Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 9 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • God-awful. What is wrong with this picture?

    "Unorthodox" was seriously awful. I hated every stupid minute of it. Don't get me wrong. I love Stabler and Munch, but they were very annoying in this episode. My girlfriend and I liked last weeks which was "Signature" and "Streetwise" which aired on New Year's Eve. This is the worst episode. It made absolute zero sense. Everyone who guest starred, playing Jewish characters and tried to speak Hebrew, was extremely pathetic. And the Orthodox Jewish community, Why the heck can't anyone get this baloney right? What's the heck was the deal? The Hebrew pronunciation was a joke from all sides which I totally agree with. There absolutely wasn't a single "Jewish" character who got even the simplest words correctly. They spoke like some kind of rubbish in this episode. They seriously can't make an authentic looking Jew? Give me a freaking break!

    I'm sorry but I do not recommend this episode at all.
  • The ending was a let down, but a good episode nonetheless

    I liked this episode right until the end. It was so good to see Munch on the show. It was great for him to have a significant role in this episode. I didn't mind that there wasn't much Olivia. I like her but other characters need a chance to have the spotlight sometimes. The case was just strange from the beginning but I was intrigued about who the little boy was protecting. I felt so bad for all four rape victims. I also felt bad for the sick little criminal after his father rejected him. I really feel that the suspect used his four victims to feel powerful and to create a false image of himself. I was so mad when he basically got away with raping the four children. Just imagining the years of therapy the kids will have to endure is enough to make me never watch this episode again.

    I thought the episode was well acted. The kids all did a great job. But the child rapist was a bit sickening and very sad and it was made worse by the child getting away with it.

    I liked that Casey didn't ease up on the kid, even with Stabler trying to convince her. It's just a shame that she didn't win the case.
  • Child does not understand consequences of his actions

    Good episode pointing out an all too common and frightening truth. You have to wonder how many kids in this world are just like Jack. They rape and have sex because they think it is normal with no regrets, no idea what they have done. And what about the victims? They have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives; permanently scarred. They are the ones I feel for the most. They are more likely to suffer from depression and committ suicide just to escape the memories and the pain. Very well written, acted and overall portrayed.
  • Another farcical attempt on the part of a network to give a portrayal of a segment of the Orthodox Jewish community. Why can't anyone get it right?

    What's the deal? The Hebrew pronunciation was pathetic from all sides. There wasn't a single "Jewish" character who got even the simplest words correctly. Munch is Jewish and even he couldn't get it right. The Rabbi's side locks, beards, hairstyles are so simple to get right. Let them go down to Williamsburg in Brooklyn and take a look around! Hollywood can make vampires look real, make Iron Man fly, have a woman who can whisper to authentic looking ghosts, but they can't make an authentic looking Jew? Come on!
    OK, so most of America doesn't know the difference...but some of us do and it gets frustrating.
    A good episode that begs an apology from Mr. Wolf and NBC.
  • Great episode but it really makes you think.

    In this episode a young boy turns up raped, and later a few more girls do as well. But the worst part is not the crime itself, but who committed the crime. If a child were to only have TV to turn to for examples of how to get through life then I think that this is a very likely scenario. It was saddening to think if what this child went through and throughout the entire episode the only thing I could think about was how many others out there had done something like that? We fill our lives full of so much TV that it is almost impossible to tell what it real and what isn't; what is acceptable and what is not. This episode is an eye opener and it is one that I do recommend, but just so that the viewer has a chance to really think about the episode and the everlasting effect TV has on the young and impressionable minds of children.
  • The Zealots may have a point.

    A question of ethics. What causes people to commit to things: influence by the media or their own selfish doing?

    In a Novak/Munch/Stabler concentrated episode, we find a Jewish boy named Jacob raped. Immediate accusations go towards the father, a Zealot and trying to live a peaceful life without influence. Not able to take the pain, Jacob asks a rabbi he is close with to take him to Canada to live the peaceful life he does. The case soon follows as Jacob admits that a student at his school named Jack did the trick. Jack is arrested without any support from his father and is put into family and adult trial. Three other girls come and testify against him for raping him also, but the jury concludes him not guilty and what you say: "insane in the membrane".

    The real theme of the episode relies on the influence of the media. In a foreshadowing scene, the cops bust into his house while he is watching some pornography. This immediately brings Attorney Roxy to testify that the media caused him to rape four kids. In the last scenes of the episode, Stabler admits that Attorney Roxy may have a point as he shares coffee with Novak. In the very last scene of the episode, Munch and the rabbi share eye contact and Munch makes his revelation that maybe Roxy was right. It is what the rabbi ultimately preached: the city is not a good place to raise a kid.

    My view of the stance goes as Novak. I believe that the media does hold influence on people, but it doesn't make them insane. Overall, it is the choice of the person. It's like a victim of bullying who shoots up his school. Sure, he was bullied, but ultimately it's the decision of the person which is what causes chaos. If I was on the jury, he would be guilty. There are many children who watch TV (I'm 15 and I watch TV or else I wouldn't have seen this episode!). Just because I watch rape and murder on Law and Order doesn't mean I will do it myself.

    I commend Alexander Gould for his acting. Gould was literally "gold" and was powerful. It's great to see the kid who played Nemo and Twitch growing up and taking on bigger and dramatic roles. I applaud him for that.

    This episode had my mind up the wazoo. Every minute I was changing my opinion on what I felt about the episode. It sends out a powerful message that can be understood both ways. I believe Stabler's last line was: "They liked yours, but they also liked his". Of course, that was paraphrased. Great episode.
  • Who is to blame?

    After a kid is found sexually assaulted the adults close to him is turned to for blame in the matter but not in this case. A 14 year old boy was accused of raping and sodomy of 3 young girls and 1 young Jewish boy and he believes that he didn't do anything wrong and that they enjoyed it.

    This case went all over the place at the beginning with the blame going to the Jewish tutor, then the rabbi, and then resting on the shoulders of the 14 year old troubled boy who only did what he saw on TV and on the internet, reasonable behavior for adults but not that of children. Then when it came to court it kept switching from trying him as an adult or in Family court but with the addition of two more accounts of rape the choice was made for them, trying him as an adult. This episode brought to mind two key aspects I never thought of before and they are that adults are the only predators out there after young kids and that you can't justify what is placed on the TV as being either right or wrong or the easy access to the adult world on the internet. Its so easy to get to and to obtain and its even worse when your kids are exposed to this sort of nature, when they are to immature to understand the consequences of that kind of playing. He was only doing it for the respect and the attention that he needed and he honestly didn't think he was doing anything wrong so in the end he was given the chance to get some help by getting the vote not guilty by reason of insanity or mental disease.

    The true blame for this should be placed on the people who place adult material on Television or on the web thus making it easy for anyone at any age to access it.

    This was a great episode and very entertaining to hear both sides of the argument and then the given facts of how much sexuality is out there on TV, on the computer, and even in music lyrics. Way better then last weeks by far, which wasn't to bad but not to good either, so it gets a pretty fair rating of 8.7 out of 10 for these reasons and so much more. Can't wait for next weeks very controversial episode because they said controversial like 10 times in the promo so it must be good, but I doubt anything will overcome this episode.
  • Kids will be kids.

    There are times when the subject matter on SVU can be difficult to watch due to the subject matter. This episode touched one of those subjects. A young boy is raped. Suspicions first lead to a tutor, but we know the first suspecy usually isn't the one.

    Because the episode revolves around the orthodox Jewish community, Munch gets a big part in the investigation. Yes, finally Munch has some work to do. (I have a special place for Munch, he's a "Homicide" original cast member.)

    We find that it's another boy doing the crime. Rhea Perlman is brought in as the defense attorney, she does a fine job at this.

    My disappointment with the episode was the final verdict. I guess I was disappointed that this came out at the last minute. Actually I felt this episode could have been longer. Dr. Huang could have investigated this angle furthur. Is the kid a monster or just a naive kid?

    What I do like about the episode...the subject matter. No, i'm not a freak but I hope every parent out there was watching and took special note because many parents don't want to know what their children are doing. Wrong approach by too many parents. Fine episode, it gets us thinking.
  • I have mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand it was really good and intreging (more like the great episodes that they should be doing) on the other hand they screwed up...

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand it was really good and intreging (more like the great episodes that they should be doing) on the other hand they screwed up...

    It made people think, this is always a good thing when watching TV. There was no clear answers when it came to Jack, and I imagine people will be debating this episode in the coming days around the water cooler and on message boards. Personally I felt he got the right sentence but then again I also feel I am probably in the minority.

    On the other hand they screwed several things up majorly. First and foremost, when the defense brings up a psych defense, doesn't it help to maybe (just maybe) consult your psycatrist. Wong briefly appeared roughly a third of the way through to profile the defendant, but then disappeared throughout the rest of the episode. Was never asked to interview Jack or even (I believe) to say if the defense held water or not. Even if there is a reason for this, it is pretty bad. In Manic (another great child defendant episode) he played a major role (at least as far as he is concerned), why not here?

    Next, why was Novac so eager to prosecute this kid to the fullest extent of the law, when just earlier this season she let a boy who was much more mature, no psychological issues and who did more to try to cover up his crime with a juvenile sentence. This seems like a major inconsistancy to me. Yes I know, having sex with children is seen as far worse then raping adults, but I really don't understand this.

    Last, I think all the defense needed to show was that the boy was incapable of understand the consequences of his actions. I know the psychobable makes for great TV, but it just seemed dumb and muddied up the waters to me.

    All in all a great episode, just with its fair share of flaws.