Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 16 Episode 22

Parents' Nightmare


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A little boy is kidnapped from school and a ransom request is made. Detectives soon uncover that the boy knew his abductor, but friction between his parents impedes the investigation. Meanwhile, Benson must take an exam to formalize her promotion.

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May 14, 2015
We got to see poor little Noah cry when Olivia left him at daycare for the first time. Aww! Then we have the case of the kidnapped boy, the son of recently divorced parents. Lots of twists and turns, because this is SVU. You end up feeling sorry for the boy in ways you didn't expect.At the precinct, everybody but Rollins is on the case. Amaro's judgement is certainly tainted by his own experiences with women who have taken his children away from him. Carisi has some great lines; and Fin almost ran at one point. Pretty good for the guy the cast teases, saying Ice-T's favorite scenes are the ones where he's sitting.Meanwhile, higher ups have decided there has to be a Lieutenant leading the squad, not just a Sergeant. So, Olivia is taking the Lieutenant's exam and somebody will have to fill the Sergeant's position. Fin doesn't want the headaches. Cut to Amaro, looking pensive. I think he could do the job, but being in jail recently may hurt his chances.The promo for next week has me and much of the Internet scared to death. Somebody will die. Rumors are it's Amaro.moreless
May 15, 2015
Wow that was great, after reading your summary I had to watch. Very good re-cap

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