Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on NBC

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  • Blackmail

    Tonight Law and Order tackled the David Letterman scandal with a similar storyline involving an outspoken talk show host being blackmailed about her affairs. The show had a unique twist to it though, with the blackmailer claiming he was doing it to get a story on how she would respond to such a threat.

    L and O is having a good season, but this was just a pretty mediocre offering. I never really got into the story tonight and I never really had interest in what happened to the bad guy. Not to mention the lawyer for the defense was pretty annoying.
  • Great Episode.

    This was a really great episode. Unlike most episodes this was mainly plot driven rather than character driven. It did not focus much on Van Buren's cancer. The plot involved scandel, secrets, and loads of suspense. I did not go in and out throughout the whole show and I found the ending excellent. But this episdoe I believe was less than spectacular. I felt there was something missing in the episode. Also there was a few scenes that I found rather odd. Other than that this was a great Law and Order episode. I would not consider it a classic, but I say it's a must watch.