Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on NBC

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  • Great Finale / Great Season

    'Excalibur', was a refreshing return to form, after last week's 'out of character' episode 'Persona Non Grata' and a worthy finale to an exceptional season.

    The Spitzer ripped-from-the-headlines elements didn't overwhelm the overall story- if anything it really made this episode. It would have been an open and shut case were it not for the power struggle between McCoy and the corrupt Governor- his ultimatums- and the threat to Jack's job. But far more than losing his DA position, McCoy stood to lose himself- nearly sacrificing his values and principles to acheive a compromised justice. I don't think anyone actually thought that Jack McCoy would give in to the Gov's demands, however, it was interesting to see him tempted by the dark side.
  • McCoy centered episode!

    This is taken from the Eliot Spitzer episode as Tom Everett Scott is cast against type as the NY Gov, who tries to pressure McCoy to do bad things for him. As McCoy has made an enemy out of him. Wonder how McCoy will try to do this if this continues to haunt him next season. Everybody from the feds and the state government want in on it. But despite the pressure that he is facing, it is stil neat to see McCoy want justice done and to do the right thing with morals and values to it. Nice to see Mike Cutler trying to take the load of Jack's hands. Poor ole Jack, what will happen next if this odes get played out next year!
  • A jeweler is murdered by his brother-in law because of the b-in-lawran a high priced prostitution ring. The governor, McCoy's mentor, gets the guy to plea bargain and will commute his life sentence to avoid the governor's ties to the ring.

    An excellent episode loosely based on the Elliot Spitzer case in New York. The governor will do anything, as will his wife, to keep the governor's ties to the prostitution ring a secret. McCoy is outfoxed. The muderer pleads guilty with the implication the governor will commute the sentence. McCoy's dilemma ... he has made an enemy of the governor who put him in office with an election looming next year. McCoy hates to play politics and increasingly sees that the job of D.A. is inherently political. Can McCoy maintain his principles oor give in to politics as usual? Next season will tell the story.
  • Spitzer should have followed this script...

    A fine ending to a better tham most lately season. Jack McCoy gets caught in a power struggle between the governor and justice. Governor wins this round but come next season he may be in for more than he "shannangained" for. The chemistry between the two ADA's really makes their characters click and am looking forward to more seasons of the two of them. The jury is still out on Bernard; needs a few more episodes but Lupo can stay as can his ex-sister in law; would like to see more of her in some kind of semi-regular role. See you in Sept. for season 19.