Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 7 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2006 on NBC

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  • Great! Great! Great!

    This episode was in the top 5 of the best episodes of this series. You where and still are guessing to who did kill this women and her baby. From the very beiging of this episode it got your brain thinking what the heck is going on here. I love episodes like this on where they get the whole cast involed to where they can play off eachother. I also liked that the gust didn't still the show. I liked that they didn't do the nomal episode they didn't solve the crime then go to the courtroom and have a sentce.
  • "Is your daughter still drinking and driving or has she moved up to something stronger?" That was the best line in the entire episode.

    Nothing really happened in this episode and the whole scene with Stabler and Finn was uncall for...since Stabler's children are more screwed up than Ken.

    SVU keeps getting worse as with every season and episode. The whole scenario with Ken digging up the body that his cousin/brother buried made absoltuey no sense whatsoever.

    The only plus to this episode was the conversation between Olivia and Finn.
  • One of the best episode yet!

    "Venom" was am amazing episode, we now get some background on Fin's life and we get a big shocking secret! ludacris was actually really good in this episode and with all the tension within the squad it was quite intense. Also Fin's son Ken was really good too, his performace has improved a lot since his first apperance.

    Two thumbs up great episode and becuase Munch and Fin got to be more involved in the storyline.
  • Definitely not the best. Seemed sort of lackluster.

    Not to happy with this episode. The show practically screamed that the cousin-who-is-actually-Ken's-brother did it. Elliott and Tituola really got into it, with the verbal sparring match.

    A little annoying if you ask me. Just cuz your mom gives you up doesn't mean you're not wanted. The grandmother apparently wanted him or she would have given him up to adoption. It had a sucky story line. Felt sorry for the man, glad to know that he got resolution and closure.
  • Fin's son returns to the show in order to -- semi-inadvertantly -- lead the detectives to the body of a woman murdered with her baby three years ago. Family drama (and trauma) ensues.

    Not exactly spectacular in terms of the writing, but the plot was a solid one. What raises the bar for this episode were the guest turns by the exquisitely (and surprisingly) talented Ludacris (Who knew he could act, *too*?) and Darnell Williams, who a few of you may remember from All My Children.
  • good episode all in all...

    i thought that this episode was pretty good.
    i like how they went more into detail with Detective Tutuola's personal life, which they dont do often. They really go indepth with the crazy life and family story of his. I thought that Ludacris was a very good addition to the cast for this episode and he portrayed his character, Darius, excellently. I also like how they brought Ken Randall in for the second time this season. (The first time was in strain)
  • My first time watching the series. Pretty good! Especialy with Ludacris as guest star.

    I became interested in this episode after finding out that Ludacris - one of the coolest rap stars around - would be starring the episode. After school the day after the show aired, I watched it, it was fabulous, especially L's acting and the suspenseful nature of the show. This episode really got me interested in the show.
  • Getting more into the personal life of \"Fin\" and his family.

    I really thought that this was a very interesting episode, but certainly not the finest. It was good, and what made it so good was the fine acting by Ludacris and Ice-T. I\'m not so sure that I thought it was as well written as it should have been, but still the performances held me to the end. I just found that Ice-T\'s son\'s role wasn't deep enough and his wife should have been featured a little more too. I suppose the show is only an hour, but I would have liked to hear more about her incident.
  • This is like my first law and order episode i ever watched. I must say that it caught my attention

    When I started watching this episode from beginning to the end I was like \"WOW!\" cause it was absolutely phemonmenial. i would like to know whats gone happen with Darius. I want to know what Fin is gone to do. But something just doesnt seem right to me. I still have this feeling that Darius didnt do it but then again he confessed so how can i say he didnt do it. This story had its pieces and some are still lefted out. I\'m glad i watched this episode. I\'m start watching this show.
  • Darius confesses to having murdered the woman and her baby

    This was my favourite episode of law and order.
    Ludacris is such a great rapper and now actor.
    Everything he said was believable.
    Everything he did in this episode mae me believe he was the way he appeared- troubled and angry.
    I love this episode it was well written with a lot of emotion.
    I wouldn't have written it any differently then it was written.
  • A great episode on its own, but seeing more of Fin was an added bonus.

    This was a great episode, expertly written with plenty of twists. I loved and hated the ending at the same time- loved it, because it was just so clever, how Darius had it all worked out. Hated it because I don't like to see the detectives lose, but I suspect they may revisit this to see what happens next.

    The casting was spot on for Darius, and the guy almost, almost convinced me he was repentant. The dialogue they gave him was great, the anger he felt towards his family came across really well in the last scene or so. It's a good episode when they really manage to convey emotion like that.

    It was great to see some more of Fin, and some exploration of his personal life. His family is certainly dysfunctional, and it was interesting to see him interacting with Olivia more than just “DNA came back”. The fight with Elliot was priceless; I don’t know if it was meant to be funny or not, but I laughed because it was such a novelty to see Elliot losing it with anyone other than a perp.
  • And all that was missing was a freestyle rap battle between Ice-t and Ludachris

    Well it was on last night during the SVU marathon on USA. Not that its hard to find a Law and Order of any kind on TV dunring the day its on all the time but this one was especially good. I thought the storyline was very interesting and I liked the Stabler/ Finn team up. the writing was good and gave insight into Finn's personal life and the problems of having to balance work and family when the two worlds collide in the way that they did. I do have to give mad props to Ludachris. I am not to familure with his music seeing as how I don't listen to it at all I think I only know a couple of phrases from all that he has done, but he gave a very very good preformance in this episode. I think he pulled off his role very well and at the end when he was confessing, I was convinced he had really been in situations like this before, maybe not as big but you know what I mean. I think we will be seeing more of Ludachris in television to come
  • Wow. That's all I could think as the episode unfolded during the last half-hour. Venom is definitely the title for this one, cause bitterness was dripping thorugh the entire thing.

    So, let me get this out of the way--Ludacris (Christopher Bridges) was pretty good, but he's no Will Smith. Just kidding. He holds his own.

    This was a great episode, especially since it dealt directly with revealing a little more about Fin's past/ family. It was very well written and none of the actors really disappointed, except for the dude who play's Fin's son, Ken. Ken, Ken, Ken. Both the character and the actor are annoying as heck.

    I found it really unusual, however, that Elliot automatically assumed Fin's son was guilty and was treating him like a common criminal. In a previous episode in the same season 7: "When the teenage son of Stabler's old partner comes under suspicion for attacking a classmate, Stabler's inability to treat this like any other case gets him suspended."

    Ok, a cop from at least a decade ago that Stabler worked with, his son gets the benefit of the doubt even though he attacks Fin when they first approach him.

    I find that Eliott treating a fellow cop that he's been working alongside for seven years differently than one from years and years ago to be completely out of character. I know he has a complete breakdown in season 7, but he didn't turn into a complete jackass or jerk. That was what was most shocking to me this episode.

    Great Fin episode. Now they just need to make one where he gets to laugh or smile or something other than be angry, agressive, hard, suspicious, cold, etc.
  • I thought this episode was really good, and it was nice to see a bit more of Fin!

    This Episode was a really good episode, because we got to see a bit more of Fin's family probloms, rather then Elliot's family probloms, which is what the writers usually focus on.

    My favorite part of the episode, was when Elliot said something about Fin's son, and then Fin goes,
    "Tell me Elliot, is your daughter still driving drunk, or has she moved onto something a little stronger. Next thing you know, she'll be swinging off a pole!"

    But saying that was just sooo mean!! Elliot looked just about ready yo kill Fin for what he had said, but it was quite amusing. I'm not sure if it was ment to be funny or anything, but it still was!

    Really great episode!!
  • Venom was the perfect title for this episode!

    The episode opens with Fin\'s son Ken digging up what he thinks is a grave in a vacant lot, he is arrested, but instead of calling his father he calls Olivia. When asked why he was doing it, he tells Olivia that he overheard someone talking about an murder and a subsequent burial of the victim.

    When it first investigated it looks as though that is it Fin\'s son that committed the murders, but upon further invertigation it is found that it was actually Ken\'s cousin, played chillingly by Ludicrous.

    He confesses to the murders, but because of the confession and some deft manuvering from his lawyer it looks as though he is going the get away with it.

    But of course justice prevails and he is going to get he just desserts, but only after he vows to bring down his family when he testifies on the stand to reveal that Ken\'s mother, Fin\'s ex-wife had given Ludicrious up as a baby, becuase she hated the man that had gotten her pregnant, so her mother raised him and he was told for years that she was an aunt. So in his bitterness he figured the best way to get back at her, would be to reveal that secret in court.
  • Law and Order Special Victims Unit!

    When Detective Tutuola's son, Ken Randall, is arrested after being caught trying to dig up an empty lot. He tells Detective Olivia Benson that he was looking for a body. He claims to have overheard someone talking about how they murdered a woman and got away with it. It is all up to the Detectives of the Special Victims Unit to clear his name and find the real killer.

    This is a good episode. I really like it when Ken is in the episodes. I also like to see more about Fin's personal life. I didn't really know what to expect when I found out that Ludicris was a guest star, but he did a great job and played a very convincing role.
  • Ludacris was awesome in this episode.

    This was great law and order episode not only was Ludacris there but u find out more info on tutuola. This episode was great had lots secrets revealed and plot twists. I urge u to watch this episode of LAO. Even the title says it all venom it was the greatest i ever saw. I am amazed by ludacris's character Darius and his idea of sane logic. Oops i wont give to much away. All i gotta say is watch this awesome episode of Law and order its very awesome and daring and just damn great all i gotta say is gotta fly see ya later.
  • I really like this eppisode really cool.

    I liked this eppy it could have ben a little better but still liked it. I loved the fight between Fin and Olivia. I felt like hitting Fin but Olivia put him on check. I love the way Ludacris acted in this eppisode. I like the way Ludacris's face when FIn said i cant take you statment because your family. I think Fin and Ludacris made a great team. Some of the facts of this eppisode are alittle weird and hard to under stand but for the most part really well writin. I really like this eppisode and i think they should have more eppisodes with Ludacris in them.
  • I thought this episode was done really well.

    This episode was well acted. Ludacris even does a really nice job. After several episodes of barely showing Olivia she had a good amount of screen time. I dont know if I missed something, but did they explain why Ken's mother gave up Darious? I also agree with the other writer about leaving us hanging.
  • The "Venom" episode was fantastic

    I have watched Law & Order since the very first episode back in 1990, this by far was the best (left me wanting more). If I never watch another episode this season, I am glad I caught the "Venom" episode. My hope is to see the trial (with all the key players' of course). You can't leave the fans in limbo. I am now a fan of "Luda" the actor.
  • Expected much better

    Finn completely got on my nerves. Blaming everyone for his son being stupid was annoying. Finn and Stabler almost coming to blows was stupid. Finn completely turned in to Munch on this episode and not in the good way. The rapper guy was pretty good though. He should definitely guest star on more tv shows.
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