Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on NBC

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  • Angry little boy claims his foster parents are abusing him...

    ...but he just wanted to be with his real mom!

    Yeah, he was a real pain, but I actually felt bad for him, he was just as traumatized as his real mom.

    Though it wasn't a brilliant plot, it got me hooked till the end, made me go back to the 6th season all over again. I liked the way it twisted, I was pleased to see that they still have the hand of the "entertaining us" art... ;)

    Anyway, the average-made episode was totally supressed by Mariska's awesome work. She looked so tense, so shaken up, that I ended up with a whiplash myself! The way she kept trying to focus on work, the altered breathing, it was heartbreaking to see det. Benson - always the one to save everyone - so broken. The final scene with the therapist (made me cry!), the flashback at the coffee machine, the way she almost cried when she told Stabler about the last victim's suicide...

    I liked the way Stabler softened like 100% to tend to her right after he almost ripped his daughter's head off in the corridor... he's becoming a very flexible guy, alright!

    And Munch complaining about how everyone leaves him behind... well, he keeps up with that and he may just convince Fin to stand by him forever! xD

    In my opinion, this episode was kind of a introduction for what's to come: Olivia's trauma and Stabler's household issues are going to rise, huh? Either this, or we can expect everything to just dissappear like we've (not) seen before.