Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 12 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • More like Crud

    Since tobacco and guns was done to death they moved on to a new target which NYC Mayor Nanny Bloomberg hates: Soda. When will SVU preach personal responsibility?
  • wet

    Man, another really dismal episode of Law and Order: SVU. I do not want to say that this show is running out of ideas, but this show is running out of ideas. Twelve seasons is an incredible mark and I think this year it might be time to wrap things up and end SVU.

    Tonight's episode plot was just too over the top, and an over the top and nonsensical plotline is what followed it. The actors all seemed to phone in their performance as well, showing that this is an episode that was probably written, or heavily changed, at the last minute.
  • When a woman is found drowned in a fountain, the autopsy shows that her death was caused by poisonous mushrooms.

    This was a rather convoluted episode. The plot had about four sub-plots which made it irksome to concentrate on the main theme which was the dead body of a woman found drowned in a fountain.

    When the tox screen reveals that not one but four different kinds of South American mushrooms were present in the woman's body, a combination of which caused sexual arousal and unusual behaviour, Benson and Stabler take on the case and learn that the woman was a PR executive for the giant "COLANOW" organoisation and that several people were very unhappy with the fact that, partly due to her efforts, the product was going through the roof and more and more was being sold.

    A rather eccentric professor whose spiciality is mushrooms is soon accused of her murder and when he confesses, it looks as though the case is over until it is revealed that his own toxic product has made him disoriented.

    Add to this an elderly woman with a large fortune, a young girl with drug problems, not to mention a new DA who is fired almost immediately and you have an episode that was all over the place with just too many things going on at once. For me, the highlight was a guest appearance but the superb British actress, Rosemary Harris but I can't say that I was overly impressed by the whole 'mushroom saga'. Ah well, at least it WAS something different!
  • Stabler is HOT! and shrooms~

    i'm watching this episode as i write this. i'm not watching them in order... yet, but i'll be back when i do.

    i must say i really liked this episode because even though it had quite a bit of soap boxing in the beginning, watching people talk about mushrooms and seeing Olivia trip was hilarious. Also Stabler's courtroom performance was so funny! even if quite embarrassing, i did like this new ADA a lot though. Normally when we get an ADA she walks in the door with something stuck up her butt, and it takes several episodes for her to prove herself. It's refreshing to have someone walk in the door and like them, the way i did with Finn. i hope she comes back one day, it's a shame she got fired. Love the guy from numbers. although the ending could have been better (that grandma can rot) it was still good, keep it up SVU~!
  • Mushrooms in SVU (spoilers alert!)

    This episode was different, and varied in its portrayal. It talks about corporate America and then it comes down to family betrayal, more importantly, the relationship between an aloof and rich grandmother and her drug-rehabbed grand-daughter and how love can be so conditional even between family members. Mushrooms play a great part in this episode (you'll know why) and also, I really don't like the new ADA, as portrayed by Paula Patton. She doesn't look the part of an ADA and has a cheesy and fake grin most of the time. Please ADA Cabot, come back. Where are you? Still in Congo? Come back, please!
  • L&O:SVU? More like L&O:PSA...

    what is their deal this season? every episode has been preachy and full of statistics, some, such as wet, were barely sex related. have they finally run out of pervasive and disturbing sexual crimes and are now resorting to issues such as childhood obesity caused by soda? i wouldn't mind the crazy twists so much if it wasn't EVERY week and statistics weren't thrown at us like it was a news report rather than a fictional television series. also just once i'd like to see Elliot be the damsel in distress instead of Olivia inhaling toxic mushroom fumes and passing out. and clearly this year Olivia's wardrobe theme is dark buttoned up shirts, vary the wardrobe! the new set is also annoying, since when is the interrogation room observation in the HALLWAY?