Law & Order

Season 19 Episode 2


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on NBC

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  • Two deaths cause the detectives to look deep into a family's past.

    It's Rain Man on Law and Order, well, sort of. Pete was not autistic, he was mentally challenged but the premise was very similar. He was sent away at a young age and he ended up sticking up for his brother in the end, but ultimately it was not enough.

    Law and Order is off to a pretty strong start in Season 19. The team of Kevin Bernard and Cyrus Lupo are really starting to gel extremely well and their dialogue just comes off as so natural. The entire show actually is portrayed in a very believable light as opposed to programs like Boston Legal where there isn't but a hint of realism.

    Another good episode overall with a few trademark Law and Order red herrins.
  • A Mother's Love Wins Out (includes spoilers)

    When a man turns up dead in a park frequented by drug dealers, suspicion immediately falls on two of the dealers. The investigation leads to a home for mentally challenged persons and the caretaker of the home identifies two of the drug dealers as having been around the body at the time of death. When the witness turns up dead, the drug dealers are arrested and charged with both murders. What appears to be an open and shut case takes a turn when both men confess to the second murder, but insist on their innocence in the first.

    The detectives eventually discover that one of the home's residents knew the victim and was seen with him in the park. Further investigation reveals that the mentally challenged man (Pete) and the murder victim are brothers who were separated at a very young age when Pete was placed into a state hospital at age three.

    When Pete identifies one of his brothers as the murderer, his family convinces him to take the blame for the murder thinking that he will get off because of his mental state.

    In a touching closing scene in the D.A.'s meeting room, the father begins listing off reasons as to why they should let Pete take the blame for a murder his brother committed. In the middle of his speech, his wife interrupts him and tells him that he did the same thing 44 years ago: list off logical reasons as to why they should give their son up. She says she sold her son out once and cannot do it again.
  • Re actor who played Petey

    I just wanted to tell cw19 that the actor who played Petey is named Michael Rispoli. He was nearly unrecognizable. I only figured out who he was because of his voice, which is fairly distinctive. Incredible job, ESPECIALLY because he specializes in playing "ordinary Joes." Rispoli was Sandra Bullock's friend/landlord Joe Jr. in "While You Were Sleeping." He was VERY funny in that movie. He was also the friendly neighborhood bartender in "Invincible," the movie about the guy who "walked on" to play for the Phila. Eagles. Very versatile actor. I thought the episode was only okay, but just wanted to provide this info. I know it drives me crazy when I can't locate an actor's face.
  • 11/12/08 "Challenged"

    Who was the actor that played Pete tonight? (main mentally challenged guy in group home, brother to murdered victim) I couldn't figure it out and it drove me crazy watching it. I think it's Silvio from the Sopranos aka Little Stevie VanZandt? Someone please confirm. Who ever it was, he did an outstanding job. Loved the show. I don't think there are any Law and Order shows I don't love.

    If someone knows why Chris Noth is no longer on any of the Law and Order shows, please post something. He's such a great actor and loved watching him on CI as well as older Law and Orders!
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