Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is a series to which Dick Wolf is apparently no longer paying attention and hasn't been apparently for the past couple of years- as if this billionaire would really want to.

    Did someone actually get paid to cast Christine Lahti ? Really ? Or was it as a favor to Tommy Schlamme so he could get his wife out of the house. Honest to G_d there was a terrible actor in the role of the ada at the beginning of last season. and then "they" sent her back to Washington, D.C., but honestly Christine is the worst choice EVER. For example, she clearly demonstrated that she was not a team player. She clearly demonstrated that she thinks she has a better skill set as an actor than the others. She was WAY WAY over the top with her character. she was clearly nervous in the role with her performance. Shocking. Simply shocking that the casting has suffered such a fall. Shocking. Here's the script to get rid of her. Christine's notified later at night. She's awakened by the phone. We see the other woman in bed with her. She's asked to draw up a search warrant on a suspected terrorist automobile parked in lower Manhatten. the car matches the description of one thought to be driven by a serial rapist. Christine goes downtown and gives the search warrant she's written to Stabler to wake up a judge and get it signed. Being a big shot she can't wait to peek into the car's backseat even after being told to stay out of the roped off perimeter. She open's the back door, we see a floorboard littered with panties of all colors and sizes and suddenly the car blows up and Christine Lahti with it. Re-cast that role. People are laughing and vowing to never watch again.
  • A pretty mediocre episode until the end.

    After last week's explosive season premiere featuring Wentworth Miller the followup episode definitely did not live up to the hype. I am sorry, but after being on last season's TNT train wreck Trust Me, Eric McCormack is not a big star, yet they acted like his guest spot was a big deal. But all the blame can't be put on Will & Grace's shoulders. The storyline was pretty generic, the obligatory Elliot Stabler chase was uneventful and except for his outburst and calling the supervisor a curse word, there was just nothing important happening tonight.

    And then the ending happened. Just like last week's shocker, this is something nobody saw coming. It was a brutal and excellent way to end the episode, but not enough to justify a higher score for the prior 58 minutes.
  • SVU has done this plot before, but on the bright side, at least Kim Grayleck and Wentworth Miller ("Prison Break") are gone.

    "Sugar" has a leg up on the previous episode, "Unstable," in that it isn't trying so hard to make the audience like its guest star; Wentworth Miller as a completely unbelievable and even boring cop in "Unstable," compared to Eric McCormack in "Sugar." Another plus are the ferocious sparks flying between ADA Sonia Paxton and the cops, especially Stabler, and her character is a huge relief after last season's obnoxious and too-young Kim Grayleck. The major flaw in this episode is that the "twist" has been done to death on this show and on the main "Law and Order" franchise. It's easy to see whodunit pretty early on, and if the writers are really trying to surprise the audience, then they are underestimating us. It would also be nice if the producers got back to what has given SVU a loyal fan base: the dynamics between the main characters.