Law & Order

Season 2 Episode 14

Blood is Thicker...

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 1992 on NBC



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    • Adam Schiff: Who's available to send in?
      Ben Stone: An armed robber. A rent-gouging landlord. Both of those are ripe for deals.
      Adam Schiff: Go with the armed robber: ends up in front of a jury, get more sympathy than a landlord.

    • Barbara Ryder: You should wait for my attorney.
      Phil Cerreta: Yes ma'am, but the law says we don't have to.

    • Mike Logan: He has no idea when she walked in. Could've been 10:00 when she swears she was playing games with Johnny.
      Phil Cerreta: Or it could have been 12:00 when Johnny was on his way not to kill his wife.
      Paul Robinette: Great. We put him on the stand as a rebuttal witness. If Webber forgets to cross-examine, we're all set.

    • Phil Cerreta: Hey, you find semen in the vagina, you don't call us?
      Medical Examiner: Nobody said it was rape. There's no sign of rape. No tearing, no abrasions.
      Mike Logan: The husband was out of town.
      Medical Examiner: I'm supposed to know that? What am I, his travel agent?

    • Morgan: You don't trust me, put in a robot with a tape recorder in its head.
      Ben Stone: If I could, I would.

    • Morgan: What did you guys do, put angel dust in his caviar?

    • Paul Robinette: If he takes the deal, I'd say 'Yes.'
      Ben Stone: If he takes the deal, I'll start buying lottery tickets.

    • Dr. Joel Friedman: Lois Ryder, of -- of course I knew her. She -- she volunteered at the hospital.
      Phil Cerreta: Were you with her Sunday night?
      Dr. Joel Friedman: (nervous laugh) I don't know what you're talking about.
      Mike Logan: We'll make it easy for you: Sunday night. Lois Ryder. You. Together.

    • Mike Logan: Why does she go to a late movie with two little kids at home?
      Don Cragen: Maybe because she had two little kids at home.

    • Paul Robinette: Another generation of Ryders.
      Ben Stone: God help them.

    • Larry Webber: I told him it was all right, a technical violation at worst.
      Judge Eric Bryan: Bad advice, counsellor. Very bad advice. I've got a technical solution for his technical violation. Mr. Ryder likes islands? I've got one for him -- Rikers.

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  • Allusions

    • Police Officer: He joined the National Guard - Dan Quayle brigade.
      Former Vice-President Dan Quayle served in the Indiana National Guard during the Vietnam War. Some people suggested that he was able to avoid combat because of his family connections.

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