Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 11

Bible Story

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on NBC

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  • The writers Hollywierd roots are showing.

    This appeared to be "ripped from the headlines" from the "Koran flushing" story that Newsweek faked up.

    The episode was full of "scheming Jew" archetypes, McCoy self-rightousness, and acts by the police that wouldn't be out of place in Saudi Arabia.

    Law and Order's run has been full of "Crazed Christian zealots", now we get the obligatory "Crazed Jewish zealot". I'm still waiting for the Muslim terrorist that actually turns out to be a terrorist.

    Keep going this way, writers, and you'll manage to kill a successful series.
  • It's about a book which has been the centerpiece of a family's history for decades, but later turns out to be a lie.

    A man is found beaten to death, and a very old book which is later identified as a Jewish chumash or Bible is found laying beside him.

    This was a great episode with twists and turns. The actually killer got a plea of five years for manslaughter, which was just wrong, but seeing that the murder was solved and the plea bargain happened in half anf hour I knew more was coming.

    I used to McCoy going after anyone he can when his in the mood, but it was a big strecth to go after the cousin who actually set the events in motion. In the end they got him on burgarly after his cousin refused to testify.

    All because of a great big lie.
  • Not the best episode ever.

    I have seen many better epidsodes in the series and this was not one of them. It wasn't that interesting to me. It had some potential, it would have been entertaining if they did a 2 parter where race riots started and it became a whole scandal in the DA's office.