Law & Order

Season 17 Episode 20


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on NBC

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  • Poorly written, distastful to victims, based 99% on fiction yet stated "ripped from the headlines".

    I was upset by the bits and pieces they took from the Devlin case and threw them in with things that are way off base. Now for those who have followed the case closely, we can distance ourselves and know its not the truth. But for the average person who was not watching this case, they may think this is fact. This episode shows us the very reason people like BOR make the comments they do. Nobody can understand what would prevent someone like Shawn from leaving his kidnapper. This show was distasteful and inaccurate to any current case. The "ripped from the headlines" is also deceiving. People need to take this episode with a grain of salt. This episode did nothing to show people the truth about why child victims don't run. What it did was blame the victim and make the child out to be a criminal. This common mentality in America is part of the reason people don’t pay attention to kidnapping cases. If you think this show was even close to being about the Michael Devlin case, you are mistaken. Go do some research, this is far far from being related.
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