Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 1999 on NBC

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  • Crazy Stalker

    Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate the rape and murder of an ADA, in which Benson knows. According to one witness that the perpetrator turns out to be Richard Wright, a realtor. He is kind, but controlling stalker. He is brought in for questioning, but is let go without evidence. The squad is willing to try him again. Then things take a strange turn. Richie disappears, but he has Benson as his next target. He kills his ex-girlfriend in which he used to rape and control as a sign. Capt. Cragen in wants Benson off the case, but she can handle it. That night she gets a call from Wright telling her to meet him at the park alone. However, Wright is arrested by the squad when they set him up. He got on Benson's mind, and then he gets to her partners mind. Is he crazy?

    It was a good episode. There were some funny moments. And, no court scenes.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show law and order svu a women is found in the park dead raped and beaten in the park. and they do some investgating and it leads them to a guy that sells houses and he likes to take control over women that had the control he raped someone before and he sends flowers to the women he stalks and he is very interested in the detective benson who he thinks is aperson that is incontrol and he starts to stalk her and then she waits for him in the park and they get him and he tells the story but not enough evidence.

    I thought this episode was very very very very very very good. LIKE EXCELLENT! I really liked the storyline. It showed how strong Olivia really is and what she risks for her job. I t also showed how much the whole squad cares for her. I really liked the concern Elliot showed as well. It proves for a great relationship between th two whether or not it is romantic. I feel like Olivia should have a little more concern though seeing as she could potentially be the next victim. Maybe she was scared and just didn't want to show it. I think that is an excellent character trait for Olivia.
  • Benson proves that she is tough enough to handle the job.

    When an ADA is found dead in Central Park, Olivia recognizes her as Karen Fitzgerald, a friend of hers. She and Elliot then find out that she was raped and shot in the head. As the two investigate the case, they meet Richard White, a real estate agent who was prosecuted by the ADA. He soon becomes the prime suspect in the rape/murder and after he is questioned by Olivia, he takes an interest in her; he has her schedule written down (where her gym is, where she goes jogging, etc...). It is soon obvious that she is being stalked by him. Everyone in the squad does what they can to protect her, but Olivia says she can handle this on her own...

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes; it's the first one where one of the detectives puts their life on the line to catch a suspect. The guy who stalked Olivia was simply creepy, especially when he was alone with Olivia in the interrogation room and on the phone with her, telling her to meet him in Central Park. I love how she was pretty much fearless when he came at her with the knife (probably because she knew the guy was going to get caught right when he made contact with her, but still, it shows that she really can handle practically any case!). Great acting all around and especially great writing in this episode.
  • First time she shows recklessness and selfnessness for her job

    This is what we watch law and order for; great crime mystery and a little drama on the side. This is one of the first episodes where we see Olivia's obvious affinity and dedication to the job as she makes it quite clear that she can take care of herself and does not consider herself a civilian where safety is an issue. Her reaction to the phone call late a night shows that she was ready for her stalker's call or even visit. In this episode the writers revealed quite alot about Olivia to us, mainly her recklessness. We also hear for the first time a phrase which many people bypass when she's interrogating white and he calls her a b**** "Did i strike a nerve?" this phrase actually sounds like a question showing that she is self-concious.
  • Exciting and interesting.

    This episode was quite exciting. It was a bit different from the previous episodes during this season. This case shows how dedicated Olivia is to her work, and how she is willing to put herself in danger in order for justice to be served. Olivia is very strong-willed and this episode showed that. She ends up being stalked. Olivia trys hard not to let the him get to her, but it was a bit unsettling to Olivia and on how much her stalker knew everything about her. This episode gives you insight on Olivia and her character, so if you haven't seen it I recommend it.
  • Creepy, but entertaining.

    I really liked this episode! It was cool to see things on a reverse side -- Olivia was the victim. Richard White is stalking Olivia, and she tries very hard to not let him get to her. It's really freaky to see someone stalk Olivia and know information about her that we didn't. I love this episode, and it was so cute to see how much Elliot, Captain Cragen, and Munch care about Olivia. I definitely reccomend you watch it if you haven't seen it, because it gives you a new perspective on Olivia. This episode made me realize how amazing and strong she is. Even though she was the victim, she kept her cool.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    In this episode an ADA is found dead in the park. As Benson and Stabler look into the circumstances that surround her death, they search her files to see if someone she prosecuted could be behind it. They turn their sights on Richard White, the man she helped convicted of a date rape. Throughout the investigation, the detectives find out that White stalked his victims. He then turns his sights on Olivia, finding out where she does her laundry, grocery shopping and even the gym that she uses. After calling her in the middle of the night to set up a meeting, the detectives are finally able to get in to the station house and pin the ADA's murder on him.

    This is a great episode and one of the reasons that I love this show! I love episodes that are centered around Olivia Benson, because she is my favorite character on the show. She is always shown as the tough detective who can take care of herself, it is nice once in a while to see her shaken up by a perp.
  • One of the eps that got me hooked.

    Just before I watched this episode I had already decided that Olivia was my favorite character and seeing this episode made me like her even more. For some reason whenever one of the detectives, especially Detective Benson, gets themselves involved somehow in a case by becoming a target or by getting hurt then that episode catches my attention the most. 'Stalked' was one of those episodes and it gave me this creepy crawly feeling especially at the end. Other than that we got to see how much Detective Stabler, Munch, and others cared for Benson's safety which was a bonus for the e/o ness. The ep. was also suspenseful and very well put together even though it was from the beginning of the very first season. The actor who played the stalker was wonderful and very convincing (he was also in another episode of svu, but played a different character and was also in the original). I would like to see him come back because 'Stalked' was an episode that needs to be continued.
  • Wow...what else can I say?

    The episode Stalked is one of those begining episodes where you just know that the show is going to be amazing from that point on. With all of the tension and the Anger Olivia is feeling it is just an amazing episode. Riachard White is just the bad guy you want to hate, and if you see him in another show you hate him then too. I don't know what else to say but I loved it, it was great. I like how it sort of developes the Elliot Olivia partnership and they grow closer. Although I think this episode set up the idea that it is a good idea for perps to target Olivia on the show. It seems that if a bad guy is going to single out any of the detectives its her, but it works so why not?
  • This episode really made my heart pound, even though it's one of the first made. :]

    Despite all the trivia, and mistakes, they're minor, and obviously have been fixed as the seasons procede. Over all this episode really captured my attention, and even though it's not very "up-to-date", it still relates a lot to what's going on. Because it's so early in Benson's career, you almost think that she went out to the park alone, without any backup, etc. She shows no fear, and that's why Benson has been such a great character throughout Law and Order: SVU. She already works well with Stabler in this episode, despite the fact that he has a happy family. And at the end of the episode, I thought it was really a good attention capturer to bring up Kathy and the kids. Good episode!!
  • Out of all the SVUs I\'ve seen, this one is definently my favorite.

    I haven\'t seen a whole lot of SVU, but of all the episode I have, this one is the best one I\'ve ever seen.

    It had this whole new definition of spooky. When the phone rings at Olivia\'s apartment, I literally jumped. Plus this episode was very personal and the reason I like SVU is that it\'s a much more character related, personal show. I loved how everyone was standing by Olivia.

    Some of my favorite moments, when Elliot\'s telling her about all the places written down on the paper, when she gets the flowers, when Elliot comes to pick Olivia up, and of course the end with Olivia interogatting the stalker and him looking right into the window and saying, \"Stabler, how are Kathy and the kids?\"

    If there\'s one episode I could watch over and over again, it would be this one.
  • ONe of the best SVU episodes ever!

    This episode is exactly what the perfect SVU episode is. It has a great plot line, the acting was perfect, and had one of the most famoius villion in SVU history, Richard White.
    It starts off with a reguler plot line. An ADA get's raped and murdered (she was also one of Benson's friends.) It turns out that a realtor named Richard White had a grudge against her because she prosicuted him for a date rape charge. He seems kind and nice, but he hates women in power. Then when Olivia squares off in the interragation room, he hits on her and begins to have a grudge against her. Then it turns out that he's also stalking Olivia and then he calls her and tells her to meet him in the park where he raped and killed the ADA. Once in the park he runs up to her and holds a knife to her throat. Then, unknowing to White; Stabler, Cragen, and the rest of the team jump out from behind a bush and Olivia arrests him. Then in the interragation room he give's Olivia a very descrpitive version of how he raped the ADA. Then, in order to give him the death penillty, he needs to tell Olivia that he shot her, and he knows he needs to say that in order to get eh death penility. But instead he ends up telling her that he stabbed her. Then he say's one of the most classic lines in SVU "You need that detail yo kill me. Pity, because untyil I'm dead, I'll always be in your head. Just like your mother has somebody in her head. We're joined at the hip now, aren't we?" The he turns to the one way window and goes "detective Stabler, how are Kathy and the kids?" then it ends.

    One of the best SVU episodes ever and I've seen it so many times and I stil llove it. If you haven't seen Stalked, then you haven't seen true SVU.
  • Another great episode of Law & Order SVU.

    This episode was thrilling,exciting,breath taking and of course very chilling.From start to finish I was excited about what would happen next!

    It starts like any ordinary episode of SVU,they find a dead body which was also raped.But,of course this episode has a lot of twist and turns that keeps you interested.The villian was very chilling and the scene where Olivia is in her apartment alone,creeped the heck out of me.Also,when Olivia has to meet the villian at the park,I was not expecting him to be the jogger! The ending was extremely creepy and the villian couldn\'t be creepier.

    This episode was great from start to finish! 10 out of 10.
  • This episode is amazing

    this is an amazing episode. it is definitely one of my favorites in the whole series. I love how they centered it on Olivia and how they show her as a strong woman, able to protect herself. EXCELLENT! this episode is exactly the reason why i watch this show....
    Good Job Dick Wolf =]
  • Could Benson be next?

    This first season episode featured the entire ensemble working on the case of the rape and homicide of ADA Karen Fitzgerald. Multiple photo IDs are made early on in the investigation as to the attacker's identity, leading the detectives nowhere. However, when Cragen cross-references the identity of the men in the photos to defendants that ADA Fitzgerald has prosecuted, two matches are made. This leads the SVU squad down a path of a man who has stalked his victims in the past and taken revenge because they have taken some element of control from him. When Benson dresses the man down in the interrogation room, she is next on the list. A final showdown between Benson and the killer ultimately leads to his arrest, but will he ever admit to murdering the previous victims? Overall, this was a fairly good episode. Although the writing and plot twists are not as brilliant as in seasons to come, this episode gives us a good deal of insight into the detectives and their relationships with one another.
  • We get to really see the character's interaction in this episode.

    I agree with the previous reviewer that this was an excellent episode. Once again one that hits close to home for the detectives. An ADA is found raped and murdered, Olivia knew her, so right of this case becomes personal. It gets even more personal when the perp, who stalks his victims, turns and stalks Olivia. I loved how everyone was looking after her. Munch offering to drive her home, Stabler picking her up for work, since he was just in the neighborhood, the captain not wanting her on the street. This is exactly the way you would expect the police to react when one of their own is in danger. Just another reason to watch this series and why it is the best of the Law & Order shows, and definitely one of the few things worth watching on television every week.
  • An Olivia centered episode!

    As Olivia is my favorite character on SVU, episodes focusing on her always rank high for me. When a ADA and acquaintance of Olivia's turns up raped and murdered in the middle of a public park the detectives have their hands full. They immediately look into the woman's old cases and finally come across a likely suspect. Richard White who claims the ADA humiliated him in court has two very different sides. He puts up an kind front, but he hates strong combative women like his business partner, the ADA, and finally Olivia who squares off with him in the interrogation room. Setting his sights on her, the entire squad closes ranks around Olivia. This leads to some great scenes like Munch offering Olivia a ride home even though he doesn't have a car, and Elliot going out of his way to pick Olivia up even though he claims he was just in the neighborhood. "That's a lot of neighborhood my friend" Olivia comments. This was a episode that stood out as being one of the best of the season and even of the series. A must see. Don't miss it!