Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 10 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • The Reason I Watch This Show!!

    All I can say is WOW. I was absolutely speechless by Zebras. This episode had everything I enjoy with this series. The humour was thick at times and the drama was even thicker. Some people will say it was very predictable but I disagree. Yes maybe I saw it coming but at the same time, the ending was just brilliant. Olivia turned on her charm but when she walked into the room, all you could see was terror on her face when she layed eyes on Elliott. Its very sad to see O'Halloran go. I enjoyed him very much and he's been with the show a long time. I was SO happy it wasn't Donnelly!! I was scared after her little run in with death. I HAVE to say also that guest star Nick Stahl did a fantastic job with the role. I thought SVU outdid itself with this episode and cannot wait until next season :)
  • A dead body in Central Park puts the team on the trail of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but mistakes in the case lead to him being freed. When more people die in the same way, including people involved in his case, the chase is on to catch a killer

    Oh dear, what a poor end to a frankly rather poor season. I've hated that prat Stuckey and it is a total mystery why someone so incompetent would still have a job with the CSU. To then reveal him as a psycho killer was just idiotic - like some B grade TV movie plot twist!
    Meanwhile we had a shameful waste of the talented Nick Stahl and the unfulfilled tease of Carol Kane as John's ex.
    There have been a few daft episode lately and if it wasn't for the return of Stephanie March as Alex Cabot, this season would be down as a total waste of space. Much as I love SVU, I'm beginning to wonder if they shouldn't just pack up as they appear to have run out of decent storylines!
  • worst svu episode i've ever seen. ridiculous and stupidly implausible...

    i can't believe anyone actually thought it was good. it was the dumbest, most implausible, laughably dumb episode of any law and order series i've seen. and full of stupid cliches... i need to kill you, but instead, i'm going to tie you up. and tell you everything. and then try to make out with your partner. ...riiiiiiiiiiight. anyone who liked this episode is a moron. if the next season is to be like this, i won't watch.

    i can't believe anyone actually thought it was good. it was the dumbest, most implausible, laughably dumb episode of any law and order series i've seen.
  • .

    Dumb, predictable, sensationalistic garbage. Just when I thought this show had hit rock bottom it only got worse. Calling this a major sellout just isn't adequate, this show once had most of the same credibility as the original series (which has mostly stayed true to its roots even today), but now it's clearly chasing cheap CSI style silliness not even worthy of CBS. I could tell from the very beginning where this episode was going, it wasn't a matter of "is this going to get stupid" but "how stupid is this going to get." It's even more predictable because of a little plot hole (setting a trap for a "betrayer" long before they "betray" anyone) do they even proofread this stuff? The writing hasn't just gotten stupid, but also inept, the dialogue in this is horrible and it isn't helped by the stock clowns they got to play the guests (is New York entirely populated by central casting 20-somethings with perfect hair). The only oasis is the Munch sub-plot, I would have liked more of that. Dick Wolf should be embarrassed to put his name on this, it's certainly going to be the last episode I'll be watching.
  • So... the killer was 'Not-Gay Chet' from the Real World?

    I thought the cold-opening where man falls into bush and discovers dead body was going to be the worst part of this episode- man was I wrong. There are so many plot holes and over-the-top characters... and absolutely no subtlety at all. Sometimes I can be critical of CSI, which prides itself on having its detectives deal with lots of personal drama while hunting an inordinate amount of themed serial killers (serial killing is all the rage now, I guess).

    But 'Zebras'... A memorable season finale doesn't mean taking every unlikely plot device- booby traps, a traitor, bad guy with seemingly unending abilities, resources, and opportunity- and cramming it into an hour- for what?! a message about bullying? Olivia's tricking 'dale' at the end of the episode was both strange, awkward, and unconvincing... the worst part of it was that they killed the lab technician who was one of the better actors. Now here's a thought- why didn't they make us think it was dale and then have it turn out to be the lab technician who could have an interesting motive! (that would have been surprising) and he could kill dale too! everybody wins.
  • "What a way to end"...the 10th season

    I've seen season finales on SVU more complicated than this one but none as bizzare. I figured that somewhere along the way that nerd who has been in several episodes was gonna get it eventually. The usual twists and turns of the SVU roller coaster kept my interest even if the story dragged a bit from time to time, i.e. Munch and the ex-wife. We still don't know (or at least I have not heard as of this writing) whether or not Stephanie March will be returning in the fall; I certainly hope so. Eliot can be glad he doesn't like sushi. :)
  • 10th Season Finale.

    After 11 strong years Law and Order: SVU wrapped up its 10th season with a thrill ride that gave one supporting character more screen time than he is accustomed to and a great psychological story to boot as well. While the chase scenes, the attacks, and even the oddly irrelevant guest stars all proved to be a fine combination that resulted in a good episode, this finale only further proved the point that this show needs Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay to return next season and the word on the streets is that that very well could happen. People claim that this is the premiere show in the Law and Order franchise. While good, I do not know if I can say it is superior to the original, but one point I can safely argue is that it is perhaps the grittiest as the episodes are always as intense as anything on television.
  • amazing episode

    there were so many twists, both good and bad. i hate the fact Ryan O'Hallaran died, though. It was very shocking that the newest CSU guy, Dale Stuckey, killed an innocent civillian to try to get a perp in jail and to try to get respect back after he lost it due to many screw ups. Olivia Benson did a splendid job at the end playing Stuckey and kissing him. The slapping she did to her partner, Elliot Stabler, was very believable and there partnership really shined in this episode. Over all, this was a great episode. It was sad both sad and shocking.
  • supprising twist

    when i first started watchin this episode all i could think about was "why the hell would they have ever created a character as snnoying as stucky?" he was totally out of context for the entire show. but then when the lab technition got stabbed i immediately thought "its that annoying guy!!". then when Benson was saying all of those thins to him i was thinking WTF? but then i realized she was only protecting stabler. a great finale in my opinion. it really had me shocked. i think the only other finale this season that had me on the edge of my seat like this was the House finale.
  • Good, but predictable

    I know I am going to catch some flack for this, but this episode was such a disappointment for a season finale. Don't get me wrong, it was a good episode but I figured out who was the killer midway through the hour, it was way too predictable. I was expecting twists, turns, and excitement, but it wasn't there. The ending scene with Olivia and Elliot was fantastic, and Emily Gilmore's appearance was fun too. Where was Alex Cabot? I was happy to see Judith Light back for an appearance as Liz Donnelly. I just expected more for a season finale. I hope the season premiere deals with the death, the killer, and the aftermath.
  • Good, but predictable II :)

    When i saw that the case was solved in the middle of the episode i knew there was more to come.
    It was totally unpredictable the whole think about Dale becoming bad, i did not saw that coming at all.
    And im pretty sad that Ryan is dead, i really liked his character.
    It was obvious that there was a twist coming but i new thought that it was that. The whole Olivia role playing was kinda obvious too, but since "she has a lot of experience with criminals with mental illness" i believe that she was able to understand and do that.
    A very good episode, looking foward the next season.
  • The SVU squad chases down a man that has raped a woman. When a CSU technician, Dale Stucky, messes up the evidence, the rapist goes free. He starts killing again, but it turns out Stucky was committing the latest murders.

    I personally loved this episode. I never expected Stucky to be the one committing the latest murders. When he tied up Elliot and started cutting his chest, I was staring at my t.v with wide eyes. The look that Olivia had on her face when she saw Elliot tied to a chair and bleeding, was phenomenal. You could see that Elliot was trying to warn her by shaking his head, but she was too worried about him to listen. I am an E/O shipper, and I believe that this scene was a minor score for us. When Olivia kissed Stucky, the look on Elliot's face made me smile. He looked so disgusted and angry at Stuckey (probably because he cut him up, and that he was kissing Olivia. I didn't want Ryan O'Hallaran to die, but it made for a great episode and exciting plot twist. I could definitely watch this episode over and over again(and I have).
  • A new officer is helping the squad try and get a man who murdered a woman. He messes up the crime scene and the squad is mad at him. He copycats the perp by killing another person but puts the perps fingerprint. He plans to kill those who got mad at him.

    This is the best Law & Order out there! SVU is the most exciting and riveting!

    this last episode "Zebras" summed up the reason why I keep coming back to watch more! This was the best of all of the Episodes! I cant wait for the next season!

    Elliot cant leave!!!!!!!!

    The whole cast together makes the show great! If even just one is missing it wouldn't be the same and i can guarantee that a lot of ppl will stop watching the show. In the season finale Olivia just shined I think she should use more sex appeal in the future... to get the perps. I love this show!
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