Law & Order

Season 9 Episode 5


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on NBC

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  • Nicely crafted with a smart plot with a cruel serial killer at the center.

    The murder of a postman and a woman mutilated and left for dead lead the detectives on a trail that leads to an apparent serial killer. Carmichael is determined to bring the defendant to the harshed punishment under law. The serial killer offers McCoy and Carmichael a deal to give them the location of many different bodies, and Carmichael is disappointed that he is about to get away with four murders. Unfortunately evidence does not hold up to implicate him in the current crime and the detectives discover that another killer was responsible.

    Carmichael takes advantage of the original defendant\'s revelation of the bodies and cancels the deal since he can\'t plead guilty to a crime he didn\'t commit, and that leaves him wide open for extradition to Texas, a death penalty state, for the murder he had committed there.

    The episode is well written and suspenseful, as it almost occurrs that this serial killer will walk away from four murders after making the deal. The episode concludes in a powerful scene where the killer accepts McCoy\'s offer of life without parole, but not before he insists to explicate to Carmichael the cruelty he inflicted on his victim. Carmichael\'s look of sheer disgust and anger at the serial killer lingers in the viewer\'s memory.