Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 6

Sophomore Jinx

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • School, Students, and Sharpton

    The story begins with two college students making out when they found the body of another student in the bushes. Stabler gets the call when he catches her daughter, Maureen sneaking in the house, and harshly grounds her. Shortly, he and his partner Det. Benson learn that the victim has been raped and beaten near her dorm. They look into two basketball players. One white jerk-off claimed he was locked up on the night of the attack. And the other who is black admitted had a relationship with her, but didn't kill her. Meanwhile, the school is trying to keep it's reputation to have the cops butt out. But, the secret is revealed to be the victim's French teacher. Why is he obsessed with this girl?

    It was a good episode. At first the detectives thought it was the players, but the teacher turned out to be a sicko. And would you believe it took place at a catholic school? And what's with the cameo from Al Sharpton (no special billing), he only got one scene to support the black student. He got fame right now with that cable talk show. There were no court scenes except the appearance of Angie Harmon.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu a female college student is found dead near where she lives. and they start to investgate and turns out the women was a hotess and she was to make sure the ball playes had a good time so they would stay here.and they start to investgate the baseketball team and they single two guys out and one of them raped her. and the other they started to think it was him but turns out it wasnt they were having a party and she stubled and fell down the stairs and the guy that saw it the teacher had sex with her after she had died i nthe garden. this was a good ep
  • gbsrh

    Very good epiaose. I liked theplot of it a lot but i do think it was a little weird. The professor having sex with a dead body was just a little disturbing for my liking. I think this episode was very touching because of what was going on with elliot's daughter. I found it very very very funny how he handled it, It showed that he had a lot of concern for his young daughter especially with the case that he was working on. I think his job and his family are kind of hard for him to balanc seeing as he deals with so much that could happen to his family at work
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    This was a good episode of Special Victims Unit. A college sophomore is found raped and murdered on her campus, and the finger is immediately pointed to several players of the schools beloved basketball team. Throughout the episode, you become so sure that one of the players had a hand in the death of this girl, but was the episode progresses, you start to change your mind. This episode definitely keeps you interested until the end of the show.
  • A very good episode.

    I thought this was a very good episode, but the writers can do better. I found myself for the first time not really caring too much about the victim. Not enough of an emotional attachment was made between her and the viewers. Instead she was portrayed as a drunk, a lousy student, and a bit of a slut. What I really enjoyed though, were the brilliant lines given to Munch, Elliot, and Olivia. The three of them have some hilarious exchanges with each other and a few of the suspects. Probably the best one was between Olivia and Elliot. Elliot, pointing the memorial for the victim put up at the place her body was found, says to Olivia, "If I go down on the spot I die, you better make sure this never happens to it or I'll haunt you the rest of your days." My other favorite moment was when a suspect refused to give a sample of sperm, Elliot said, "What's the matter, you have a fight with your right hand?" You should hear Munch chuckle after that one. All in all a very decent and humorous episode.