Law & Order

Season 16 Episode 12

Family Friend

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • Not the show's best attempt at entertainment

    I liked the episode until the court case. The mob tie in was good and the victim was great until she was on the stand. After the bad guy got off the show went down hill. You knew that retired cop was dirty in one way or another. I didn't care what happened by the end.
  • From bad to worse!

    Law and Order has been going down the drain for years now, so last night tragedy was not a surprise to me. It was so bad I could barely keep my focus.

    The mob tie in this episode made no sense whatsoever.

    One man kills another man, scars the wife, steals from them, then gets away with the crime because the wife had a diffrent type of payback planed.

    He friend who happens to be a cop would take out the newly freed killer and because he was a cop he expected to get off.

    I swear they did this episode already.....a cop kills someone and becuse his a cop he will get off.

    Overall, terrible episode.

  • Over & Over Again!

    Yep you guys are all right!
    They did do this all over again.
    The mafia and the dirty ex-cop.
    How many times have we seen this one.
    It ain't the first nor will it be the last one.
    I am glad though that the feds did help a bit after trying to be secretative in their case of the money.
    Too bad McCoy didn't try a lot harder.
    Knowing him.
  • It was more human. I couldn't disagree more with the other reviews. This was not your usual L&O and I liked it. It wasn't split its usual 50/50, we were 40 minutes into the show before the trial started.

    The case was layered and complex and took longer to go to trial. I don't think it was your typical mob case, it dealt with consequences. Sure the legal aspects were rote but the hidden agendas by the caharacters, the feds, even our prosecutors when they decide to flip the wife to get a cop. Wow. It was more human than the other episodes. And I liked the performances, all subtle, no spot on mafia wife or mook cop, a more real look at these types of people.
  • One of the best episodes so far.

    A very special episode since I played the victim, Phillip Messick! It wasn\'t easy to die with my eyes open! I think Amy\'s acting was incredibly impressive and the story line had lots of turnarounds and kept the viewer guessing.
    Nice to show that cops can be bad/good guys at the same time as well.