Law & Order

Season 17 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on NBC



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    • Andre Blair (about his violent music): That's music – make-believe, fantasy, not real life.
      Jack McCoy: Unfortunately, sometimes they merge.

    • Jack McCoy (about Andre Blair): Some people don't change.
      Connie Rubirosa: Or maybe he's just had bad luck with authorities in the past.
      Jack McCoy: Which he's glamorized the hell out of on countless albums.

    • Jack McCoy: Where were you the night she was killed?
      Andre Blair: Where were you?
      Jack McCoy: I'm not a suspect!

    • Nina Cassady (arresting Krantz): Our bracelets are cheaper than what you're used to, Ike, but they'll have to do.

    • Roxy: I ain't no snitch.
      Ed Green (laughing): Don't you love when people say that?
      Nina Cassady: Oh I do, energizes me. Makes me want to arrest everyone I see and hold them for 24 hours.

    • Nina Cassady (about Sweet Clarisse): Too violent for me. Sex, guns, and a nasty mouth.

    • Ed Green (holding up Sweet Clarisse's necklace): Wow, that's a whole lotta bling to leave behind. What do you think that goes for?
      Nina Cassady: Our combined salaries.

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  • Allusions

    • Ed Green: She did an appearance at the Garden with Jay-Z at 11:00.

      Jay-Z (born Shawn Corey Carter) is the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist whose hit songs include "Hard Knock Life."

    • Nina Cassady: (to Andre Blair) You hung a guy out a hotel room window so he'd sign over his publishing.
      Music producer Marion 'Suge' Knight is rumored to have dangled Vanilla Ice out of a window to get him to sign over royalties to Knight.

    • Ed Green: (reading Steven Smith's text message) "You make a blind man see, you make a dead man . . ."
      Steven Smith likely quoted a line from the classic Rolling Stones song "Start Me Up," in which Mick Jagger claims that the woman in the song can sexually arouse a dead man.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Jacob the Jeweler case. Iced Out Ike is similar to real-life jewelry designer Jacob Arabo (AKA Jacob the Jeweler), who is currently under indictment for money laundering. They are both referred to as 'The King of Bling'.