Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 16

Cost of Capital

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on NBC



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    • (In judge's chambers)
      Sophia Keener: I am sure there's something we can work out here.
      Jack McCoy: Maybe if you hadn't used your daughter's rape to advance your career.

    • Defense Attorney Vanessa Galiano: Did you tell Dr. Warren that you feel resentment towards your mother?
      Jack McCoy: Objection! It's privileged, it's hearsay and it's irrelevant.

    • (Discussing the deal)
      Sophia Keener: I won't be bullied into jail by second-rate lawyers threatening me with the testimony of a confused 13-year-old girl.
      Alex Borgia: She's your daughter, Ms. Keener.
      Sophia Keener: She's your witness now, put her on the stand. That's exactly how I'll treat her.

    • Jack McCoy: People lie. DNA doesn't.

    • (Discussing Sophia Keener.)
      Ed Green: Think about it, Derek Miller is dying and she has the forethought to use a pay phone? That's cold-blooded.
      Joe Fontana: I think it runs in the family.

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