Law & Order

Season 11 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on NBC

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  • Reopening a 20 year old case.

    With the departments solve rate at 22% the department feels under pressure so Briscoe opens a 20 year old case to bring the solve rate up Later they realize that the killers had a father with a lot of connections and was able to get a dirty cop to take evidence that could implicate him in the murder It was hard to open a twenty year old case and get the killer but it can be done and the victims family finally gets closure and they can put the murder behind them.
  • The detectives reopen a 20-year-old cold case, only to find that the murderer's powerful father and a corrupt police detective let him get away. They manage to convict when a retired detective who helped cover up the crime makes amends by testifying.

    This episode deviates from the usual format at both beginning and end. Instead of opening with the discovery of a body, it begins when Lt. Van Buren's superiors tell her to raise her murder clearance rate--or else. As a result, Briscoe and Green reopen the 20-year-old murder of a teenage girl; part of the fun of the episode is watching them try to piece together a case so long after the fact and nail a murderer who's evaded the law for decades. At the end, instead of closing with the ADAs' reflections on the case, the episode closes with Lenny--out of uniform--visiting his old friend, the one who's finally made amends for letting the murderer off the hook in exchange for a promotion. These could have made the episode sentimental and overly dramatic, but in my opinion, they gave a nice view of the complexities behind the case and the characters.

    The heart of the episode, meanwhile, is vintage "Law & Order"--tight scripting, a few twists and turns, and a killer brought to justice. Guest actors give standout performances here in the roles of the retired detective and the murderer's over-the-top ambassador father. In short, this is an excellently written and memorable episode with a satisfying conclusion.
  • A 20 years old cold case reopened.

    In the intro we can see Lt. Van Buren being ordered by her superiors to raise the homicide clearance rate or she can can end up transferred.
    The detectives go through the cold cases and pick up one that seems most likely to dig up something new on. Most of evidence lost, witnesses deceased or unsure what actually happened 20 years ago, they put the case together rather slowly. We suspect, though, that the retired leading detective is not saying everything he knows. It's only at the trial on the stand he decides to tell the whole truth - defendant's influential father had his friends in NYPD sweep the case against his son down. Next day Jack offers the defendant a plea for a manslaughter and it is obvious he accepts it with relief - living 20 years with a burden of murder made him drink and led him several times to therapeutic groups that didn't help. Now he finally finds a closure, as well as victims' mother and the retired detective. The episode finishes with Lennie Briscoe forgiving his old friend.
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