Law & Order

Season 17 Episode 4

Fear America

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on NBC
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After Eric Khabaly is seen being murdered on tape in what appears to be an American movement against Islam, Green and Cassady investigate the case which leads them to Khabaly's cousin, Ben Faoud, who appears to be connected to a terrorist cell functioning inside New York. Unfortunately, the best link to Faoud appears to surround a recent shipment of uranium, which McCoy and Rubirosa are forbidden to mention by the federal government. When news of the uranium leaks out, McCoy and Rubirosa find themselves the victims of intense federal scrutiny, and Paul Robinette's vigorous defense of young Faoud doesn't help matters.moreless

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  • What a stupid spin

    This episode is a great effort in doublespeak, not much else.

    Rehashing the old problems, without adding much to the debate. Possibly covering every possible ways in which it could be deemed untasteful.

    If only we could believe such scenario, the last few months shows that Americans are turning more and more to a direct Jihad... and it seem that no one is really paying attention, despite the Patriot Act and every possible security measures... it is a street vendor that took notice of the Times Square bomb... it is a filmmaker that stopped the Nigerian terrorist.

    We'd like to believe that the law enforcement are as capable as they are shown in this episode, the reality is that they always seem to be one step behind... and they can only rely on normal civilians to prevent further terrorist attacks.

    For all the measures taken, we seem to be very short on solutions.moreless
  • Just when you thought you had it figured out ... wham! slammed with a double-whammy and a profound conclusion.

    To all the naysayers out there who think the show is on its last legs, I speak in defiance: season seventeen has been the most dramatic, powerful, thought-provoking, hard-hitting season in its long history of climactic television. And their "highly controversial" episode "Fear America" is no exception.

    From the chilling opening scene of a man being beheaded before the American flag, to the final moments when McCoy walks up to the burned-down mosque and speaks to its leadership, this episode delivered just the kind of hard-nosed reality that America needs to see. There are the evil terrorists, and the devout Muslim who chooses to be "An American first." The battle between the FBI and the NYCPD for jurisdiction. Comments on minorities from a level-headed and unbiased minority member, Connie, and from the other side of the table, our ultra-white, fantastic female detective, Nina.

    What grabbed me most about this episode was its sheer honesty in the depiction of what is good and bad in America. The good is that Americans, true Americans, are going to stand together, proud, as a nation no matter what is thrown into their path. The bad is that no matter who you are, someone is going to hate you, and some anti-American is going to do everything in their power to destroy what you love.

    Though the episode had many powerful scenes, the most memorable for me were close to the end. When McCoy got down on the floor to talk empathetically but firmly to a man about whether or not he was going to be a Muslim or an American first, and the poignant final moments... when we see the mosque has been burned out, and a brick with "terrorist" on it was lobbed through the window of a hero.

    "What did he say to you in the courtroom?" Jack asks.

    "Burn!" the man replies.

    "And what did you say back?"

    "God Bless the United States of America."

    Darn it if tears didn't come to my eyes.moreless
  • Islamic follower appears to have been beheaded by 2 American extremists.

    When I saw the opening of this episode I thought, "Uh-oh...That is not cool." I was thinking that the next day the papers would be filled with articles about this episode...the news telecasts would have these groups calling for Dick Wolf's head on a platter or a jihad on Dick Wolf and the whole Law & Order franchise. Islamic groups everywhere would speak against the episode and point out that Americans really do hate Islamic peoples and that this was the proof....boy, I'm glad this story turned out to be something different (Thank you Mr. Wolf for your L&O twist!)

    A married man of Islamic faith joins his best friend (his wife's cousin) who is part of a terrorist cell. Upon realizing what he as gotten into, he decides he has to stop what his friend is doing. He tells his wife but does not tell her that her cousin is involved. She tells her cousin that her husband has become involved with the wrong people and that he was going to the police to stop it. Her cousin and one of his friends stage a faux American extremist beheading to keep the woman's husband from ratting them out.

    What started out as something that might be deemed totally controversial (as with the classic Seinfeld Puerto Rican episode in which it is not allowed to be repeated on TV anymore...hello DVD....) ended up with Dick Wolf's classic "L&O twist". Wonderful episode. BTW, I've taped this episode just in case there is a big stink and NBC (and its affiliates) decide they can no longer air this on TV.moreless
  • Great show but bittersweet ending!

    This episode definately rocks as I loved it when the NYCPD stood up to the stuck-up feds and Arthur Branch just rocked the house when he showed that arrogant federal prosecutor to the door as he stood up to McCoy and his new partner. As the team tries to get someone who leaked the uraninum out was forced to testify as in the end. As the mosque was burned, that devout muslim choosed being a American over his religion. In a bittersweet ending.moreless
  • Great episode, well-written

    This episode was fantastic. I think it accurately showed the fear Americans have for Muslims because of what the media depicts for us. The second half of the episode was just amazing. McCoy did a great job of winning the case, although it's unfortunate they had to paint the guy as a terrorist in the process of getting a verdict. I still think the jury found him guilty for the murder only, but the terrorism might have played a role as well. The ending was sad, when the guy told McCoy he said "God bless the United States of America". Great ending to a great episode.moreless
Alana De La Garza

Alana De La Garza

A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa

Fred Dalton Thompson

Fred Dalton Thompson

D.A. Arthur Branch

Jesse L. Martin

Jesse L. Martin

Det. Ed Green

Milena Govich

Milena Govich

Det. Nina Cassady

S. Epatha Merkerson

S. Epatha Merkerson

Lt. Anita Van Buren

Sam Waterston

Sam Waterston

Exec. A.D.A. Jack McCoy

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

Paul Robinette

Guest Star

Mercedes Herrero

Mercedes Herrero

Judge Martha Sirkin

Guest Star

Curzon Dobell

Curzon Dobell

Judge Stock

Guest Star

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    • Imam Ibrahim: On 9/11, my nephew died. A security guard in the South Tower. The following week, pig's blood was thrown on our mosque.
      Jack McCoy: We all lost that day.
      Imam Ibrahim: Muslim-Americans keep losing.

    • Anita van Buren (about the videotape of the murder): The world doesn't need to see this. Especially in front of our flag.

    • Jack McCoy: He's arguing government conspiracy? As if the jury would buy that.
      Connie Rubirosa: Maybe they do. Faoud knows what he's doing. Two-thirds of the jury are minorities.
      Jack McCoy: And they're more likely to believe in conspiracies?
      Connie Rubirosa: You forget, I'm a minority. I know something you don't. No matter where we are, we are always a little separate.

    • Imam Ibrahim: Mr. McCoy ... you asked me to decide who I was first -- Muslim, or an American. Last night, this was thrown through my bedroom window. (holds a brick out to McCoy) And this morning, someone did this. (turns to look at the fire-bombed mosque)
      Jack McCoy: I'm sorry. (pauses) What did Faoud say to you in the courtroom?
      Imam Ibrahim: Burn.
      Jack McCoy: And what did you say back?
      Imam Ibrahim: God bless the United States of America.

    • Ed Green: JTTF doesn't have Eric Khalaby on a single terrorist watch list.
      Nina Cassady: Well, neither were most of the guys from 9/11.
      Ed Green: Oh, so you're just gonna judge on color.
      Nina Cassady: You know what? Just forget I said anything.
      Ed Green: All right, I'll forget I'm black, and I'll forget you're white.
      Nina Cassady: What, I defend racial profiling, I'm a racist?
      Ed Green: You obviously have something to say, so just say it.
      Nina Cassady: Okay. You get pulled over by a cop just because you're black, that's wrong, and it sucks. But if I'm alone at 1:00 in the morning and three black teenagers are walking towards me, I'm gonna cross the street.

    • Ed Green: I still can't believe we're storming a mosque.
      Anita van Buren: If we were looking for any fugitive in any other place, we'd do the same thing.

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