Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Cruel And Selfish Parents

    This episode should have been on SVU cause the real victim is the little girl. The episode starts with the poisoning of an enviromental scientist who turned out to be an innocent pawn between two parents of a custody battle. the father out of desperation for not being able to see his daughter poisons his ex wife new husband with the help of his ex wife parents. The ex wife is the reason why everything happened and does not deserve custody. She took her daughter to Brazil so her father can't see his daughter. I don't condone on what the father did and he deserves to go to prison.
  • Brazil

    This episode could have been good, but instead it was just way too crazy and all over the place. We started off with a murder, with discussions of global warming, and then ended with a recreation of the infamous balloon boy incident from a few months ago. What!!!???

    I am glad that the show utilized a veteran actor here in Tony Hale for the role, but this episode just featured a little bit too many twists and turns, a problem that has plagued this show for some time now.

    Not a very good episode, and it is understandable why the ratings are down.
  • Well.....

    The villain was the villain in the second season of Chuck. And a gay villain. Watching him in a serious role was a surprise, and he demostrates he is a good actor.

    The procedural was fine, a little bit of family law in there, but the balloon boy story was completely utter dumb. We wanted everyone in jail, and the girl living with the DA...

    Really, after 4 cops shoot this episode was a waste of time and space. Thank God it is baseball next monday, so we do not have to watch episodes like this one just because there is nothing more in TV.
  • Good Episode!

    This episode of Law & Order, was good. It was somewhat boring sometimes, but overall pretty "exciting" for the lack of a better word. The plot was not predictable and the perp was very sympathetic. He was a man who lost his daughter during a custody battle and hasn't seen her in three years. No more though, I don't want to spoil it for you. In this episode you learn more about Mike Cutter. You learn that his parents were divorced, and it still has an effect on him. I want to note that there might be relationship between Mike & Connie, it was alluded to, like when Jack dated Claire Kincaid. But I digress, I wouldn't recommend it and it wouldn't kill if you didn't see it.
  • An interesting, emotionally charged story that touches some soft spots and great acting combine to make this one a winner.

    So a powerful scientist appears to have dropped dead for no reason while in the middle of giving a speech that could ruin the credibility of every other scientist in the room. This alone would make a great TV mystery, but the brilliant writers at "Law And Order" weren't done yet. Crafting a story that pulls strength from our parental, spousal, intellectual, and emotional instincts, we are treated to "Brazil", which doesn't just settle for spinning a strong crime tale on the bases of the aforementioned common threads, but reels in some incredible twists, turns, and sudden "demaskings" that we've seen on the program in years.

    Once things get to the courtroom the story has really just begun to unfold, as we are taken through a maze of international law and custody statutes, character assassinations, exposed lies and deep dark secrets, with even one of our favorite ADAs coming clean in a twist you'll never see coming.

    This episode gets everything right. The ensemble is dead on with their characters and keep up the consistency that has made the current cast arguably the best in the show's history. In "Brazil", the writers gave them a powerful and touching story that keeps our loyalties swaying between the players even until after the final fade.
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