Law & Order

Season 11 Episode 6

Burn Baby Burn

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When defense attorney Leon Chiles argues for his client's "leery of police frame of mind", he cites several actual police brutality cases including, "the murder of Fred Hampton in Oakland." This is incorrect as the murder of Fred Hampton took place in Chicago, not Oakland.

  • Quotes

    • Clerk: (during arraignment) People vs. Lateef Miller. Murder in the first degree.
      (Miller's followers in the gallery shout in protest; the judge bangs his gavel.)
      Judge Torledsky: If I hear another word from the gallery, I'm gonna clear the courtroom! How does the defendant plead?
      Leon Chiles: My client has a statement, your honor.
      Lateef Miller: Given that I'm here, as a political prisoner-
      Follower: -Tell 'em, Miller!
      Lateef Miller: The Geneva convention doesn't afford this court jurisdiction!
      (His followers shout in agreement, until Torledsky bangs his gavel again.)
      Judge Torledsky: That's enough! Mr. Miller, I'm entering a plea of not guilty.
      Abbie Carmichael: People request remand, your honor. Mr. Miller killed a police officer, and then fled the scene in order to avoid capture.
      Leon Chiles: He was praying at a mosque, your honor. He's a pillar of his community.
      Abbie Carmichael: The People are considering the death penalty.
      (The judge bangs his gavel for the renewed protest from the gallery.)
      Judge Torledsky: No bail. The defendant is remanded. Move on to motion.

    • Ed Green: You put your hands on an old man like that again, black or white, you and me are gonna have a problem!
      Officer Kanizar: That's funny, I was about to say to you, if you ever interfere with me in the middle of an investigation, we are going to have a big problem, and I'm going to solve it.
      Ed Green: Do it now!
      Officer Kanizar: Oh aren't you a big shot? What, now you're all shocked because we're away from the brothers?
      Ed Green: Hey man, I'll take you any time, anywhere.
      Officer Kanizar: Oh, like we don't know who's going to get all jammed up out of that and it certainly won't be the brother.
      Ed Green: You say brother like that one more time, I swear to God I'm going to stomp your ass into the pavement!
      Officer Kanizar: What side is your partner on, Lennie?
      Lennie Briscoe: Same side I'm on.

    • Nora Lewin: Don't beat yourself up too badly over this one, Jack.
      Jack McCoy: A man kills a New York City police detective in the line of duty, and I can't even convict him.
      Nora Lewin: Enough of the jury identified with the defendant's fear of cops.
      Jack McCoy: Used to be fear of cops didn't justify shooting them.
      Nora Lewin: Used to be a lot of things.

    • Anita van Buren: I'm sorry, I'm late for my daily spanking at One Police Plaza.

    • (On the way to notify Anne Kearsey about her husband's death)
      Ed Green: How many times have you done this?
      Anita van Buren: Twice. Two times too many.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Burn, Baby, Burn" often was shouted during the widespread civil unrest during the sixties, especially by the rioters in Watts, CA in 1965.

    • Leon Chiles: The Abner Louima assault, the Amadou Diallo murder . . .
      Abbie Carmichael: The police in that case were acquitted.

      Both of these notorious cases involved African-American men and white NYPD officers. Louima was suspected of punching an officer during a brawl outside a nightclub. He was arrested, beaten, and sodomized with a broomstick while in custody, resulting in severe internal injuries. NYPD officer Justin Volpe was imprisoned for the assault and other officers were disciplined for their involvement. Amadou Diallo was shot dead by the NYPD, who had mistaken him for a wanted rapist and thought he was armed. He turned out to have been reaching for his wallet, not a gun. He was shot at 41 times and 19 shots hit him. A defense witness also refers to Diallo by saying, "41 shots at some poor black guy coming home from work." The officers involved in the shooting were acquitted after a criminal trial.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the H. Rap Brown case.

    • "Burn baby burn" is a well-known and oft-repeated line from the song "Disco Inferno."