Law & Order

Season 7 Episode 8

Family Business

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 1996 on NBC



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    • Clarence Gray: I just want to tell you that if smack were legal I wouldn't have to be robbing nobody 'cause I would buy in a store and it would only be like a dollar a hit.
      Lennie Briscoe: That's a very nice vision of the future, Clarence. Now will you tell us where you got the gun?

    • Rey Curtis: Were you with Paul Medici the night your husband was killed?
      Kate Bergreen-Spiegel: Is my total humiliation your objective? If it is, you have certainly succeeded. Yes, I was with him, we had sex that very night. Would you like to know the positions?

    • Jack McCoy: A murder goes unpunished, it is bad for business.
      Jamie Ross: Laura Bergreen is not the first rich person to get away with murder -- and she won't be the last.

    • Rey Curtis: Did you see your sister?
      Laura Bergreen: No.
      Lennie Briscoe: You were in your sister's apartment and you never saw her?
      Laura Bergreen: My sister has an 18 room townhouse, it is not that difficult to miss each other.

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