EU was always at the top of the list.

They return to ask Rousseau if Mosley was in class the day after Jeanne was killed. He confirms that he was, but he was distracted. Rousseau thought it was a hangover. After leaving his office, Benson and Stabler express their confusion as to the two versions of Mosley that Rousseau gave them. This confusion causes them to question what Rousseau is up to.

Jefferies informs the team both suspects have normal sperm counts. Cragen tells them they can let Couger go, but Mosley is stuck until his alibi checks out. Munch tells them Mosley's mother is on her way.

Mrs. Mosley confirms her son was home by 1AM. She also tells Munch and Cassidy she makes him stick to a curfew and his academics always come before basketball. She believes her son will be somebody other than a dumb jock. Outside the interrogation room, Munch informs Cragen that no matter what they do to Mosley, his mother can punish him worse. Cragen then orders Mosley's release.

Benson and Stabler return to discuss Rousseau with Brown. She informs them his class was originally supposed to be a seminar. She tells them Rousseau began looking at Jeanne, but Jeanne was not into it. She explains Rousseau was everywhere Jeanne went...the bookstore, the library. She tells them the only way a tenured professor will lose their job is to kill someone.

Benson and Stabler discuss the problems Jeanne had with Rousseau with Father McCourt. He says it was his word against hers and he told Rousseau to adjust his behavior accordingly. Benson tell him he should have been in jail. Stabler explains it is called stalking or it could lead up to Menacing in the first degree. Benson reminds him the District Attorney makes the decisions on the charges filed, not him.

After Cragen reads through Rousseau's record, ADA Carmichael tells him it sounds like a time line of sex crime legislation. Carmichael tells him she needs physical evidence before they can arrest him. When Cragen tells her they will re-canvas, she tells him to search his office and home as well.

When Stabler drops Maureen off at school, he jumps out of the car ready to settle things with her. She tells him she did not do anything. He says he believes her, but he reminds her he sees the bad part of the city every day and he does not want one of the calls he gets to be to pick up her body parts. They both apologize as the bell rings.

While looking at the makeshift memorial the students set up for Jeanne, Stabler tells Benson if she lets the place he dies turn into that, he will haunt her for the rest of her life. They begin looking over the crime scene again. Stabler decides since they did not find the murder weapon on the ground, maybe it was a building. As they look at the building walls, they notice the stairs. Benson alleges she was pushed down the stairs and hit her head.

While speaking with Rousseau's assistant, they find she does all of the grading, but he keeps his own schedule. When Stabler spots the schedule on the desk and looks over it, they realize it was Jeanne's schedule. His assistant tells them he is in class in the Quad. When they arrive in the Quad, Stabler dismisses his class while Benson places him under arrest.

In the interrogation room surrounded by attorneys and cops, Rousseau tells them he did not rape or kill Jeanne. Stabler and Benson present their take on what happened, but Rousseau tells them she was already dead when he carried her into the bushes to make love to her. When everyone else leaves the room, Father McCourt tells him he is responsible for his own legal fees. Rousseau tells him he makes his confession to God. Rousseau's attorney gets Carmichael to plea the charges down to sex with a deceased person. Carmichael walks back into the room and tells Rousseau they also have him on obstruction and disturbing a crime scene. She also tells him she will make sure he serves them consecutively.

Munch and Cassidy arrive at the Mosleys' to find them packing for their move. Mosley complains about the problems the case has caused him. Munch tells him he is a fan of his. He also tells him he handled himself like a man through the entire thing. He apologizes on behalf of the police force. Mosley complains about losing a year of eligibility. Before they leave, Munch tells him Couger will be indicted for rape.