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Sunk Cost Fallacy

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The search for an abducted woman and her young daughter leads Lt. Benson to cross paths with an old friend. Meanwhile, Stone must make a tough decision on behalf of his sister.

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Apr 30, 2018
Having Watched Sunk Cost Fallacy. I realized When Alex First Explained Herself to Liv that there were Tie-ins with Season 11 episode 16 "Witness" AND Season 5 Episode 4 "Loss" When Alex herself had to pretend to be dead. The end of "Witness" And Alex's Job when She Reappears in "Sunk Cost Fallacy" Gives me a Suggestion For Mr Wolf. Develop the Basic outline of Both Those Eps into A Cinematic Movie Starring Mariska And Stephanie as investigators into that NOT as Alex And Liv but two totally different Characters and there would Definitely an EXCELLENT Movie Maybe Oscar Worthy for Nominations For BOTH Mariska AND Stephanie.
Something I hope Mr. Wolf will Consider.
Frank Hogan

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