Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2008 on NBC

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  • Deep look into Stabler's character.Because he finds out that his daughter Kathleen has mental problems, Stabler has to contact his mother and we learn more about their complicated relationship.


    After Kathleen Stabler broke into a house because of drug influence the doctors diagnose bipolar disorder. To save her from going to Rikers Stabler has to prove that Kathleen's mental illness is genetic.
    Therefore Elliot contacts his mother who has bipolar disorder as well and tries to convince her to speak in front of the judge. She is played amazing by Ellen Burstyn.
    We learn more about Stabler's chilhood and past and it's very touching to see what he is willing to do to help his daughter.

    The scenesthat were really touching me was the one in the court room when Elliot decided to blame the burglery on his daughter and send her to Rikers cause she refuses to get medical help. And will be forced to in Rikers.
    Furthermore the one in the prison when Elliot's mum is talking to Kathleen and is talking about her life without medical help."
    "I lived the life I wanted to live. And I paid a terrible price."

    Last scene which I really liked is the one when Liv is talking to El's mother and she is showing him the pictures of Elliot as a child and in a carrot disguise :) Eventually Liv convinces Elliot's mother to tal to Kathleen and convince her to get medical help.

    Elliot's mother asks Liv not to tell Elliot that she talked to Kathleen. In the last scene at the court room Kathleen accepts the medical help and Stabler is confused about her changing her mind. Last sentence is Liv saying "Maybe God remembered howcute you were as a carrot"

    All in all I really liked this epiosde because it was very emotional and we learned more about the characters.