Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 21, 2008 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the episode "Fame" (17x1), Jack's estranged daughter Rebecca is living in Maine. Later that season, in "Fallout" (17x19), they met in NYC to reconcile. However, in this episode, she "drove up from San Diego" to meet him while Jack was in Los Angeles.

    • Jack McCoy's daughter is named Rebecca.

  • Quotes

    • Governor Donald Shalvoy: It's thanks to me you have this job in the first place. Nobody wanted you.
      Jack McCoy: I'd rather be an unemployed lawyer than a well-fed pet.
      Governor Donald Shalvoy: You're a fool. I had high hopes for you.
      Jack McCoy: I had high hopes for YOU! How could you do this? To the people who work for you? To the people that elected you? How could you be so reckless with their trust? I respected you, Donald. I respected you.

    • Michael Cutter: (To Jack McCoy) Glad I'm not the one getting his nuts squeezed.

    • Connie Rubirosa: Our witness list looks like a hip-hop video. Hookers, pimps, players…

    • Jack McCoy: (to A.D.A. Cutter) Mike, get mad at me tomorrow. I can't fight you and the governor at the same time.

    • Michael Cutter: Didn't you tell me a few weeks ago that you were Shalvoy's new fair-haired boy?
      Jack McCoy: A few weeks is a long time.

    • Governor Donald Shalvoy: I like seeing that fire in your belly. You're gonna need it when you run for a full term as D.A.
      Jack McCoy: I'm running for D.A.?
      Governor Donald Shalvoy: Stay in touch, Jack.

    • Anita van Buren: Excalibur Exclusives?
      Cyrus Lupo: Mm-hmm, it's an escort service… for guys with really big swords.
      Anita van Buren: They wish.

    • Kevin Bernard: Drug dealers like gold. It's not traceable.
      Cyrus Lupo: So do terrorists.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode title: Excalibur

      A legendary sword associated with the legend of King Arthur, the Excalibur is attributed with magical powers and the right of sovereignty of Great Britain.

    • This episode is ripped from the headlines of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. Eliot Spitzer, a lawyer and former politician of the Democratic Party, was reported by the newspaper The New York Times to have patronized a high priced prostitution ring called: "Emperors Club VIP."