Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 19


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 03, 2010 on NBC

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  • Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...

    Fairly entertaining episode was very careful not to reveal the killers motives until the very end. They did another good job with a political scandal story line, although I kind of miss the days before Special Victims Unit when L&O delved into sexually charged cases a bit more. I think the scenes with the Lieutenant at home could have been a little bit less dramatic, at least in that the make-out moment seemed out of character for the show in general. Of course, that paled in comparison to McCoy unfairly venting his frustrations on everyone, including Van Buren who has enough to deal with... I never thought there was such a thing as too much of Jack's outrage, I stand corrected. However, these criticisms aside, I felt it was a good episode overall, and am optimistic / fearful of what events may await during the season finale... I really hope they won't permanently write anyone out of the L&O universe- even if she's leaving, it would be great to see S. Epatha Merkerson guest star in the future.
  • Crashers

    Law and Order has been making a lot of political statements this season and tonight's episode was no different. Tonight they had a ripped from the headlines story of people crashing a party (like the White House crashers) but they also had a somewhat unoriginal story of a cheater in a politician's marriage. However, what was original was that it was the wife who was cheating, not the man in office.

    This was a good episode and even if the beginning ended up having virtually nothing to do with the ending, this was a great layered story, but it was easily able to be followed.

    Bill O'Reilly called Dick Wolf a coward, but he was no coward for airing this episode.