Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 15

Choice of Evils

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on NBC

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  • Who's that brunette sitting next to McCoy? Oh wait, this is meant to be a new episode.

    I always look forward to a new episode of Law & Order, despite claims that it isn't the show it once was these days. I disagree. This episode proves it is exactly the show it once was.

    I don't normally like to criticise, so I will say that this was a well-written episode with great acting all round. I especially enjoyed seeing Molly Price in a role outside Third Watch, as I think she's a great actress. I was also happy to see Penny Johnson Jerald and hope she'll be in the show more often as this defence attorney character.

    The problem is- they've done this episode before. I got a distinct feeling of de ja vu watching this as my mind frequently went back to the Season 13 episode 'Mother's Day' (where Southerlyn was the pretty ADA sitting next to McCoy, hence my confusion at seeing Borgia there instead).

    Mother's Day was about a woman who killed her beloved son because he was a schizophrenic and she found out that he had killed two people for no reason other than they were there. Her lawyer tried defending her actions by saying that she had done it to protect other innocent people from her son.

    In Choice of Evils, a woman kills her son because he killed someone for no good reason, and is shaping up to be the same kind of psycho as his serial killer father. She tries to justify it by saying that she killed him so that he wouldn't kill his brainless girlfriend (who thinks it's romantic that he threatens a murder-suicide) and other innocent people.

    Okay, so it wasn't word-for-word the same episode, but it was too familiar for me to enjoy it properly for it's own merits. I know it must be difficult to write new storylines every season, and normally I don't care so much. But in Mother's Day, the mother (who looked a little like Molly Price) killed her son, who was also named Danny. They couldn't name him Jimmy or something for this episode?!

    A good episode, but essentially a rerun. Disappointing when you've been waiting for a new episode all week.