Law & Order

Season 20 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Self Serving and Exploitive

    This episode took a tragedy of a woman who was drunk and high and caused the deaths of innocent victims and twisted it to make it against the pharmacitical company to serve Dick Wolf's uber liberal agenda and made the woman driver into an innocent victim. Since this was in L & O's later years and was losing its audience cause they went too far left they got away with it.
  • 2 x the law; 2 x the order

    What a great night- two episodes of L&O... and they weren't awful. Liked this one because it began with something cringeworthy and ripped from the headlines, but proved to be a worthy starting point for a mystery. The widower of the victim/perpetrator (depending how you look at it) was well acted and greatly understated, as was the Lieutenant's reaction to the Cancer related case- it would be really terrible if they had tried to tie her story line into it, instead she seemed deep and thoughtful as she subtly contemplated whether marketing a drug that can add even a month of life is really a crime... The scene with Sam Waterston giving the drug executive an ultimatum was mesmerizing- his reduced screen time only adds to the impact when he does carry the scene. All in all, the villain's motive was an interesting one and the twisted corporation angle helped the intrigue. A good offering.
  • An extra L and O.

    Law and Order had a doubleheader tonight as NBC ran the long running procedural from 8 to Jay on Friday night. Unfortunately, the ambiguous ending to the first episode was not answered in the second (not that Law and Order has multi-episode arcs too often, but I would have liked some resolution) which left me scratching my head.

    Mad Men's Rich Sommer guest starred, and while he was a step above some of the previous guest stars the show has been bringing in, he couldn't save a pretty generic story tonight. Stick to one episode a week guys. This was fun, but just mediocre by Law standards.