Law & Order

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 1992 on NBC



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    • Phil Cerreta: Did you save your high school prizes?
      Mike Logan: Yeah. First prize, multiple dress code violations.

    • Phil Cerreta (about the murder weapon): I don't think we'll be able to trace it. They're still working on gun control. Pipe control's a ways off.

    • Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: Mr. Beltran thought that violence was an acceptable response to rejection.
      Cyrus Weaver: Isn't that mental illness?
      Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: No, it's a character flaw.

    • Cyrus Weaver: If anything, you should understand where he's coming from.
      Paul Robinette: Yeah, I do. I also know where he's going.

    • Cyrus Weaver: You feel no sympathy for this boy? He did what we told him to do. He went for the American Dream. He got good grades, played by the rules.
      Ben Stone: He beat a girl's head in, that's not in my rulebook.

    • Mike Logan: Who you gonna get?
      Phil Cerreta: Judge Morris.
      Mike Logan: Him? What are you, kidding? You'll get a warrant after the Second Coming. Who's easier? (Clicks fingers) Judge Fadem. Dial-a-Warrant.

    • Adam Schiff: ...hired Cyrus Weaver as council.
      Ben Stone: Cy Weaver. 'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.'

    • Ben Stone: The boy climbs a mountain, he falls off. Any decent attorney is going to make it look like a Greek tragedy.
      Adam Schiff: Or a daytime soap. She rejects him, he's heartbroken. That and a bucketful of remorse adds up to man one, not murder two.
      Paul Robinette: His only remorse is that Beth prevented him from entering her world. He didn't fall off the mountain, he jumped.

    • Curtis Milgram: The Beltran boy gave her a ring for their engagement. He's a nice young man. Whether he loved Beth, marriage would have not been the best thing for him. He would have had difficulty fitting in.
      Mike Logan: Especially if you didn't want him to.

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  • Allusions

    • Ben Stone: Cy Weaver. 'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.'
      "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition," was a phrase uttered by Lt. Howell Forgy, a chaplain aboard the USS New Orleans in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, during the Japanese attack.

    • Mike Logan: You'll get a warrant after the Second Coming.

      Christians use the term 'second coming' to refer to the time period when Jesus Christ will walk the Earth again.

    • Adam Schiff: I remind you, in California, actress strangled by her boyfriend: manslaughter.
      This is a reference to actress Dominique Dunne (1959-1982), who starred in the movie Poltergeist. At the age of 22, she was strangled by her boyfriend on the driveway of her home. He received a sentence of voluntary manslaughter.

    • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Bonnie Garland case. In the early morning hours of July 7, 1977, Yale graduate student Richard Herrin bludgeoned Yale college senior Bonnie Garland to death with a hammer as she lay sleeping in her parent's Scarsdale, New York, home. Herrin was arrested. A group led by members of the clergy of Yale's Catholic Church campaigned to have Herrin released on bail. They raised bail money and wrote letters attesting to Herrin's "good character" to the trial judge. Impressed by the campaign, the judge released Herrin into the care of the Christian Brothers in Albany. The tactics used by Herrin's lawyer, Jack T. Litman, have become known as 'blame the victim' defense. Richard Herrin was convicted of manslaughter, rather than first degree murder. He served 17 years in prison, and was released on January 12, 1995.

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