Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2011 on NBC
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Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a child's sexual abuse and murder, finally realizing that to find their suspect will require the special consultation of Dr. Cap Jackson.

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  • WOW, what a sad and heart wrenching episode

    This was one of the most harrowing episodes I have watched this season.

    That horrible woman who called herself 'mother' should have been beaten to a pulp!

    how could she put those girls through all of that abuse...I cried my eyes out
  • Women brutally abused by their mother, and an innocent little girl pays for it

    Wow, Elizabeth Mitchell gave the best guest performance I've seen on this show in a long time. Her character and story were so sad and emotionally overpowering, I was just drained by the end of the show. The entire (remaining) main cast also seemed to be revitalized, as they were given good dialogue and a good story to work with this time out, as opposed to the pukefests the writers have been popping out in numbers this season, which have caused Meloni and Hargitay to just look disinterested and all too aware of what a mediocre product they were making.

    SVU has a bad habit of overdoing the melodrama in these types of episodes, but they sure delivered here.moreless
  • Jeremy Irons makes a return visit as Dr. Cap Jackson who is asked by George Huang to help out while he is away at a seminar. A little blonde girl is found in a duffel bag, sexually assaulted and murdered, and Cap is convinced they are looking for a womanmoreless

    When young Marnie, who has been missing for just over 24 hours, is found dead in a duffel bag, complete with silk sheets and a doll, Dr. Cap Jackson, who has been called in to help with the investigation in the absence of George Huang, is convinced they are looking for a woman as someone has taken great care with the child, however, investigations show that all the women in Marnie's life have alibis for the time of her death. Cap, however, is still certain they are looking for a woman and the team work on that premise.

    It looks as though they have found their perp when Marnie's piano teacher takes an overdose of the same pills which were found in Marnie's system but things are not quite as they seem. Cab decides to talk to the woman as therapist to patient to try to find out what really happened.

    Turns out the Cap was right all along and some very strange events led up to the death of the little girl. Great to see Jeremy Irons again, he is a marvellous actor, but I think the previous episode he was in was a far better one. A good one, none the less.moreless
Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

June Frye

Guest Star

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons

Dr. Cap Jackson

Guest Star

Lisa Banes

Lisa Banes

Elaine Frye Cavanaugh

Guest Star

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    • (SVU detectives interview men who were once accused of sex crimes; Stabler interviews a man previously accused of molesting a girl.)
      Craig: All I did was brush against her. She starts screamin' I groped.
      Elliot Stabler: That's old news, Craig. Where were you yesterday?
      Craig: Havin' a camera shoved up my ass. Colonoscopy. Wanna see the pictures?
      Elliot Stabler: A letter from your doctor will do.
      (Fin interviews another suspect.)
      Shane: Constitution says I'm entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
      Fin: That doesn't include pursuing preteen girls. Can anybody account for your whereabouts yesterday?
      Shane: My dear old mother. I was visiting her out in Jersey.
      Fin: You have to come better than that, Shane.
      Shane: (extracts a ticket from his pockets) I got the train ticket to prove it.
      (Finally, Benson interviews a college professor.)
      Professor: I was at work. Ask any of my students.
      Benson: Students? You were caught feeling up a 10-year-old.
      Professor: But I wasn't convicted.
      Benson: Still, I'm pretty shocked that Hudson University didn't fire you.
      Professor: They can't. I have tenure.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 29, 2011 on CTV
      United Kingdom: June 12, 2011 on Universal Channel/Universal Channel HD
      Czech Republic: April 16, 2013 on TV Nova