Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 15 Episode 9

Rapist Anonymous


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After Rollins' friend makes a complaint of rape against her lover, the woman's unusual sex life makes everyone doubt her story. After the charges are dropped, the situation escalates to murder and Rollins' personal life is up for dissection when she takes the witness stand.

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Dec 27, 2013
I think that episode wasnt good - how could Rollins not see whats going on? Sorry but that was so dumb - I didnt even feel sorry for her. Nate had Sex with Lena? oooh what a surprise.. I knew that straight away
Nov 21, 2013
Oh man that was like watching a train wreck in progress. I felt so bad for Rollins. She acted totally inappropriate with Amaro, and Fin got caught in the middle there too. But I also get her. I'm just like that too. Push people away when you need them the most. I think Olivia saw through it though, at least I hope so but I also think she's too busy with her own shit right now she won't be the shoulder Amanda will need sooner or later. As a Finanda shipper I'm hoping Fin will be that shoulder ;)The case itself was rather blah. Sadoski isn't really a player in my eyes so it was kinda awkward seeing him as Nate aka 'douchbag in a hat'. He and Kelli had so-so chemistry imo (seeing Kelli with Cole Hauser and u're kinda ruined, amazeballs on-screen chemistry those two but I'm hopeful she and Ice can get there too *lol* I'm insane, I know it!)I wish someone would have mentioned Amanda's absence there at the dinner party but it was still enjoyable. Sergeant Benson - long time coming and well earned even if she is a bit off track at the moment. Cragen and Eileen sitting in a tree. Lol. So she's the jam-lady? I think she is which means she's travelled to NY to see him. Awesome for Cragen. And who wanna bet we'll see Cassidy at work sometime soon? Oh right, we shouldn't bet right now.Man that last scene. Somewhat schizo but I loved it. Drink, zig, hit at 16. Oh oh.moreless
Nov 21, 2013
This was definitely a Kelly Giddish episode. She was a stand-out as Det. Amanda Rollins. The case came down to a he said/she said, with the evidence stacked against Amanda's new friend. Rollins was in the middle, still not sure if she was being played or not.When her colleagues took the other side it was too much for Rollins. Did Nick, really have to tell Barba about Amanda's relationship with Nate? But, Amanda throwing Maria and their divorce in his face was going over the line. In the end she was gambling again. Not a good sign for her future.Meanwhle, congrats go out to Benson for making Sergeant and Casidy for being reinstated as Detective. Who could predict that Olivia would have the most stable relationship in the squad? Oh, and what the heck has happened to Mel Harris's carreer, when the star ofthirtysomethingis a minor character, Captain Cragen's girlfriend? You know, if she stays around she's gonig to get killed off.moreless
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