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    diannedede2006 wrote:

    The girl was tried because she solicited someone to murder her mother.  The medium she used for solicitation is irrelevant.  McCoy did not try to shut down the web site.  He simply said that is how she found someone to kill her mother.

    I am not sure the Doom ananlogy fits this category.  That is more like the record albums promoting violence thing.  The game Doom does not solicite anyone to kill anyone in particular, as this girl did.  That is a whole separate issue for Congressman's wives to get into someday.   

    Whether or not these websites need better monitoring is another issue.  If a newspaper runs an add that offers someone something (money, sex, drugs whatever) for killing their husband, is the newspaper liable??  I don't know as a matter of law but I would think there is a law somewhere about facilitating a murder.  Is there a lesser standard for the electronic media???  These websites make millions.  Look at Ebay and myspace.  Don't they have the same inherant responsibility as a newspaper to police the content of the sites that make all this money???  Maybe since the newspaper ad person is paying for the ad makes it different???  I know Ebay does police it's ads and will remove anything inappropriate but do myspace and thousands of other sites fall under the same category?????  Is the internet to vast to even contemplate effectively policing it??? I know the first amendment is not absolute but the line is kind of fuzzy sometimes.

    I don't know the answer to these questions.  Maybe someone who practices law does.  Maybe the law has not caught up to the age of electronic media. 

    I think as an idea this was a good focus to use for a plot but not pulled off anywhere near as well as L&O has done in the past with difficult issues.  "sighs"  I miss the good writing and good acting of the good old days of L&O.

    It seems a little harsh to harshly kill someone over on the episode, though what I read about the episode, it appeared to be ripped from the Rachelle Waterman case. I just can't get used to mean detectives when I'm under a lot of stress. I don't think B-Friendz was like MySpace. I think it was like LiveJournal, though many people have their opinions on MySpace and Facebook as well. Because of this, the girl was slapped harshly by her father, and after a juror reads the guilty verdict, she's carried away by police, dramatically in Law & Order: Criminal Intent style, handcuffed. That would make Det. Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) happy, but make me think that Green and Cassady are evil like Eames and that Shane McMahon sent them to toughen up on women so that he and his father Vince could take all the credit. I just don't see what Vince or Shane McMahon have to do with any of the Law & Orders, either. I didn't start watching this until 2002 when my economics instructor in high school showed the "KiLlErZ" episode (remember Jenny Brandt who wished to kill all boys?) and I was highly offended. Criminal Intent came 1 year later for me, and then Special Victims Unit in 2004. My first episode I watched there was "Manhunt". I wouldn't be introuduced to Mariska Hargitay until two years later, which is now.

    I feel as if I don't have anything nice to say about Jesse L. Martin or Milena Govich or Kathryn Erbe (which unfortunately, I don't have anything disrespectful), I might have a lucid dream one night that involves an episode where someone makes a VERY stupid move of writing Jeff Hardy a part to supernaturally change events to make sure the detectives in New York get meaner against female characters who are suspected of murder until I realize what I'm doing wrong needs to cease and desist, making Dick Wolf angry that Jeff Hardy has RUINED his show. Until my imagination can calm down so it's sane enough for me to watch all the Law & Orders, I might need to take a break from watching L&O for a while and watch something peaceful or funny. But you do prove a point.

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