Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 14 Episode 7

Vanity's Bonfire

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on NBC

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    Think about if it was a young black male that committed the murder at the end of this episode , would he have gotten away SCOTT FREE???!!!... also, is there really any justification for COLD BLOODED murder???... Benson and Amaro covered up for a young murderer for the cause of the murderers dying mom... but what about the mother of the little girl that was murdered???... Some really sick morals in this episode. I'm totally disgusted and disappointed with this one.
  • Offensive Ending

    Without a doubt this was the worst episode of SVU. It was so biased and not for one minute if it was son instead of a daughter Olivia Benson would allow this farce.
  • Disappointing ending

    I did not enjoy at all the way the episode ended. I can't believe Benson and Amaro chose to let the culprit go. Behind the back of their boss, too. The victim was innocent, and a mother!!! I hope this horrific resolution was not what it seemed to be, but a set up for a future episode, where their choice will come back to haunt them. (the daughter killed once, and could easily kill again... for example, her own father!)
  • Vanity's Bonfire

    An interesting case of who the actual "parents" of the baby really are, but yet again I have to beg SVU to stop with all the twists and turns. Why not actually resolve who the court sides with instead of that forced murder at the end?

    Enjoyable, but still not like the old days of the show.