Law & Order

Season 18 Episode 9


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Very disappointing episode.

    I usually enjoy this series. However, this episode was just terrible. I was initially interested in the con man extortion story line. Unfortuately, the writers seemed to forget what they were writing about and just started telling a whole other story. AND not a good one! It was just completely unrealistic. Some guy murders your family and you go to attend his execution. The execution goes wrong and the man who murdered your family ends up brain damaged and convulsing in pain. Now it would seem to me that if you were looking for revenge against the animal who murdered your family, isn't this the best revenge. Instead of being dead, the guy will linger for years as a shell of a man and possibly in pain. It would seem to me that someone bent on revenge would want to thank the person responsible for this outcome. But NO - instead the writers want us to believe that a crime victim who has experienced the terrible loss of loved ones through murder would willingly hunt down the executioner and violently beat him to death with a bottle. Seriously??? It just didn't work for me and I expect more from this show.
  • Really weak story and execution of said story. One of the things I don't like is the unclear direction. What were they doing an expose on the death penalty, an effort to bring euthanasia to the forefront, or a standard who done

    Really weak story and execution of said story. One of the things I don't like is the unclear direction. What were they doing an expose on the death penalty, an effort to bring euthanasia to the forefront, or a standard who done it? What ever the case it was done very hackneyed. I felt the whole right to die bit was forced this would've been better without politics. I did like the bit of detective work done it was fun watching Green and Lupe in action. Not a very good episode really it was the opportunity to watch the stars in action that made this one passable for me.
  • Not a favorite episode!

    Not a really good episode but it wasn't that bad as a murdered doctor shows up dead. But he was dead at the wrong place at the wrong time. Cutter reminds me of a young McCoy but he seems a little more milder than Jack. Again, I was kind of skeptical like most people of not seeing more Jack. But Jack is great at playing behind the scenes. And that he wants to win even as the big boss. Connie gets into Michael's face as he made a deal. She shows her anger really well and I don't blame her. Not a good one but not bad.
  • Some of the cast members get to travel to Hilton Head, SC in this episode. That's because there is a murder committed on their home turf with it's roots in a multiple-murder and botched execution in South Carolina. It is hard to decide...

    ... who the bad guy (or the worst guy) is in this episode. Firstly, the victim is not the intended target, so we have an innocent (sort of) husband with two kids who is dead. Then we have a suspect who is grieving the loss of his only son and his two grandchildren (irony?). We also have another (early) suspect who is grieving over the botched lethal injection that has left his brother a vegetable. Throw in a judge with a private, political agenda, and it's hard to tell the white hats from the black hats. Jack McCoy gets to wield his power (again - he seems to be able to write his own script, now) and Rubirosa gets into Cutter's face about making a deal. We thought that he was her superior - but now were not so sure. Maybe her tenure has gotten her added power. Lots of fireworks and another ending that isn't quite ended seem to be the new direction that L&O is headed toward. However, I don't remember turning it off and haven't erased it - a sure sign that a replay may be in order.
  • A case of mistaken identity.

    I was working on my computer Wednesday when Law and Order was on. I could hear it, but I wasn't following closely. If this had been a great episode I would have dropped everything to watch. I taped it and watched it Thursday.

    The mistaken identity turns out to be the murder victim. The intended victim turns out to be a hired gun; a NY doctor who has been in South Carolina to be an executioner for the state. He botched that job and the killer wants him dead. For once I would like the first person they assume is the suspect to be the actual perp. We can almost always rule out the first suspect.

    I also didn't like how ADA Rubirosa and Cutter are on opposing sides of a "deal" fence, not that they are but she ambushed Cutter right in front of the killer.

    I did like the evolving Jack McCoy. They have a lot of back story to work with and use him wisely with it.
  • Yeah, not so much.

    When the episode first started I thought it was going to be really good because the guy supposedly getting killed by a con team is not an original story, but L&O always comes with some great twist. Then when it turned out to be a mistaken identity story, my high hopes went in the garbage because they have done plenty of those over years. Then when it turned out to be some weird death penalty story I totally tuned, and picked something else up that made me dislike this episode...Blatant Product Placement. I've seen some ridiculous product placement before, but it's been on shows that aren't so great and its not so blatant. The product placement I'm talking about is for Dell computers. I first noticed it when they were showing Lupo and Green at the station looking up some info on their computers and they were shooting over Green's shoulder so you could get a perfect shot of Lupo's Dell XPS(i think) laptop (they also made sure to show him close it up). Then they did it again when Lupo and Green went to see the doctor. They were standing in his living room talking, but instead of just shooting them from inside the living room they shot them from, I guess the dining room, through a cut out that just through the cut there sit another Dell XPS(i think) computer. And the shot wasn't for like a minute or something, it was the entire time they were talking which was like two minutes. I was really disgusted because I already wasn't enjoying the story and then they were trying to subliminally sell me something. All around not so good episode.
  • An almost completely political trial breaks loose when a man who lost his family to a murderer accidently kills an innocent man while trying to get at the doctor who botched the murderer's execution.

    As I watched this episode, I got a sinking feeling that the writers may have only finished a couple of episodes before the strike, and now the rest of the episodes of the season will be crap.

    I found this episode unsatisfying on most counts.

    1- The police seemed to change their theory from robbery-murder to mistaken identity-murder too quickly:

    On a tape, some man knocking on the door yells something I find incoherent.

    Then, in less than five seconds:

    Lupo: That man with the southern accent is looking for Mr Garrison.

    Green: Anyone knocking that loud must be mad about something.

    Van Buren: What if our perp killed the wrong doctor?

    2- Once the questions moved from "Oh, what happened to your family was awful" to "Where were you Sunday - you killed him, didn't you", there was no mention to Miranda. Nor was there shown any investigation gaining evidence that the man actually did it. They went automatically from from "You killed him, didn't you?" in South Carolina to "The defendant is charged with one count..." in the NYC arraignment court.

    3- The legal half did not have the least air of realism to it- from the political judge, to arresting the doctor for what he did in Carolina, to dragging the vegetable in front of the jury.

    The worst episodes are the ones that bang on some political issue because the writers are too uninspired to think up a good plot. Although, the idea of someone gunning for a state executioner is pretty unique.

    Interesting plot idea, poor execution :)
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